A Country Practice (1981–1993)

Season 6

1Friends for Life: Part 1Friends for Life: Part 1 (1986)
A friend of Kelly's from the city comes to stay. Cookie and Kelly must think up a fundraising idea for the club and decide on a darts tournament.
2Friends for Life: Part 2Friends for Life: Part 2 (1986)
Matron Sloan and Shirley are set to challenge each other in the darts tournament. Kelly is worried about her friend when she appears to be giving up on life.
3Illusions: Part 1Illusions: Part 1 (1986)
Terence is surprised when his son Christopher - or "CK" as he prefers to be called - arrives earlier than expected.
4Illusions: Part 2Illusions: Part 2 (1986)
It appears that Kelly has a young admirer who is prone to writing her poetry. Bob wonders why Matron Sloan is being so forgetful.
5The Luck of the Game: Part 1The Luck of the Game: Part 1 (1986)
Judy plans to do some match-making - for herself when she sets her sights on the Valley's new vet, Ben Green.
6The Luck of the Game: Part 2The Luck of the Game: Part 2 (1986)
Kelly arranges for a journalist friend from Sydney to come and write a review for the club. CK mistakenly believes that Terence is going out with Kelly Shanahan.
7The Time of Your Life: Part 1The Time of Your Life: Part 1 (1986)
Matron Sloan has the hospital staff and her friends worried when she becomes forgetful and doesn't turn up for work.
8The Time of Your Life: Part 2The Time of Your Life: Part 2 (1986)
Matron Sloan has a hard time coming to terms with the changes in her life.
9Good Mates: Part 1Good Mates: Part 1 (1986)
Muldoon throws the hospital staff into turmoil when he alerts them of the impending arrival of the hospital inspectors.
10Good Mates: Part 2Good Mates: Part 2 (1986)
Simon gets depressed when he thinks that no one will miss him after he leaves Wandin Valley. A simple boy runs away when he thinks his friends are making fun of him.
11Out of the Blue: Part 1Out of the Blue: Part 1 (1986)
Kelly is shocked when her old boyfriend, Trent, arrives back on the scene and makes her an offer that's too good to refuse.
12Out of the Blue: Part 2Out of the Blue: Part 2 (1986)
Bob and Cookie invent a mechanical scarecrow which they believe will make them a fortune.
13Will to Win: Part 1Will to Win: Part 1 (1986)
Ben has chicken pox and is admitted to hospital, leaving Kelly to look after all his animals.
14Will to Win: Part 2Will to Win: Part 2 (1986)
Judy enjoys her nursing duties when the patient under her care is Ben Green. The hospital staff are thrown into disarray every time the fire alarm goes off accidentally.
15Fighting Back: Part 1Fighting Back: Part 1 (1986)
Tensions between Bob and Cookie have reached a boiling point, resulting in Cookie moving out.
16Fighting Back: Part 2Fighting Back: Part 2 (1986)
Cookie is furious when Bob crashes into Esme's taxi and refuses to pay for the damages. Shirley is delighted when she is accepted for Help Line duty.
17Calm Before the Storm: Part 1Calm Before the Storm: Part 1 (1986)
Ben thinks he's a failure when the farmer's of the district fall asleep during his speech. Brendan gets caught in a storm while he is out on a fishing trip with a group of hospital patients and school children.
18Calm Before the Storm: Part 2Calm Before the Storm: Part 2 (1986)
Judy is worried when she receives a strange phone call and hears noises outside her flat.
19Sink or Swim: Part 1Sink or Swim: Part 1 (1986)
It's Wandin Valley against Burrigan in the local dance competition, with Frank and Shirley desperate to win.
20Sink or Swim: Part 2Sink or Swim: Part 2 (1986)
Brendan is frustrated when Chloe reacts badly to his new friend, Sarah Anderson. It's touch and go to save a little boy's life when he almost drowns.
21Covering Up: Part 1Covering Up: Part 1 (1986)
Shirley has a nervous first night on Help Line duty when a ten-year-old boy who is afraid of being alone calls in.
22Covering Up: Part 2Covering Up: Part 2 (1986)
Ben and Kelly are a bit worried when their new loo is going to look a bit outrageous. Bob plays a trick on Cookie to show him that he is not quite the fool Cookie thinks he is.
23A Matter of Conscience: Part 1A Matter of Conscience: Part 1 (1986)
Muldoon tries to blackmail Kelly into a partnership in her ice cream business. Esme, Bob, and Cookie go to a holiday resort which was recommended by Esme.
24A Matter of Conscience: Part 2A Matter of Conscience: Part 2 (1986)
Kelly's relationship with Muldoon worsens when Ben takes it upon himself to speak to him on her behalf. Esme gets a shock when she reaches the resort and discovers that it is far from what she expected.
25Barriers: Part 1Barriers: Part 1 (1986)
Kelly writes a light-hearted article about the residents of Wandin Valley. Judy becomes disillusioned with nursing which concerns Terence and Matron Sloan.
26Barriers: Part 2Barriers: Part 2 (1986)
Brendan is upset when he hears that Sarah is leaving the Valley to take on a full-time teaching position elsewhere. Kelly gets a job offer as a reporter for the Burrigan Examiner.
27One for the Road: Part 1One for the Road: Part 1 (1986)
Judy is put in an embarrassing situation when she forgets the combination of the hospital safe.
28One for the Road: Part 2One for the Road: Part 2 (1986)
Kelly's negative article on Dr. Wood causes him to resign and leaves Kelly very unpopular with the locals.
29Track Record: Part 1Track Record: Part 1 (1986)
Judy advertises for a new flatmate and finds Mr. Perfect. Kelly is assigned to do a behind-the-scenes story on the Burrigan Cup.
30Track Record: Part 2Track Record: Part 2 (1986)
Terence and Ben help a blind girl adjust to her new dog. Kelly finds that her friends will not forget about the article she wrote on Dr. Wood as they continue to ignore her.
31Race, Greed and Colour: Part 1Race, Greed and Colour: Part 1 (1986)
Bob has a visit from an English solicitor who informs him that he has inherited an estate in England.
32Race, Greed and Colour: Part 2Race, Greed and Colour: Part 2 (1986)
A young boy disappears when he believes he is going to be taken away from his family. Kelly receives a threatening warning.
33Glue Factory: Part 1Glue Factory: Part 1 (1986)
The local drunk accuses an experienced nursing sister of mistreating the men under her care at a boarding house for homeless men.
34Glue Factory: Part 2Glue Factory: Part 2 (1986)
Kelly uncovers some interesting facts about the boarding house which prompt Terence and Frank to investigate. Bob and Jo help save an old horse's life.
35Fighting Chance: Part 1Fighting Chance: Part 1 (1986)
Ben takes the law into his own hands when he discovers that missing dogs are being used for illegal dog fighting.
36Fighting Chance: Part 2Fighting Chance: Part 2 (1986)
Dr. Alex Fraser is amused by the attention she receives at the clinic when word gets out that she's a woman. Jo makes a decision to stay in Wandin Valley for good.
37In Love and War: Part 1In Love and War: Part 1 (1986)
Ben is confused by all the attention he is receiving from the town's single women. A mother who hasn't seen her children for four years arrives to take possession of her kids.
38In Love and War: Part 2In Love and War: Part 2 (1986)
Ben tells wealthy businessman Howard Wellbourne that his horse hasn't been getting the right treatment, which impresses his sophisticated daughter Kate.
39Duty Bound: Part 1Duty Bound: Part 1 (1986)
Shirley's concern for Frank grows when he refuses to talk about the shooting. Ben's relationship with the beautiful Kate Wellbourne blossoms, despite her father's obvious disapproval.
40Duty Bound: Part 2Duty Bound: Part 2 (1986)
Alex Fraser becomes involved with a woman who doesn't realise she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Frank is unsure of his future in the police service when he has to go to Police Headquarters in Sydney for an enquiry into the shooting.
41Black Sheep: Part 1Black Sheep: Part 1 (1986)
Judy goes to her first parent-teacher meeting and encounters an old friend. Shirley asks Terence for advice when her relationship with Frank worsens.
42Black Sheep: Part 2Black Sheep: Part 2 (1986)
Frank gets a visit from the police psychologist when he finally admits he needs help. New teacher Peter Manning is disgusted when he hears of a colleagues's fascination with one of his pupils.
43Fire: Part 1Fire: Part 1 (1986)
Bob is angered by the lack of enthusiasm amongst the men of the Valley when he asks for volunteers to come forward to act as firefighters. Ben hears some disturbing news about Kate and confronts her for an explanation.
44Fire: Part 2Fire: Part 2 (1986)
A bushfire threatens Wandin Valley and Frank fears for the safety of Ben and Kate who could both be trapped by the fire. The town pulls together to save the Valley's existence.
45From the Ashes: Part 1From the Ashes: Part 1 (17 Jun. 1986)
Ben and Jo have a busy time caring for the animals that were caught in the bushfire. Shirley phones Vicky and Simon to tell them that Fatso has gone missing.
46From the Ashes: Part 2From the Ashes: Part 2 (1986)
The Valley regulars join forces to put on a benefit concert for the district's fire victims. Fatso finally makes his way back home.
47Unsung Lulluaby: Part 1Unsung Lulluaby: Part 1 (1986)
Bob is shocked to find that his young niece is pregnant. Shirley and Frank receive an unexpected visit from Vicky and the twins.
48Unsung Lulluaby: Part 2Unsung Lulluaby: Part 2 (1986)
Jealousy raises it's ugly head when Jo Loveday vies for Peter's affections. Vicky is put in a terrifying situation when baby Charlotte is abducted by a distressed young woman.
49The Deep End: Part 1The Deep End: Part 1 (1986)
Peter Manning's sister Donna applies for the vacant nursing position at the hospital. Alex impress hospital staff when she performs her first operation.
50The Deep End: Part 2The Deep End: Part 2 (1986)
Jo gets some advice from Alex on contraception. Judy makes a second appearance on "Dream Date" and wins a trip to the Gold Coast.
51Playing the Game: Part 1Playing the Game: Part 1 (1986)
Judy tries to impress her partner on the Gold Coast but makes a mess of things. Donna Manning shows great concern for the elderly patients at the hospital when they accuse a relief nurse of using bullying tactics.
52Playing the Game: Part 2Playing the Game: Part 2 (1986)
Judy returns from the Gold Coast with thoughts of travelling overseas. Ben and Peter get obsessed with playing war games. Shirley confirms Donna's doubts about the relief nurse.
53Caterpillars and Butterflies: Part 1Caterpillars and Butterflies: Part 1 (1986)
Ben agrees to go to a rock concert with Donna, but mysterious things happen on the way. Dr. Wood has a car accident and is admitted to hospital for observation.
54Caterpillars and Butterflies: Part 2Caterpillars and Butterflies: Part 2 (1986)
Dr. Wood's tests come back and the news is all bad, but Judy cheers him up when she agrees to be his nurse as they travel the world together.
55Listen to the Children: Part 1Listen to the Children: Part 1 (23 Sep. 1986)
Shirley organises a petition against an impending army base planned for Wandin Valley. Peter is very concerned about one of his pupils after he smashes up the classroom for no apparent reason.
56Listen to the Children: Part 2Listen to the Children: Part 2 (1986)
Prime Minister Bob Hawke makes a special appearance at a rock concert to show his support to the kids of Burrigan High on their stand against nuclear bases in Wandin Valley.
57Ghosts: Part 1Ghosts: Part 1 (1986)
Peter tries to help Alex find a new house, but she misses out on a golden opportunity when she refuses to return his phone calls. Jo feels that Frank is becoming too overprotective when he questions her every move.
58Ghosts: Part 2Ghosts: Part 2 (1986)
Donna plays "Ghost Busters" to help a young patient overcome his fear of monsters. Alex gets scared when her furniture appears to move and she hears strange noises in her home.
59Let the Sunshine In: Part 1Let the Sunshine In: Part 1 (1986)
Jo gets her wires crossed when she tells everyone that Shirley is pregnant. Terence goes on a fishing weekend and finds an abused little girl living in the bush.
60Let the Sunshine In: Part 2Let the Sunshine In: Part 2 (1986)
Terence sees his son CK while in Sydney with Bethany, but their relationship is strained. Cookie bets Bob he can't go without a drink for one week.
61Let the Sunshine In: Part 3Let the Sunshine In: Part 3 (1986)
Terence is in the firing line when town gossips question his motives towards Bethany. Peter is furious when Bill tells him that Alex is escorting him to the hospital ball.
62Let the Sunshine In: Part 4Let the Sunshine In: Part 4 (1986)
Alex takes charge of the clinic while Terence is away.
63Let the Sunshine In: Part 5Let the Sunshine In: Part 5 (1986)
Alex considers her future in the valley. Terence comes to terms with losing Bethany by turning to the bottle.
64Let the Sunshine In: Part 6Let the Sunshine In: Part 6 (1986)
Alex is jealous when Peter arrives at the ball with an ex-girlfriend.
65Past Imperfect: Part 1Past Imperfect: Part 1 (1986)
Donna sets out to save the Town Hall when she hears the council are planning to build a shopping centre. Frank has to explain to Chloe what it means to lose a friend.
66Past Imperfect: Part 2Past Imperfect: Part 2 (1986)
Bob, Esme, Donna, and Jo put themselves in jail, much to Frank's astonishment. Peter tries to blackmail Alf Muldoon.
67Day After Day: Part 1Day After Day: Part 1 (1986)
Peter and Alex try to have a romantic dinner at the club. Jo interviews the residents of the Muldoon Wing for a school movie project.
68Day After Day: Part 2Day After Day: Part 2 (1986)
An elderly woman feels she's a nuisance while living with her daughter and son-in-law. Peter gets quite a surprise when Alex takes him on a date.
69Trouble Spots: Part 1Trouble Spots: Part 1 (1986)
Alex embarrasses Peter when she uses him as a medical guinea pig for her training nurses. One of Peter's students threatens to jump off the top a building.
70Trouble Spots: Part 2Trouble Spots: Part 2 (1986)
A young boy who feels he's an outcast from his school mates tries to kill himself. Arnie Hodgekiss surprises the Valley when he takes a stand against Councillor Muldoon.
71It Isn't Catching, Is It?: Part 1It Isn't Catching, Is It?: Part 1 (1986)
Shirley is furious at Frank's attitude towards her turning fifty. Peter is worried that Donna is becoming involved with a con-artist.
72It Isn't Catching, Is It?: Part 2It Isn't Catching, Is It?: Part 2 (1986)
Terence worries that Alex is forgetting one of her patients' feelings when she asks to do further studies on his condition. Shirley moves out.
73Price You Pay: Part 1Price You Pay: Part 1 (1986)
Shirley refuses to move back home and accepts an offer to live with Maggie Sloan. A woman unable to conceive decides to find a surrogate mother.
74Price You Pay: Part 2Price You Pay: Part 2 (1986)
The practical realities of using a surrogate mother cause nightmares for the people involved. Donna is left semi-conscious with only Jo to help her after she is kicked in the head by a horse.
75A Question of Attitude: Part 1A Question of Attitude: Part 1 (1986)
Terence is lost for words when his ex-wife Rowena and son CK arrive at the clinic without warning. A drunk driver causes a car accident involving one of the hospital staff.
76A Question of Attitude: Part 2A Question of Attitude: Part 2 (1986)
Donna learns the hard way that when it comes to animals, you sometimes have to be cruel to be kind. Shirley decides it's time to move back home.
77The Things You Learn: Part 1The Things You Learn: Part 1 (1986)
When Rowena declares that she is broke, CK decides to quit school and join the work force. Peter becomes disillusioned when Alex pays no attention to his advances.
78The Things You Learn: Part 2The Things You Learn: Part 2 (1986)
Matron Sloan devises a plan to show CK that being a member of the work force isn't as glamorous as he believes.
79Playing House: Part 1Playing House: Part 1 (1986)
Alex worries about a young couple's ability to cope with parenthood. When Bob states that city people can't find their way in the bush, Ben decides to take up the challenge.
80Playing House: Part 2Playing House: Part 2 (1986)
Romance blossoms in the Elliott household when Terence and Rowena realise the attraction for each other is still very much alive.
81Early Stages: Part 1Early Stages: Part 1 (1986)
Esme is excited about the prospect of meeting an old friend. A man has to decide whether to give up his daughter because of ailing health.
82Early Stages: Part 2Early Stages: Part 2 (1986)
The Valley residents put on a hilarious performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as you've never seen it before. Ben assists the medical profession when he diagnoses the illness of one of the hospital's patients.
83Growing Pains: Part 1Growing Pains: Part 1 (1986)
A woman who lives for her daughter's success pays the price when she is admitted to hospital suffering from exhaustion and malnutrition.
84Growing Pains: Part 2Growing Pains: Part 2 (1986)
Donna and Ben's curiosity gets the better of them when a mysterious parcel arrives for Peter. Terence and Rowena make a decision about their relationship.
85Out of Proportion: Part 1Out of Proportion: Part 1 (1986)
A student teacher, conscious of her size, becomes the recipient of some cruel jokes by Peter's pupils. Tensions surround the Elliott house when Rowena prepares to leave.
86Out of Proportion: Part 2Out of Proportion: Part 2 (1986)
Ben advises Terence to give CK some breathing space. Alex decides it's time to confront Peter, but things don't go as planned.
87Hidden Extras: Part 1Hidden Extras: Part 1 (1986)
A young couple move into a house on a new estate and find they are in over their heads. Bob collapses after working at the housing estate and Alex is unable to determine the cause.
88Hidden Extras: Part 2Hidden Extras: Part 2 (1986)
There is tension between Alex and Matron Sloan as they battle against time to save Bob and Alex has to make a quick decision, one that Matron Sloan doesn't agree with