A Country Practice (1981–1993)

Season 3

1Little Voices: Part 1Little Voices: Part 1 (1 Feb. 1983)
Yvonne and Ross McLean, a prosperous couple in their 40s who desperately want a child, have their dreams crushed when they learn that not only is Yvonne not pregnant, but her health problems will prevent her from ever conceiving a child.
2Little Voices: Part 2Little Voices: Part 2 (2 Feb. 1983)
Janis Burnett (aka Mrs. Kafoops) arrives at the Gilroy's seeking help for her baby brother and leads Shirley and Frank to the abandoned house where she has been staying with her brother since their mother left.
3Grace and Favour: Part 1Grace and Favour: Part 1 (8 Feb. 1983)
A long-standing feud between the families of Rex Munro and Clarrie King escalates over an argument regarding an access road.
4Grace and Favour: Part 2Grace and Favour: Part 2 (9 Feb. 1983)
One rotten egg spoils Molly's attempt to demonstrate to the CWA the benefits of her free range eggs. Ned visits Ada in the hospital and the two lonely people become quick friends.
5Breaking Point: Part 1Breaking Point: Part 1 (15 Feb. 1983)
Brendan is upset by the hospital board's decision to place an ad for an Assistant Director of Nursing, a position he has unofficially held for the past thirteen months.
6Breaking Point: Part 2Breaking Point: Part 2 (16 Feb. 1983)
Marta blames herself for Terence's heart attack because of all the work he did renovating her house and for encouraging him to take up jogging and other physically demanding activities.
7Just Another Patient: Part 1Just Another Patient: Part 1 (22 Feb. 1983)
Brendan prepares to resign if the hospital board votes to appoint Judy Loveday the new deputy matron. Fortunately for Brendan, despite a panel stacked in Judy's favour, Brendan wins on account of Judy's sexist uncle voting against her.
8Just Another Patient: Part 2Just Another Patient: Part 2 (23 Feb. 1983)
Shirley and Frank encourage his aunt to see Dr. Bowen when they come home to discover she has left the gas on and is about to light the stove.
9Truth and Consequences: Part 1Truth and Consequences: Part 1 (1 Mar. 1983)
In the midst of a heat wave, new nurse Sandy Wright begins work at the hospital. She's replacing Judy Loveday who left after not getting the Deputy Matron's job. Terence moves back to his flat above the clinic.
10Truth and Consequences: Part 2Truth and Consequences: Part 2 (2 Mar. 1983)
Harry Taylor, friend of Clive and Karen Murdoch, comes forward to donate blood when he learns that he's the baby's father. Clive begins to question why he isn't a compatible donor and realises that he cannot be the baby's father.
11Who Cares?: Part 1Who Cares?: Part 1 (8 Mar. 1983)
Molly turns her garden hose on Bob when he comes over to apologise for locking her inside the cage. Frank first encounters Nathan Webster when he passes by the boy while jogging.
12Who Cares?: Part 2Who Cares?: Part 2 (9 Mar. 1983)
Nathan survives his fall from the bridge with broken bones and internal injuries. Despite the complete lack of concern expressed by Nathan's father, Frank seems to be successful in turning around Nathan's bleak outlook on life.
13September Song: Part 1September Song: Part 1 (15 Mar. 1983)
Vicky, unusually clumsy and forgetful of late, is not pleased to discover that Nigel left town without saying goodbye, news that Simon is reluctant to divulge.
14September Song: Part 2September Song: Part 2 (16 Mar. 1983)
The latest Melanie Shields novel captivates the community, but the characters seem a little too familiar.
15The Reckoning: Part 1The Reckoning: Part 1 (22 Mar. 1983)
Terence's proposal to Marta is overheard by Bob Hatfield who quickly spreads the news. Bert Griffiths, the town's notorious bad driver, runs down Carpenter, the town's bus riding dog.
16The Reckoning: Part 2The Reckoning: Part 2 (23 Mar. 1983)
Graham Randall is taken to hospital after he suffers a stroke. Upon learning about the problems that her husband has kept from her, Hilary gets a job and begins to learn to cope with her husband's health problems and their financial woes.
17The Winds of Change: Part 1The Winds of Change: Part 1 (29 Mar. 1983)
Brendan's ongoing feud with the hospital's chef spills over into the club where he lambastes Cookie over the poor quality of his food.
18The Winds of Change: Part 2The Winds of Change: Part 2 (30 Mar. 1983)
After Shirley tells him about her suspicion that telephone operator Beverly Little is Melanie Shields, Neville reveals to Shirley that he is the romance writer, and that his job as postman is what allows him to keep tabs on everyone.
19Love and Glory: Part 1Love and Glory: Part 1 (5 Apr. 1983)
Bela Szollos's presence in the valley continues to impact upon Marta and Terence's relationship, made all the worse when Bela informs Terence of his intentions to ask Marta to come back to Europe with him.
20Love and Glory: Part 2Love and Glory: Part 2 (6 Apr. 1983)
With Henry Gill asking questions about the whereabouts of Bela Szollos, for whom he has a deportation order, Bela jeopardises himself to help the town's medical community rescue and treat four young boys injured by a homemade bomb.
21So, Life Wasn't Meant to Be Easy: Part 1So, Life Wasn't Meant to Be Easy: Part 1 (12 Apr. 1983)
In the aftermath of Marta's sudden departure, Terence finds his relief in alcohol, but still must contend with the opinions of Esme Watson and Councillor Muldoon, going so far as to punch out Muldoon in the club.
22So, Life Wasn't Meant to Be Easy: Part 2So, Life Wasn't Meant to Be Easy: Part 2 (13 Apr. 1983)
Andre Gitane quits as hospital chef after one last argument with Brendan but fortunately, Sister Loveday is able to call in a friend from Burrigan to replace him ("and they said I would never work again").
23Another Man's Poison: Part 1Another Man's Poison: Part 1 (19 Apr. 1983)
Terence's continued moodiness has his patients deserting him in favour of Dr. Bowen.
24Another Man's Poison: Part 2Another Man's Poison: Part 2 (20 Apr. 1983)
Molly's discovery of broken drainage pipes on Chas Foster's property clearly implicates Foster in the creek poisonings but Foster has the pipes fixed in time for a visit by an inspector of the health commission.
25Hair of the Dog: Part 1Hair of the Dog: Part 1 (26 Apr. 1983)
Molly sits down with her animals to prepare them for their impending move. The death of one of the hospital's elderly residents requires Frank to look for a new home for her dog.
26Hair of the Dog: Part2Hair of the Dog: Part2 (27 Apr. 1983)
Jennifer Power takes her daughter to see Terence after confronting her about her drinking. Terence takes Tracy to an AA meeting but Tracy is uninterested as she doesn't feel she is an alcoholic.
27See Ya: Part 1See Ya: Part 1 (3 May 1983)
While Simon is attempting to show Vicky how to golf, the pair encounter young entrepreneur Robbie Quinn, a young boy with a knack for finding ways to extract money from those he encounters.
28See Ya: Part 2See Ya: Part 2 (4 May 1983)
Simon moves up his planned trip to Sydney to accompany Robbie to the Eye Clinic for his operation. Before Dorothy Edgar dies in hospital, she decides to donate her corneas for transplantation.
29Warning Signs: Part 1Warning Signs: Part 1 (10 May 1983)
Brendan can't bring himself to tell Judy that he's turned down his promotion, and has thereby kept her from getting hers, but he eventually meets up with Judy's wrath when Terence lets the news slip.
30Warning Signs: Part 2Warning Signs: Part 2 (11 May 1983)
A different side of Judy Loveday is displayed as she cares for Steve Marsh in hospital. Shirley receives lacklustre support when she decides to run for a vacant council seat - after all, "she's just a woman."
31No More Mr. Nice Guy: Part 1No More Mr. Nice Guy: Part 1 (17 May 1983)
Terence receives a letter from Marta (she's in Vienna) telling him that she and Bela are going to be married. Complaints from the community about Constable Nolan's corrupt behaviour force Frank to call Superintendent Burke to report him.
32No More Mr. Nice Guy: Part 2No More Mr. Nice Guy: Part 2 (18 May 1983)
Molly discovers the snake that has been stealing her eggs when she falls down a hole. After she gets out, the diamond snake follows her back home where it receives a name, Jules, and a place in the Jones' household.
33Fruit of the Vine: Part 1Fruit of the Vine: Part 1 (24 May 1983)
Cookie's night at the pub drinking with travelling lingerie salesman Hilton Mercer ends in trip to the hospital, with the pair clad in some of Hilton's finer garments, when Hilton breaks his arm.
34Fruit of the Vine: Part 2Fruit of the Vine: Part 2 (25 May 1983)
Vicky is held at gunpoint by Robert McNichol when she is called out to the McNichol farm. A phone call from Mrs. McNichol brings Simon out to the farm and he goes off into the bush in search of Vicky.
35A Woman's Place: Part 1A Woman's Place: Part 1 (31 May 1983)
Judy Loveday's warnings about Margaret Sloan are quickly confirmed upon the new Matron's arrival.
36A Woman's Place: Part 2A Woman's Place: Part 2 (1 Jun. 1983)
Terence's discovery that he worked with Maggie Sloan (then Maggie Ellard) when he was an intern saves neither himself nor the other hospital staff from her lectures regarding her strict rules and regulations.
37Still Life: Part 1Still Life: Part 1 (7 Jun. 1983)
Terence rents out his vineyard cottage to an artist friend of Rowena's. The woman's passing remark about using a macrobiotic diet to cure her cancer sparks a debate with Terence about the merits of alternative therapies.
38Still Life: Part 2Still Life: Part 2 (8 Jun. 1983)
Molly confronts Boney and Clyde about Ollie's death when she learns the pair are professional roo shooters. They deny involvement and eventually put Frank on to the individuals responsible.
39Lost Weekend: Part 1Lost Weekend: Part 1 (14 Jun. 1983)
Terence accompanies Vicky on a trip to Magnolia Vale to recover her stolen truck. Simon was hoping to go with her, but as Terence wanted to check on some wine making equipment up for sale, he took Simon's place.
40Lost Weekend: Part 2Lost Weekend: Part 2 (15 Jun. 1983)
Terence and Vicky's remaining time in Magnolia Vale is highlighted by the truck being stolen, an epic bar brawl, and Terence being treed by a vicious dog named Attila before he's finally tranquillised by Vicky.
41The Wandin Valley Connection: Part 1The Wandin Valley Connection: Part 1 (21 Jun. 1983)
Frank hopes to keep quiet news that Brendan's FJ Holden, discovered to be bulletproof, was once owned by outlaws, but trouble is soon to arrive on the Jones' doorstep when a story about the car is printed in the local newspaper.
42The Wandin Valley Connection: Part 2The Wandin Valley Connection: Part 2 (22 Jun. 1983)
A pair of retired gangsters prove to be more bark then bite when they try to intimidate Molly and Brendan. Molly eventually finds what is left of their loot inside the FJ's spare tire-apart from what the rats let behind, a sum totalling all of 85¢. Knuckles and Wheels' boss is surprisingly amused by his henchmen's story and despite their being on the run from him for the last thirty years, he rehires them-it seems Big Mac is now in real estate. Matron Sloan's persistence pays off with Shane Peters as he is able to ride his new bike out of the hospital, he even manages...
43The Sentimental Bloke: Part 1The Sentimental Bloke: Part 1 (28 Jun. 1983)
After Muldoon finds him sleeping in the club, Cookie talks his way into a brief overnight stay in hospital before disappearing altogether.
44The Sentimental Bloke: Part 2The Sentimental Bloke: Part 2 (29 Jun. 1983)
Terence discharges Daisy from the hospital so that she may go home, at which time she is finally able to sit Bob down and talk with him about her illness and their life together.
45A Lady's Choice: Part 1A Lady's Choice: Part 1 (6 Jul. 1983)
Molly scolds Chloe for ripping up the linoleum in the kitchen but she herself is soon down on hands and knees pulling up the flooring in an attempt to uncover an old newspaper from 1942.
46A Lady's Choice: Part 2A Lady's Choice: Part 2 (7 Jul. 1983)
A detective from Burrigan arrives to investigate Mandy's assault but suggests to her that she not pursue the matter as her case would be difficult to prove in court.
47Bush Lore: Part 1Bush Lore: Part 1 (13 Jul. 1983)
Shirley tries to involve Councillor Muldoon and the rest of the shire council, finally resorting to blackmail, when she learns a homeless man and his children were forced to sleep in a barn while one of his sons was in hospital.
48Bush Lore: Part 2Bush Lore: Part 2 (14 Jul. 1983)
Dave Patterson becomes pinned under his car while making repairs but due to the quick thinking of his children, he is soon rescued and brought to hospital. Vicky informs Simon that Confucius, his escaped Chinese chook, is really a goose.
49Kicking the Habit: Part 1Kicking the Habit: Part 1 (19 Jul. 1983)
Seeing Cookie firmly entrenched at Bob's house, Esme takes her feelings of betrayal and public humiliation to Shirley who does what she can to convince Esme that she is too good for Cookie.
50Kicking the Habit: Part 2Kicking the Habit: Part 2 (20 Jul. 1983)
Simon finds another tick on Scruffy when Molly asks him exam the dog. Hoping to tactfully explain his successful treatment of the dog to Vicky, Simon makes dinner for her but Molly blurts out the information prematurely.
51Never Count Your Chooks: Part 1Never Count Your Chooks: Part 1 (26 Jul. 1983)
Vicky is introduced to unconventional ruralised city restaurateur Ralph Bianchi when she returns his escaped horse.
52Never Count Your Chooks: Part 2Never Count Your Chooks: Part 2 (27 Jul. 1983)
Alec's sudden death may have been more merciful than what he would have faced otherwise, but what upsets Wendy is that he left the family farm to her two city dwelling brothers-and they now want to sell it.
53All Fired Up: Part 1All Fired Up: Part 1 (2 Aug. 1983)
Alan Ackerley, captain of the local bush fire brigade, is checking on the community's fire preparedness-and not liking what he finds, except for Molly however who earns his praise.
54All Fired Up: Part 2All Fired Up: Part 2 (3 Aug. 1983)
Shifting winds sweep a bush fire into the valley, quickly prompting the mobilisation of the community to fight the blaze. Vicky goes out to free Joanna Perrin's pony and becomes caught amidst the fire when her vehicle breaks down.
55Raking Over the Ashes: Part 1Raking Over the Ashes: Part 1 (3 Aug. 1983)
As the community recovers from the bush fire, Cookie volunteers to look after his sister Coralie's three boys while she accompanies Ray (aka Cookie's "mongrel brother-in-law") to Sydney for his burn treatments.
56Raking Over the Ashes: Part 2Raking Over the Ashes: Part 2 (4 Aug. 1983)
Terence operates on Bobby Norton when the young boy's appendix bursts. Terence's original failure to diagnose Bobby's condition brings back memories of an identical, but fatal, situation involving his own son.
57A Good Cause: Part 1A Good Cause: Part 1 (10 Aug. 1983)
While returning from a house call with Simon, Vicky stumbles upon the charred remains of an individual who apparently died in the bush fires, however, Terence's autopsy shows the woman died of a gunshot to the head.
58A Good Cause: Part 2A Good Cause: Part 2 (11 Aug. 1983)
Meryl and Dennis Bellamy, a hard working couple who don't easily accept charity, are released from hospital only to discover that after having lost everything in the fire, their insurance won't cover them.
59Positive Steps: Part 1Positive Steps: Part 1 (17 Aug. 1983)
Vicky drops Simon off at the gate to the Haywood farm, but after his "short walk" up the driveway, he learns his intended patient in a horse. The trip however is not without its benefits as he meets the lovely, and rich, Cynthia Haywood.
60Positive Steps: Part 2Positive Steps: Part 2 (18 Aug. 1983)
After having his suggestion of an alternative, relaxation based treatment vociferously rejected by patient Derek Clayton, Terence rethinks his approach to treating the angry man and his arthritis.
61Kith and Kin: Part 1Kith and Kin: Part 1 (30 Aug. 1983)
Before leaving to visit Brendan's parents, Molly decides to rip up the rest of the kitchen linoleum, revealing more old newspapers underneath.
62Kith and Kin: Part 2Kith and Kin: Part 2 (31 Aug. 1983)
Although Mrs. Coote can provide no further information about Cissy Holt, Molly learns of Cissy's suicide in an old newspaper article.
63Running Away: Part 1Running Away: Part 1 (6 Sep. 1983)
Shirley invites Vicky and Simon over for dinner in an attempt to determine what exactly went on between the two in Sydney. Shirley can see a change in them, and even Vicky admits that their relationship has been altered.
64Running Away: Part 2Running Away: Part 2 (7 Sep. 1983)
Unable to stay at her mother's due to Gabe staying there, Vicky settles on staying at the Jones' farm with Bob. Maggie talks Councillor Muldoon into reconsidering his opposition to the planned Monte Carlo night at the club.
65My Son, My Son: Part 1My Son, My Son: Part 1 (13 Sep. 1983)
The magistrate releases Gabe into the Gilroy's custody on a twelve month good behaviour bond. Vicky invites Simon out to the farm for dinner but Bob's unexpected return from the club turns company into a crowd.
66My Son, My Son: Part 2My Son, My Son: Part 2 (14 Sep. 1983)
Bob is quick to douse the fire when a phone call from Molly reminds him that Jules is hibernating in the chimney. Frank takes Gabe for her first day of classes at Burrigan High. Sally Wyndham makes a surprise visit.
67Tipping the Balance: Part 1Tipping the Balance: Part 1 (20 Sep. 1983)
Molly and Brendan return from their vacation in Adelaide, bringing with them a monstrous crib handmade by Brendan's father.
68Tipping the Balance: Part 2Tipping the Balance: Part 2 (21 Sep. 1983)
Simon's hesitance in advancing his relationship with Sally gives her reason to go home to Sydney.
69Pioneering Spirit: Part 1Pioneering Spirit: Part 1 (27 Sep. 1983)
Gabe meets Rick Jamieson while hitchhiking and later visits him at the abandoned farm where he his staying. The property belonged to his father before he was forced to sell out, and now Rick has returned.
70Pioneering Spirit: Part 2Pioneering Spirit: Part 2 (28 Sep. 1983)
Brought back to hospital after his destructive rampage at the club, Harry Jolly is found to have malaria. After Molly's second encounter with her "ghost," some of Brendan's tools are found to be missing.
71Taking the Plunge: Part 1Taking the Plunge: Part 1 (4 Oct. 1983)
Cookie places an ad for a housekeeper when Bob's house reaches new heights of uncleanliness. Gabe applies for the job but Bob gives the position to Glenda Saunders, a woman he is obviously smitten with.
72Taking the Plunge: Part 2Taking the Plunge: Part 2 (5 Oct. 1983)
Glenda's revelation that she is married leaves Bob heartbroken. Brendan seeks support from Terence in his effort to get Matron Sloan to relax her firm grip on hospital regulations so that Brett's mother can stay at the hospital with him.
73Spellbound: Part 1Spellbound: Part 1 (11 Oct. 1983)
Terence and Matron Sloan are shocked when they return to the Roach farm and discover Gus Roach, Roy Roach's severely retarded brother, chained up inside a shed.
74Spellbound: Part 2Spellbound: Part 2 (12 Oct. 1983)
Bob helps Shirley take Gabe home after she gets drunk. Vicky later confronts Gabe about her recent attitude and suggests it is because she is jealous of the attention she has received from Shirley since her and Simon's engagement.
75Promises, Promises: Part 1Promises, Promises: Part 1 (18 Oct. 1983)
Councillor Muldoon books a small band to play at the town hall but when Gas Chamber roll into town, they are clearly not what the councillor expected - Gabe is rather fond of them however.
76Promises, Promises: Part 2Promises, Promises: Part 2 (19 Oct. 1983)
Having difficulty breathing, Razor is rushed to hospital where the doctors perform a tracheotomy. After Les' release from hospital, Frank and Shirley must take him back after he arrives on their doorstep having been bashed.
77From This Day Forward: Part 1From This Day Forward: Part 1 (25 Oct. 1983)
Simon's hopes for a wild and eventful bucks night fall flat when his friends' promise of a "quiet dinner with a few friends" at Bob's house turns out to be just that.
78From This Day Forward: Part 2From This Day Forward: Part 2 (26 Oct. 1983)
While Vicky rushes out to attend to the injuries to Tommy's racehorse, Sister Loveday is forced to call the doctors back to the hospital where they must operate on Linda Reed after she is admitted with an ectopic pregnancy.
79Got It Made: Part 1Got It Made: Part 1 (1 Nov. 1983)
Brendan asks Molly to cut back on her farm work now that she is pregnant. A rash of thefts around town, some at Muldoon's store, keep Frank busy-and not very happy about Muldoon's suggestion that Gabe, a former employee, is responsible.
80Got It Made: Part 2Got It Made: Part 2 (2 Nov. 1983)
Murray holds Terence at gunpoint and forces him to operate on Neville to remove the bullet from his arm. Frank steps between Gabe and Muldoon at the cub when he sees her confronting him about his accusation that she's been stealing.
81Have I Got a Deal for You: Part 1Have I Got a Deal for You: Part 1 (8 Nov. 1983)
Hannah Green arrives to a busy hospital and after a brief wait, is examined by Terence who determines she has a perforated ulcer that will require an operation to fix.
82Have I Got a Deal for You: Part 2Have I Got a Deal for You: Part 2 (9 Nov. 1983)
Ellen Green arrives in town to see her mother in hospital but the pair spend most of their time arguing. Cookie tries to warn Esme about Roger, but despite his warning that he may be a con man, Esme won't listen to him.
83Wednesday's Child: Part 1Wednesday's Child: Part 1 (15 Nov. 1983)
Molly's latest project, the creation of a model pioneer settlement, seems well underway as the Jones' kitchen is filled with all sorts of antique farm implements.
84Wednesday's Child: Part 2Wednesday's Child: Part 2 (16 Nov. 1983)
Frank is unable to contact Gabe's mother, it appears she has moved and has not left a forwarding address. Gabe locates Chloe but wanders further into the bush trying to make her way back to the farm.