A Country Practice (TV Series 1981–1993)

Season 4

1A Part of the Family: Part 1A Part of the Family: Part 1 (31 Jan. 1984)
Brendan is excited by the news that his and Molly's next child will be a boy. However, his "male chauvinist rhetoric," does not please Molly, causing her to act as a doting, subservient housewife to get her point across.
2A Part of the Family: Part 2A Part of the Family: Part 2 (1 Feb. 1984)
Jim is unhappy his wife has brought Jamie into their home. His ambivalence towards Jamie eventually fades and after a visit with Dr. Bowen, he agrees to let Jamie stay on a trial basis.
3Second Chance: Part 1Second Chance: Part 1 (7 Feb. 1984)
Public Works inspectors are examining the new Muldoon Wing and an auditor is examining the hospital records - rumours are out that Muldoon's shady dealings are finally being uncovered.
4Second Chance: Part 2Second Chance: Part 2 (8 Feb. 1984)
Judy visits Molly to apologise for asking Brendan to the dance but her remark about falling for "anyone but Brendan" irks Molly.
5It's So Easy: Part 1It's So Easy: Part 1 (14 Feb. 1984)
Helen Draper is visited by Tony Leonard, a man she met on a recent vacation. While over for dinner at the Jones', Tony tells of his plan to leave his job as an engineer in the merchant navy to start up a business selling bulk wine.
6It's So Easy: Part 2It's So Easy: Part 2 (15 Feb. 1984)
Helen determines Tony to be the source of the outbreak but agrees not to report him. Terence does his best to let Judy down easy when she shows a romantic interest in him after he accompanies her to the reunion.
7Partners: Part 1Partners: Part 1 (21 Feb. 1984)
Shirley, back from visiting her mother, tries to set Terence up with the town's eligible women, while Bob and Cookie secretly sign him up with the Burrigan Introduction Service.
8Partners: Part 2Partners: Part 2 (22 Feb. 1984)
While Arnold is in hospital getting his broken nose seen to, Johnno retrieves the files from the office. Armed with the incriminating documents, Johnno calls up Muldoon to make a play for his hardware store - and the shire presidency.
9Once Upon a Time: Part 1Once Upon a Time: Part 1 (28 Feb. 1984)
At the inaugural meeting of the Wandin Valley Pioneer Village Historical Society, Molly suggests that interviewing Emily White, Wandin Valley's oldest resident at nearly one hundred years of age, would be invaluably helpful to their cause.
10Once Upon a Time: Part 2Once Upon a Time: Part 2 (29 Feb. 1984)
Emily White, Wandin Valley's oldest resident at nearly one hundred years of age, tells Molly her life story and Molly records it all.
11When the Bough Breaks: Part 1When the Bough Breaks: Part 1 (7 Mar. 1984)
2BR's Talk-back radio host Barbara Bolton, a fiercely independent single mother (by choice, she sees no need for a man in her life), brings her daughter Meredith to see Simon about her headaches.
12When the Bough Breaks: Part 2When the Bough Breaks: Part 2 (8 Mar. 1984)
While Simon and Brendan fight to reestablish the baby's breathing, Terence works to stop Molly's haemorrhaging and both patients are eventually stabilised.
13A Sense of Loss: Part 1A Sense of Loss: Part 1 (14 Mar. 1984)
Oliver Marsh, Simon's uncle, makes a surprise visit, captivating Vicky with stories of his numerous adventures. Simon however is weary of this "black sheep" of the family who is notorious for being long on promises and short on money.
14A Sense of Loss: Part 2A Sense of Loss: Part 2 (15 Mar. 1984)
Terence makes a late-night visit to the Jones farm where he finds Molly sitting alone in the dark. While Molly unburdens herself to Terence, Brendan is talking to Judy, admitting that he still blames Molly for his son's death.
15On the Sheep's Back: Part 1On the Sheep's Back: Part 1 (21 Mar. 1984)
In response to an application he submitted prior to coming to Wandin Valley, Simon receives a job offer from the Department of Tropical Medicine at the University of Sydney.
16On the Sheep's Back: Part 2On the Sheep's Back: Part 2 (22 Mar. 1984)
Despite Vicky's treatment of Richard Page's sheep and her assurances that they will soon be healthy, the shearers black ban Page's shed, refusing to work there.
17The Last Laugh: Part 1The Last Laugh: Part 1 (28 Mar. 1984)
After Molly's initial concerns that her potato crop may have Irish Blight, it is now harvest time. Brendan rounds up their friends to help in the harvest but one question keeps being raised - are the potatoes too big?
18The Last Laugh: Part 2The Last Laugh: Part 2 (29 Mar. 1984)
Terence tries to help Reggie dry out and turn his life around. Molly sells her potatoes for a tidy profit, it is her first successful venture as a farmer. Peewee and his band, The Delltones, perform at he club to great success.
19Elementary Miss Watson: Part 1Elementary Miss Watson: Part 1 (5 Apr. 1984)
Esme is caught photographing "hippies" Dee Dee Cash and Wayne Higgins while they skinny dip. Dee Dee and Wayne are staying at a rental property owned by Esme's neighbour, Irene Walters, but are six months behind in their rent.
20Elementary Miss Watson: Part 2Elementary Miss Watson: Part 2 (6 Apr. 1984)
Esme follows Bruce and Patty in her car and then on foot before overhearing their conversation which seems to confirm her hypothesis. The next day she tells Frank but he's not interested and sends her home.
21The Best Thing for Everybody: Part 1The Best Thing for Everybody: Part 1 (12 Apr. 1984)
Judy is seeing local mechanic Barry Hall. Barry is a single father struggling to raise his five-year-old daughter Kerry after his wife Lisa walked out on them.
22The Best Thing for Everybody: Part 2The Best Thing for Everybody: Part 2 (13 Apr. 1984)
Barry checks himself out of hospital to discover his in-laws have initiated legal proceedings to gain custody of Kerry.
23Moment of Truth: Part 1Moment of Truth: Part 1 (19 Apr. 1984)
Bob is building a spa for Sarah Fitzgerald. When her husband returns from a business trip she intends to surprise him with it - and news that she is pregnant.
24Moment of Truth: Part 2Moment of Truth: Part 2 (20 Apr. 1984)
Keith Fitzgerald, Sarah's father-in-law, arrives in town and sets his sights on having Terence deregistered after the coroner's inquest clears both Terence and Tania of any wrongdoing in connection to Rod's death.
25A Touch of Class: Part 1A Touch of Class: Part 1 (26 Apr. 1984)
Ashleigh Lyall takes an interest in Lorenzo Bellotti when her private school's debating team challenges Lorenzo's team from Burrigan High.
26A Touch of Class: Part 2A Touch of Class: Part 2 (27 Apr. 1984)
Vicky sours on accepting the loan when she learns the house will have to be acceptable to Simon's father. Frank attempts to make repairs to the cop shop, but the plumbing poses a bit of a problem and Bob must finish the job.
27Unemployment, a Health Hazard: Part 1Unemployment, a Health Hazard: Part 1 (3 May 1984)
Simon's mother comes to the valley for a visit. Vicky misses picking her up at the airport but Aileen manages to make her own way to the apartment.
28Unemployment, a Health Hazard: Part 2Unemployment, a Health Hazard: Part 2 (4 May 1984)
Simon and Vicky stand firm in their refusal to accept his parents loan but agree to leave the door open should they ever need it in the future.
29Horse of a Different Colour: Part 1Horse of a Different Colour: Part 1 (10 May 1984)
Brendan's birthday is approaching and Molly hopes to surprise him by buying him a horse, but her meagre $400 savings is a sizable obstacle.
30Horse of a Different Colour: Part 2Horse of a Different Colour: Part 2 (11 May 1984)
Ros clears up a misunderstanding with Chilla when she reveals her plans to sell her uncle's entire estate, not just a few horses as he believed.
31Invasion of Privacy: Part 1Invasion of Privacy: Part 1 (17 May 1984)
Old rumours about Owen Butler supposedly murdering his wife and burying her in his garden resurface when the reclusive farmer calls Vicky out to examine his livestock.
32Invasion of Privacy: Part 2Invasion of Privacy: Part 2 (18 May 1984)
Responding to shouting from inside the Butler home, Vicky enters to learn Frank has found Mrs. Butler - alive and well, but suffering from extreme agoraphobia.
33Tug of War: Part 1Tug of War: Part 1 (24 May 1984)
Molly finds another cause to fight for when she discovers the town's footbridge will not be built near the school as wanted but has been relocated by the Shire Council so as to improve access between the football grounds and the pub.
34Tug of War: Part 2Tug of War: Part 2 (25 May 1984)
Simon isn't pleased that Dr. Swift has set up practice in town but Terence tells him there is not much they can do about it.
35Second Opinion: Part 1Second Opinion: Part 1 (31 May 1984)
With Bob away visiting his daughter, his nephew Bruce Hatfield calls in at the Jones farm to fix the plumbing in Doris' pen.
36Second Opinion: Part 2Second Opinion: Part 2 (1 Jun. 1984)
Despite Martin's objections, he must be physically restrained as Joshua is taken into theatre, Terence operates on Joshua to repair the tear in his liver thereby saving his life.
37Hot and Cold: Part 1Hot and Cold: Part 1 (7 Jun. 1984)
Mark and Lee Somers arrive in the valley with their daughter Megan. Mark and Lee are old friends of Terence's from university and are staying at Terence's vineyard.
38Hot and Cold: Part 2Hot and Cold: Part 2 (8 Jun. 1984)
After dropping Fatso off at the Jones' farm for some "animal contact," Simon can't stop worrying about him.
39Breathing Space: Part 1Breathing Space: Part 1 (14 Jun. 1984)
Maggie Sloan makes her return one day ahead of schedule and quickly brings about a return to her strict rules and policies, her first acts being to throw both the old dusty roster and an arrangement of flowers from her desk into the trash.
40Breathing Space: Part 2Breathing Space: Part 2 (15 Jun. 1984)
During her welcome back party held at the club, Maggie reveals her plans to buy a home and settle in Wandin Valley.
41An Axe to Grind: Part 1An Axe to Grind: Part 1 (21 Jun. 1984)
Anthropologist Emma Hutchison, a friend of Molly's from university, arrives for a short visit. Also arriving in the district are Joe Fisher, a transient aboriginal man, and his son Dennis who is quickly befriended by Robbie Quinn.
42An Axe to Grind: Part 2An Axe to Grind: Part 2 (22 Jun. 1984)
Sides form up when Emma tries to stop Tom Gunn from building a dam on what may be an ancient aboriginal site.
43Repairing the Damage: Part 1Repairing the Damage: Part 1 (28 Jun. 1984)
Brendan's desire for a drink of water in the night takes him on a plumbing adventure, first replacing a kitchen faucet and then enlisting Simon's help to tackle the house's bad pipes from under the house.
44Repairing the Damage: Part 2Repairing the Damage: Part 2 (29 Jun. 1984)
Frank's test results come back from the urologist in Burrigan indicating he has a benign prostatic hypertrophy and although not cancerous, he is booked into hospital for an operation.
45Good Intentions: Part 1Good Intentions: Part 1 (5 Jul. 1984)
With Frank still recuperating in hospital, his replacement arrives in town. Steve Vargas is a young motorcycle riding police constable who quickly alienates the townsfolk with his aggressive, pro-active policing.
46Good Intentions: Part 2Good Intentions: Part 2 (6 Jul. 1984)
Maggie's poker game with Bob and Cookie is hampered by the novice skills of Esme.
47So Close and Yet So Far: Part 1So Close and Yet So Far: Part 1 (12 Jul. 1984)
The first guests for Molly's Farmland are signed up, and as they are not due to arrive until Christmas, it should provide enough time to complete preparations.
48So Close and Yet So Far: Part 2So Close and Yet So Far: Part 2 (13 Jul. 1984)
Bob retrieves Chloe from the edge of the dam and carries her back to the house where Bill is in the midst of one of his bad spells and has no clue as to what is happening around him.
49Splitting the Difference: Part 1Splitting the Difference: Part 1 (19 Jul. 1984)
Farmer Ken Whitton, recently separated from his wife Colleen, is faced with having to sell their farm to let her get out her 50% interest, despite his wanting to keep the farm going and plant "one last crop."
50Splitting the Difference: Part 2Splitting the Difference: Part 2 (20 Jul. 1984)
Matron Sloan arrives early for work to find Judy and Nurse Daley making breakfast in her office, and to put it mildly, she's far from impressed.
51Friday the 13th: Part 1Friday the 13th: Part 1 (26 Jul. 1984)
Brendan once again sends Hamlet back to Simon and Vicky prompting a search for a larger house.
52Friday the 13th: Part 2Friday the 13th: Part 2 (27 Jul. 1984)
Janet continues to call Terence at the clinic threatening suicide but the situation grows more serious when she tells Terence she plans to take her daughter with her.
53The Last Picture Show: Part 1The Last Picture Show: Part 1 (2 Aug. 1984)
Arnie Hodgekiss has the residents of Wandin Valley excited about the prospect of a movie being filmed in the town when he introduces them to filmmaker Antony York
54The Last Picture Show: Part 2The Last Picture Show: Part 2 (3 Aug. 1984)
A sick Bert Griffiths is brought to hospital where he tells staff of his encounter with "spacemen." Frank tells his family about his lottery win and before long the news is out and Antony is asking him to help fund his movie.
55I'll Drink to That: Part 1I'll Drink to That: Part 1 (9 Aug. 1984)
A stranger comes into the club in the morning and drinks until intoxicated. Later, he's found outside the shops hassling shoppers for money at which time he darts into the road and is hit by Shirley's car.
56I'll Drink to That: Part 2I'll Drink to That: Part 2 (10 Aug. 1984)
Simon and Vicky host a dinner party to show off their new inheritances but space is in short supply as their guests must scramble over, under, and around the mighty table and its seemingly endless allotment of chairs.
57The Hidden Trap: Part 1The Hidden Trap: Part 1 (16 Aug. 1984)
News quickly spreads that Simon and Vicky are once again looking for a house. They are soon inundated with offers from real estate agents.
58The Hidden Trap: Part 2The Hidden Trap: Part 2 (17 Aug. 1984)
Molly continues to work on getting out her first issue of the Valley Voice but refuses to publish Esme's libelous article about the Herberts.
59Close to the Bone: Part 1Close to the Bone: Part 1 (23 Aug. 1984)
With his thirtieth birthday drawing near, Simon is depressed by what he sees as a lack of anything to show for his life so far, especially bothersome is that he has not found a house.
60Close to the Bone: Part 2Close to the Bone: Part 2 (24 Aug. 1984)
Lucy is admitted to hospital for care and observation. Terence tries to get her to confront her problem but as he spends more time with Lucy and her family, he begins to understand some of the reasons behind her illness.
61Leader of the Pack: Part 1Leader of the Pack: Part 1 (30 Aug. 1984)
Esme is frantic in her concerns for the safety of the community when a gang of bikers roll into town on "machines straight from hell."
62Leader of the Pack: Part 2Leader of the Pack: Part 2 (31 Aug. 1984)
Despite Simon's best efforts at hiding Fatso and Hamlet, Simon and Vicky are evicted from their apartment when their landlady discovers they've been keeping animals on the premises.
63Digging Up Dirt: Part 1Digging Up Dirt: Part 1 (6 Sep. 1984)
Molly is back pursuing her story on industrial development, but now, at Brendan's suggestion, she's searching out facts and documentation to back up her allegations of council corruption.
64Digging Up Dirt: Part 2Digging Up Dirt: Part 2 (7 Sep. 1984)
Becky gets help for Lachie after coming home from school to find him trapped in the mine. Terence enters the mine, which is rapidly filling with water, and must amputate Lachie's crushed arm to free him.
65Man's Best Friend: Part 1Man's Best Friend: Part 1 (13 Sep. 1984)
The greyhound syndicate hold their first meeting and agree to hire the services of a trainer in Burrigan.
66Man's Best Friend: Part 2Man's Best Friend: Part 2 (14 Sep. 1984)
While Maisie is in hospital, she reveals to Brendan that she once had an affair with Joe Gilroy, Frank's father.
67Taken for a Ride: Part 1Taken for a Ride: Part 1 (20 Sep. 1984)
Molly irks Simon by giving out medical advice while she fills in for Shirley who has gone to Magnolia Vale with Terence to give medical checkups to the town's mill workers.
68Taken for a Ride: Part 2Taken for a Ride: Part 2 (21 Sep. 1984)
Jo Walker looks to clear up some of her questions about her father's death and in doing so learns about Alan firing him the day he died.
69A Fair Hearing: Part 1A Fair Hearing: Part 1 (27 Sep. 1984)
Two weeks of living with Simon and Vicky has Frank and Shirley frazzled. Frank comes up with the idea of he and Shirley moving to his tenantless house, leaving theirs to Simon and Vicky.
70A Fair Hearing: Part 2A Fair Hearing: Part 2 (28 Sep. 1984)
Clancy (aka The Sloan Ranger) loses his first race after a promising start. Maggie and Bob are obviously disappointed but Cookie, who bet some of the club's money, takes it the hardest.
71Upstaged: Part 1Upstaged: Part 1 (4 Oct. 1984)
Simon has gone to Sydney by air ambulance with young Bobby Price, the town's paperboy, who needs emergency surgery to remove a brain tumour.
72Upstaged: Part 2Upstaged: Part 2 (5 Oct. 1984)
With Simon away, Brendan is called upon to produce and MC the talent quest.
73Ships in the Night: Part 1Ships in the Night: Part 1 (11 Oct. 1984)
Frank, Shirley, Simon, Brendan, and Cookie depart from Sydney Cove aboard the S.S. Oriana.
74Ships in the Night: Part 2Ships in the Night: Part 2 (12 Oct. 1984)
Vicky dissuades Molly from keeping the dingo as a pet and suggests releasing it into the bush when Molly won't let her put it down. Molly begins feeding the wild dog when it makes it's way back to the farm but it is soon shot by a farmer.
75The Harder They Fall: Part 1The Harder They Fall: Part 1 (18 Oct. 1984)
Bob has booked the classiest act to grace the club since the Hijinks girls - a pair of female wrestlers who perform in "600 litres of raspberry flavoured jelly."
76The Harder They Fall: Part 2The Harder They Fall: Part 2 (19 Oct. 1984)
As morning dawns, Bob arrives at the club to help Cookie clean up from the previous night, while Terence is wakened up with a bugle call as Lily comes bearing breakfast.
77Something Out There: Part 1Something Out There: Part 1 (25 Oct. 1984)
Molly is upset that a duck shoot has been organised to help raise funds for the seniors bus.
78Something Out There: Part 2Something Out There: Part 2 (26 Oct. 1984)
The town organises a hunting party to go after the "monster" and after Vicky first reassures the community that they're not after a Yowie or a Bunyip, she suggests it is most likely a pack of dogs responsible for the attacks.
79Out of Bounds: Part 1Out of Bounds: Part 1 (1 Nov. 1984)
Shortly after leaving the club, Esme is stopped by a police spot check where she fails a roadside breath test. Taken to hospital for a blood test, Esme is frantic while waiting for the results.
80Out of Bounds: Part 2Out of Bounds: Part 2 (2 Nov. 1984)
Peter is brought to hospital where Terence diagnoses him with internal bleeding resulting from a ruptured kidney. Simon, Judy and Shirley are called in to assist in the operation.
81Rituals: Part 1Rituals: Part 1 (8 Nov. 1984)
Brendan helps Simon put in a fence. Molly is reluctant to continue publishing Esme's social column in her newsletter. Rumours have Bob and Maggie engaged.
82Rituals: Part 2Rituals: Part 2 (9 Nov. 1984)
Luis Cordova, one of Judy's previous roommate hopefuls, pays her and Steve a surprise visit.
83All in the Line of Duty: Part 1All in the Line of Duty: Part 1 (15 Nov. 1984)
Molly tells Esme that she has no further need for her social column, and suggests she could write historical features instead.
84All in the Line of Duty: Part 2All in the Line of Duty: Part 2 (16 Nov. 1984)
Brendan and Molly dismiss Esme's ravings of impending doom and the town in general is slow to take heed of her and Melvin Ryan's warnings about the bomb.
85Misconceptions: Part 1Misconceptions: Part 1 (22 Nov. 1984)
Vicky has a change of heart and tells Simon she's now ready to have children.
86Misconceptions: Part 2Misconceptions: Part 2 (23 Nov. 1984)
With Shirley still away, Frank's friends pass the buck when it comes to whose turn it is to have him over for dinner.
87Eighty in the Shade: Part 1Eighty in the Shade: Part 1 (29 Nov. 1984)
Worried about not yet being pregnant, Vicky talks to Molly while Simon discusses matters with Terence.
88Eighty in the Shade: Part 2Eighty in the Shade: Part 2 (30 Nov. 1984)
After calling Molly to come pick him up, Brendan informs Terence and Frank about the joy riding geriatrics and a search is started.
89Small Comfort: Part 1Small Comfort: Part 1 (7 Dec. 1984)
Roger McLean is starting to attract the upscale clientele from the city but the locals continue to stay away in droves - they do however pack the pub to take advantage of his free drinks promotion.
90Small Comfort: Part 2Small Comfort: Part 2 (8 Dec. 1984)
Di's luncheon at the pub is disrupted by Bert's search for a lost snake. Shirley is upset by Di's article in the Burrigan Examiner that denunciates the work of volunteers in favour of simply writing cheques