A Country Practice (TV Series 1981–1993)

Season 2

1Golden Fleece: Part 1Golden Fleece: Part 1 (5 Jan. 1982)
Molly hires Bob Hatfield to install a new toilet and bidet at the farm, a task which results in the expected complications.
2Golden Fleece: Part 2Golden Fleece: Part 2 (6 Jan. 1982)
Frank tracks down the troublesome youth responsible for a series of dangerous pranks and delivers him to the hospital where he is to work off his punishment.
3Team Work: Part 1Team Work: Part 1 (12 Jan. 1982)
Simon's plans for a weekend getaway to Sydney with Vicky are derailed by the arrival of his father, a skilled specialist himself, who is quick to offend Simon when he takes over one of his scheduled operations.
4Team Work: Part 2Team Work: Part 2 (13 Jan. 1982)
The team at the hospital - with the help of Shirley, Frank, Vicky, and Robert Bowen - work together to treat the passengers of the bus accident.
5Suffer Little Children: Part 1Suffer Little Children: Part 1 (20 Jan. 1982)
After treating a young aboriginal girl, Simon tries to confirm his suspicion that she is a victim of child abuse but instead he finds a medical explanation for her condition.
6Suffer Little Children: Part 2Suffer Little Children: Part 2 (21 Jan. 1982)
Shirley helps Frank rewrite his article on roses and gives herself a writing credit. Simon confronts Terence about his reluctance to pursue a child abuse investigation against Neil Stevens.
7Mates: Part 1Mates: Part 1 (27 Jan. 1982)
Doug and Keith Abbot, two life-long bachelors with a very close relationship, are heralded as heroes and community role models after Doug saves a young boy's life when he gets electrocuted while climbing a tree.
8Mates: Part 2Mates: Part 2 (28 Jan. 1982)
A phone call to the Abbott's shop by Doug's sister while it is being looked after by one of the townsfolk starts the local rumour mill talking about the true nature of Doug and Keith's relationship.
9Agoraphobic Sons and Lovers: Part 1Agoraphobic Sons and Lovers: Part 1 (29 Jul. 1982)
Terence treats Margaret Skilton, a woman he diagnoses with agoraphobia, after Frank brings her to the clinic. Her sudden anxiety attacks have arisen since learning that she is pregnant again.
10Agoraphobic Sons and Lovers: Part 2Agoraphobic Sons and Lovers: Part 2 (30 Jul. 1982)
Simon performs his first operation, but what was initially believed to be a simple appendectomy turns out to be a case of gonorrhoea, giving doctors the delicate task of tracking down the carriers of the disease among the community.
11I Know Where She's Gone: Part 1I Know Where She's Gone: Part 1 (10 Feb. 1982)
When Frank receives word that the future of the Wandin Valley police station is in jeopardy, he lays down the law to prove his importance in the small town.
12I Know Where She's Gone: Part 2I Know Where She's Gone: Part 2 (11 Feb. 1982)
Detectives Donnolly and Cairns are eager to charge Phil with Linda's murder so that they can wrap up the case. Unconvinced, Frank and Simon return to where Linda's body was found to look for more clues.
13A Little Knowledge: Part 1A Little Knowledge: Part 1 (16 Feb. 1982)
Molly is branded as an eccentric and a nuisance when she reports Trevor Lang to the RSPCA for the neglect of his dog.
14A Little Knowledge: Part 2A Little Knowledge: Part 2 (17 Feb. 1982)
A young girl is brought to hospital after a football injury damages her knee. Carol Glover is hospitalised after she is found collapsed at the hotel, and while she is in hospital, Terence is able to inform her that she is pregnant.
15A Pit to Hiss In: Part 1A Pit to Hiss In: Part 1 (23 Feb. 1982)
Having abandoned her yabbie farm, Molly decides to visit her parents in Adelaide but the town gossips believe that she has left Brendan for good.
16A Pit to Hiss In: Part 2A Pit to Hiss In: Part 2 (24 Feb. 1982)
On the way to her dinner with Simon, Vicky finds Claire wandering in the bush. After rejoining Simon at the Jones' farm, Vicky and Simon sit down to dinner only to be serenaded by the Jones' noisy livestock.
17Sore Throat: Part 1Sore Throat: Part 1 (2 Mar. 1982)
The news of the possible arrival of big industry in Wandin Valley divides the community and causes tempers to flare. Frank's sudden financial windfall has the townspeople speculating about the source of his wealth.
18Sore Throat: Part 2Sore Throat: Part 2 (3 Mar. 1982)
The planned smelter plant is cancelled. Simon gets worse in hospital
19Beating Around the Bush: Part 1Beating Around the Bush: Part 1 (9 Mar. 1982)
Rowena Elliott, Terence's ex-wife, makes a surprise visit. Amateur boxer Mickey Lewis, his manager Harry Lyons, and Harry's daughter (Mickey's girlfriend) Sharon, arrive in the valley to challenge the local pugilists.
20Beating Around the Bush: Part 2Beating Around the Bush: Part 2 (10 Mar. 1982)
Rowena reveals to Marta her hopes for a reconciliation with Terence. To make up their financial debt resulting from Mickey's loss, Harry asks Mickey to throw his fight against Smudger.
21Never Called Me Mother: Part 1Never Called Me Mother: Part 1 (16 Mar. 1982)
Vicky's early morning cleaning spree lands Shirley in hospital with a broken wrist. The arrival of a new vet to the district concerns Vicky who's worried about losing business.
22Never Called Me Mother: Part 2Never Called Me Mother: Part 2 (17 Mar. 1982)
After getting in an argument with Judy, Dianne tells her she's not her daughter but was simply trying to take advantage of her and Ken thinking they were a wealthy family.
23Shootin' Through: Part 1Shootin' Through: Part 1 (23 Mar. 1982)
A camping accident puts a woman in hospital with severe burns. The accident came as her family was on their way to Broken Hill where her husband was to start a new job.
24Shootin' Through: Part 2Shootin' Through: Part 2 (24 Mar. 1982)
The stars of Green Pastures arrive in town but when the complaining, drunken, primadonna thespians come down with food poisoning, their public appearance is threatened.
25Pig in a Poke: Part 1Pig in a Poke: Part 1 (30 Mar. 1982)
The town is eagerly anticipating the arrival of a group of actors from the popular radio serial Green Pastures.
26Pig in a Poke: Part 2Pig in a Poke: Part 2 (31 Mar. 1982)
The stars of Green Pastures arrive in town but when the complaining, drunken, primadonnas come down with food poisoning, their public appearance is threatened.
27Did She Fall: Part 1Did She Fall: Part 1 (6 Apr. 1982)
After Norbert Lawson is admitted to hospital following a bar fight with Bob, Marta sends Brendan out to look for Norbert's lost dog. Skye's communal value system is too much for Molly to bear.
28Did She Fall: Part 2Did She Fall: Part 2 (7 Apr. 1982)
Simon launches a verbal tirade upon Vicky for choosing to stay with Peter. Before Molly can summon the courage to fire Skye, she tells Molly that it is time for her, and her goats, to be moving on.
29Loves Labour Lost: Part 1Loves Labour Lost: Part 1 (13 Apr. 1982)
News that Doris is pregnant inspires Molly and Brendan to consider starting a family of their own.
30Loves Labour Lost: Part 2Loves Labour Lost: Part 2 (14 Apr. 1982)
Shirley's friends gather at the Dean home the night before she is to be admitted to hospital.
31Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind: Part 1Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind: Part 1 (20 Apr. 1982)
Jason Spencer returns to the hospital to help out and his return is none too soon for Matron Kertesz who continues to be challenged by staff shortages.
32Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind: Part 2Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind: Part 2 (21 Apr. 1982)
With the town engrossed in "UFO fever" following an article in the Burrigan Examiner about Jason, a mysterious doctor arrives in town claiming the authority to take Jason to a military hospital for treatment.
33The Second Coming: Part 1The Second Coming: Part 1 (27 Apr. 1982)
After her release from hospital, Shirley gets a ride home from Father Sean in the sidecar of his motorcycle, but the two are quickly called back to the hospital to allow Father Sean to attend to a man who collapsed outside the club.
34The Second Coming: Part 2The Second Coming: Part 2 (28 Apr. 1982)
Simon tries to tactfully explain to Barbara Walsh that their relationship is strictly professional. After collapsing a second time at the club, Father Sean is readmitted to hospital.
35Come Blow Your Horn: Part 1Come Blow Your Horn: Part 1 (4 May 1982)
Molly unsuccessfully tries to pass on her scheduling methodology to the clinic's new receptionist.
36Come Blow Your Horn: Part 2Come Blow Your Horn: Part 2 (5 May 1982)
The arrival of Bunny Wilcox, an author and war veteran who served overseas with Soapie Armstrong, causes Reg Armstrong to have some nervous moments when he realises his masquerading as his brother may finally be revealed.
37Frankie and Johnny: Part 1Frankie and Johnny: Part 1 (11 May 1982)
Molly is upset with Frank's lackadaisical response to her report of gunshots being fired at her by a pair of kids.
38Frankie and Johnny: Part 2Frankie and Johnny: Part 2 (12 May 1982)
Frank rushes Johnny to hospital after having shot him but must wait in line while Terence operates to save the life of Snowy Rogers who accidentally shot himself after getting caught up on a fence during the pig hunt.
39The Odd Couple: Part 1The Odd Couple: Part 1 (18 May 1982)
Vicky concerns herself with Laurie Walker, a local area farmer, who after having to put down his arthritic dog, is brought to hospital with severe lacerations to his arms after apparently falling through a window.
40The Odd Couple: Part 2The Odd Couple: Part 2 (19 May 1982)
Frank's son Kevin arrives for the wedding in time to accompany Frank to the Jones' farm to see Shirley, who has since returned from her getaway to Burrigan.
41A Fearful Thing: Part 1A Fearful Thing: Part 1 (25 May 1982)
Shirley and Frank return from their honeymoon to face the daunting task of living together. Their first confrontation is over the placement of the urn which, unbeknownst to Shirley, contains the ashes of Frank's first wife.
42A Fearful Thing: Part 2A Fearful Thing: Part 2 (26 May 1982)
Terence's concern over how the town will react to Katrina's illness proves correct as the local rumour mill and fear mongers learn of her condition. Vicky lies to Frank in an attempt to keep his pianola out of the house.
43Win Some, Lose Some: Part 1Win Some, Lose Some: Part 1 (2 Jun. 1982)
Vicky makes the decision to move in with Simon, who is more than pleased with the decision.
44Win Some, Lose Some: Part 2Win Some, Lose Some: Part 2 (3 Jun. 1982)
Michael Porter is quickly admitted to hospital for an operation to remove the mole from his leg. After a pessimistic conversation with one of his nurses about the extremely small possibility of a leg amputation, Michael runs away.
45Eyes of the Beholder: Part 1Eyes of the Beholder: Part 1 (9 Jun. 1982)
Morning sickness and food cravings descend upon the Jones' household - for Brendan.
46Eyes of the Beholder: Part 2Eyes of the Beholder: Part 2 (10 Jun. 1982)
Molly's pig-is-product mantra soon changes to one of pig-is-pet after Simon volunteers to pay for Doris' medical treatments when Molly tells him of her plan to get rid of Doris.
47Weight for Age: Part 1Weight for Age: Part 1 (15 Jun. 1982)
Andy Collins, a boy with dreams of becoming a jockey, goes to extreme measures to keep his weight down. When he starts taking his mother's diuretics, she is hospitalised after taking the peppermints her son swapped for her medication.
48Weight for Age: Part 2Weight for Age: Part 2 (16 Jun. 1982)
Andy sneaks out of the hospital hoping to ride Time Step in a demonstration for Mr. Munro, a famous horse trainer from Sydney, but Mel capitalises on the boy's illness and rides the horse himself.
49Prisoner of the Valley: Part 1Prisoner of the Valley: Part 1 (22 Jun. 1982)
Robin "Bobbi" Nichols returns to Wandin Valley twelve years after, at the age of sixteen, she ran off with the married man with whom she was having an affair.
50Prisoner of the Valley: Part 2Prisoner of the Valley: Part 2 (23 Jun. 1982)
Robin tells Simon the truth about her now notorious past. After Molly tells Brendan about the rumours surrounding him and Sophie, Brendan pays Terence a visit to set the record straight.
51Cheap Dream: Part 1Cheap Dream: Part 1 (29 Jun. 1982)
The tension surrounding the arrival of a group of bikers is heightened when one of them is run off the road by Bert Griffiths, an elderly resident of the Valley who refuses to wear his glasses and has become notorious for his bad driving.
52Cheap Dream: Part 2Cheap Dream: Part 2 (30 Jun. 1982)
When stress lands Jim in hospital, Terence has a word to Marilyn to suggest she reevaluate her involvement with Wayne.
53Occupational Hazard: Part 1Occupational Hazard: Part 1 (6 Jul. 1982)
Vicky once again has her professionalism questioned when Merv Cameron publicly accuses her of killing his livestock with a vaccine she administered.
54Occupational Hazard: Part 2Occupational Hazard: Part 2 (7 Jul. 1982)
As Esme worries about a Russian germ warfare attack on the valley, Vicky and Simon pay another visit to Merv Cameron who again chases them off.
55Hear No Evil: Part 1Hear No Evil: Part 1 (13 Jul. 1982)
Brendan meets young Jimmy Hartley when he comes across the boy sitting in the middle of the road. Taking him home, Brendan realises that Jimmy is deaf, his mother however denies this and states that Jimmy is just a bit slow.
56Hear No Evil: Part 2Hear No Evil: Part 2 (14 Jul. 1982)
Terence is summoned by Betty but he arrives at the Hartley home too late as Tony is already dead. Betty alters her story of the night's events to protect her son when it appears that it was the fall of the cabinet that killed Tom.
57The Luck of the Draw: Part 1The Luck of the Draw: Part 1 (20 Jul. 1982)
Shirley's decision to throw out all of her artwork alarms Frank when he cannot locate the nude portrait she painted of him.
58The Luck of the Draw: Part 2The Luck of the Draw: Part 2 (21 Jul. 1982)
Tessa Stavrou is diagnosed with liver cancer and George is forced to tell his wife that he has gambled away the money they have been saving for a trip to Greece.
59One for the Road: Part 1One for the Road: Part 1 (27 Jul. 1982)
While out riding, Josh Prescot's horse collides with Vicky's car. Terence, who was in the vehicle with Vicky, tends to Josh while Vicky sees to his horse.
60One for the Road: Part 2One for the Road: Part 2 (28 Jul. 1982)
After walking in on Ben and Marta as she tries to wrestle a liquor bottle away from him, Vicky asks Terence to go to Ben's home to help Marta with Ben. Initially reluctant, Terence helps Marta get Ben to hospital where he can sober up.
61A Fair Day's Work: Part 1A Fair Day's Work: Part 1 (3 Aug. 1982)
Jack Coombes believes his days as manager of the Darcy farm may be numbered when owner Kate Darcy returns to Wandin Valley and begins cutting staff.
62A Fair Day's Work: Part 2A Fair Day's Work: Part 2 (4 Aug. 1982)
Hospitalised until he can pass his kidney stone, Bob's belief in the "Hatfield Curse" coupled with Cookie's tales of his "dear old uncle (God rest his soul)" convince Bob that he is near death.
63No Apparent Reason: Part 1No Apparent Reason: Part 1 (10 Aug. 1982)
Ros and Bernie Petersen's much-anticipated new baby is born with Down's syndrome.
64No Apparent Reason: Part 2No Apparent Reason: Part 2 (11 Aug. 1982)
Simon hopes to bring in another woman who is raising a child with Down's syndrome to talk to Ros and Bernie but Ros refuses to see her and the Petersens ultimately decide to give up their baby.
65Road to Nowhere: Part 1Road to Nowhere: Part 1 (17 Aug. 1982)
Kate Darcy's continued physical deterioration causes Terence to ask her to visit him professionally. Unfortunately, an unwelcome diagnosis leaves Terence with the unenviable task of telling Kate that she has Huntington's disease.
66Road to Nowhere: Part 2Road to Nowhere: Part 2 (18 Aug. 1982)
Councillor Muldoon attacks Shirley and Simon's sex-ed classes when he sees the material his daughter has been bringing home.
67Coming Ready or Not: Part 1Coming Ready or Not: Part 1 (22 Aug. 1982)
Brendan is quick to ask for more time at the hospital when Molly's mother unexpectedly arrives two weeks ahead of schedule, but despite his best efforts of avoidance, disputes with Caroline soon arise.
68Coming Ready or Not: Part 2Coming Ready or Not: Part 2 (23 Aug. 1982)
Caroline takes Brendan to hospital where his stomach pains are determined to be sympathetic labour pains. Left alone on the farm, Molly goes into labour but makes it to hospital, eventually, when Bob drops by the farm.
69What It Takes: Part 1What It Takes: Part 1 (29 Aug. 1982)
Simon's car breaks down en route to his holiday destination forcing him to try and hitch a ride. After watching as a truck and a tractor pass him by without stopping, Simon accepts a ride from a farmer and his attractive young daughter.
70What It Takes: Part 2What It Takes: Part 2 (30 Aug. 1982)
Joe Khoury finally agrees to the minor operation Terence has been suggesting, but Joe plays up the seriousness of his condition to keep his daughter from running off to Sydney with her boyfriend.
71The Secondly Deadly Sin: Part 1The Secondly Deadly Sin: Part 1 (7 Sep. 1982)
Mining engineer Warwick Larsen approaches farmer Max Grainger about reopening an abandoned gold mine on his property. Larsen has high hopes for the site and offers Bob, Cookie, and Max a share in the action.
72The Secondly Deadly Sin: Part 2The Secondly Deadly Sin: Part 2 (8 Sep. 1982)
Gold fever has settled over Wandin Valley as its residents dream of the potential riches. Curiosity gets the better of young Teddy Grainger and he winds up falling down the mineshaft when he attempts to climb down to look for gold.
73The Seeds of Discontent: Part 1The Seeds of Discontent: Part 1 (14 Sep. 1982)
Fundraising efforts for Muldoon's proposed new geriatric wing for the hospital are in full swing. The new addition will be built where Marta's flat is currently located so she is looking for a new place to live.
74The Seeds of Discontent: Part 2The Seeds of Discontent: Part 2 (15 Sep. 1982)
Thelma is attempting to poison her sister by spiking her tea with a toxic herb, but when Terence makes a house call to see Nellie, he gets a healthy dose of the strange brew himself.
75A Sign of Affection: Part 1A Sign of Affection: Part 1 (21 Sep. 1982)
The quest is on for a Miss Wandin Valley, and Councillor Muldoon's niece is the leading candidate-she was the Burrigan Turnip Queen in 1981 after all.
76A Sign of Affection: Part 2A Sign of Affection: Part 2 (22 Sep. 1982)
The Shaw's youngest daughter is admitted to hospital where it is discovered she is also showing signs of arsenic poisoning. The hospital decides to sponsor Fiona's entry into the Miss Wandin Valley Quest.
77Field of Thunder: Part 1Field of Thunder: Part 1 (28 Sep. 1982)
Stewart Lawson, a depressed, bitter, and withdrawn man who is fighting a losing battle with leukemia, returns to the Wandin Valley hospital to die.
78Field of Thunder: Part 2Field of Thunder: Part 2 (29 Sep. 1982)
Lawson discharges himself from hospital and later collapses after spraying the town's war memorial with red paint in an attempt to raise community awareness about his struggle.
79The Push: Part 1The Push: Part 1 (5 Oct. 1982)
Shirley returns from her solo vacation to Bali bearing gifts, and a case of Bali Belly, but Frank's Indonesian cooking pot is accidentally broken by Louisa Kennedy, a young woman with a tendency be around when accidents occur.
80The Push: Part 2The Push: Part 2 (6 Oct. 1982)
When Marta experiences more break-ins at her new house, Frank discovers the person responsible is Billy Blake, who says he's only been "looking after" Marta.
81Acts of Kindness: Part 1Acts of Kindness: Part 1 (12 Oct. 1982)
With the task of casting complete, rehearsals for Simon's production of The Importance of Being Ernest are underway-with Wandin Valley's finest amateur thespians doing their very best to drive the show into the ground.
82Acts of Kindness: Part 2Acts of Kindness: Part 2 (13 Oct. 1982)
The nature of Jean Martin's sudden death demands a coroner's inquest and autopsy, and Harry's adamant refusal can do nothing to stop the investigation.
83A Human Reaction: Part 1A Human Reaction: Part 1 (19 Oct. 1982)
Craig Thompson comes to the hospital to have a minor cut looked after but his allergic reaction to a penicillin injection almost takes his life.
84A Human Reaction: Part 2A Human Reaction: Part 2 (20 Oct. 1982)
Vicky's autopsy on the Ryan's calf reveals it died from tuberculosis. Screenings are carried out at the hospital to determine if anyone may have been exposed to TB from contaminated dairy products originating on the Ryan farm.
85Show Down: Part 1Show Down: Part 1 (26 Oct. 1982)
The arrival of an inspector from the Department of Health causes hospital staff to speculate on the future of the facility. Molly continues to plan out her chook farm while sewing a costume for a boy in hospital.
86Show Down: Part 2Show Down: Part 2 (27 Oct. 1982)
Health minister Michael Christie reveals to Bluey Ashdown the government's reason for announcing the hospital's closure - they want Bluey to resign his seat.
87Pie in the Sky: Part 1Pie in the Sky: Part 1 (2 Nov. 1982)
The Burrigan Show continues to attract spill-over crowds to Wandin Valley, most notable are two men who hitchhike into town looking for work, and three "ladies of the night."
88Pie in the Sky: Part 2Pie in the Sky: Part 2 (3 Nov. 1982)
The townspeople turn against Arnie and Hotwire when news of their incarceration gets out, Brendan fires Hotwire against Molly's protests, Shirley accuses Frank of harassing the men, and Hotwire is kicked out of the local boarding house.
89Stirring the Possum: Part 1Stirring the Possum: Part 1 (9 Nov. 1982)
Alwyn Watson, Esme's wheelchair-bound nephew and his wife Mary arrive in the valley for a visit. Also arriving is Mr. Brown, a mysterious stranger who goes about asking questions of everyone he meets and making notes.
90Stirring the Possum: Part 2Stirring the Possum: Part 2 (10 Nov. 1982)
"Guilt, thy name is Wandin Valley," or so Brendan says as more members of the community come to believe they are the person the mysterious Mr. Brown has come about.
91Cup Fever: Part 1Cup Fever: Part 1 (16 Nov. 1982)
As the town prepares for the annual Wandin Valley Cup, Molly unsuccessfully tries to rally support for a protest.
92Cup Fever: Part 2Cup Fever: Part 2 (17 Nov. 1982)
When Adam's illness keeps him from racing, Brendan suggests that Kerry take his place, and despite rules prohibiting female jockeys, she agrees.