A Country Practice (TV Series 1981–1993)

Season 13

1Something of Value: Part 1Something of Value: Part 1 (18 Jan. 1993)
The hospital's reclassification brings about the forced closure of its operating theatre.
2Something of Value: Part 2Something of Value: Part 2 (19 Jan. 1993)
The hospital and it's staff come under fire for their performing the operation when they shouldn't have.
3A Fine Balance: Part 1A Fine Balance: Part 1 (25 Jan. 1993)
Jo Davis, a promising young gymnast, is injured but refuses to take time off. Harry struggles with the girl's mother who refuses to let him see her other daughter who is in a wheelchair for no apparent reason.
4A Fine Balance: Part 2A Fine Balance: Part 2 (26 Jan. 1993)
Harry works with Jo's disintegrating family to get her parents to put the needs of their two daughters first.
5Twice Shy: Part 1Twice Shy: Part 1 (1 Feb. 1993)
Bernice invites travel writer Victor Tutt to "historic Rainbow Farm" hoping to score a good review in his next book.
6Twice Shy: Part 2Twice Shy: Part 2 (2 Feb. 1993)
Hugo talks Darcy into going to the doctor when she suspects breast cancer.
7The Prodigal: Part 1The Prodigal: Part 1 (8 Feb. 1993)
Alec Lacey, Anna's younger world travelling brother, is back in the country and makes a surprise visit.
8The Prodigal: Part 2The Prodigal: Part 2 (9 Feb. 1993)
Alek is arrested in a drug bust after Anna kicks him out of her home. He's released due to a lack of evidence but Anna makes him go back and turn himself in.
9Little Lies: Part 1Little Lies: Part 1 (15 Feb. 1993)
Bernice plays reluctant host to a group of bikers, with whom is a 14-year-old pregnant runaway.
10Little Lies: Part 2Little Lies: Part 2 (16 Feb. 1993)
Mary's sister arrives and chases off Wolf, the biker who's been looking after Mary.
11One Man's Poison: Part 1One Man's Poison: Part 1 (22 Feb. 1993)
First, Terence has has his tires slashes, and a case of wine smashed, then Franks's roses are ripped up and he receives a picture of Shirley accompanied by a disturbing note. Someone is after the two.
12One Man's Poison: Part 2One Man's Poison: Part 2 (23 Feb. 1993)
Russell holds Rosemary captive in her apartment bringing about a standoff with the police.
13An Act of Love: Part 1An Act of Love: Part 1 (1 Mar. 1993)
Hugo's girlfriend Judith Marques, the daughter of a visiting physician, learns she is pregnant (not by Hugo) and turns to Hugo and Darcy for help.
14An Act of Love: Part 2An Act of Love: Part 2 (2 Mar. 1993)
When Judith doesn't get support from her father, and Hugo's wedding talk turns out to be just that, Judith takes matters into her own hands, attempting an abortion which nearly kills her.
15Billy's Choice: Part 1Billy's Choice: Part 1 (8 Mar. 1993)
Esme moves out of Camelot when Terence suggests that it may be time for a growing Ruby to move out of the house.
16Billy's Choice: Part 2Billy's Choice: Part 2 (9 Mar. 1993)
Before his big date with Esme, Bernice accidentally smashes Perce's false teeth while attempting to kill a cockroach.
17Come Dancing: Part 1Come Dancing: Part 1 (15 Mar. 1993)
Tara Nesbitt, Darcy's best friend from school, comes to the valley to see her before going to the United States to pursue a dance career.
18Come Dancing: Part 2Come Dancing: Part 2 (16 Mar. 1993)
Tara is found to have a herniated disk in her back, for which an operation would end her dancing career before it has begun.
19Stolen Moments: Part 1Stolen Moments: Part 1 (22 Mar. 1993)
Kate's mother Liz makes a surprise visit and is convinced that her husband is having an affair. The evidence however points to his relationship with his other daughter which she has still not been told about.
20Stolen Moments: Part 2Stolen Moments: Part 2 (23 Mar. 1993)
Taking a short cut to the golf course, Harry is struck in the leg by an arrow shot by Billy.
21Intolerance: Part 1Intolerance: Part 1 (29 Mar. 1993)
A troublesome youth flips out and trashes his classroom and when Tom arrives to intervene, the boy jumps through the window.
22Intolerance: Part 2Intolerance: Part 2 (30 Mar. 1993)
Rosemary and Terence take a vacation to the Wandin Valley Winery but Terence's weekend alone with Rosemary is derailed by the arrival of Esme and Bernice, and Rosemary's fascination with reports of Elvis sightings in the area.
23Guilty Party: Part 1Guilty Party: Part 1 (6 Apr. 1993)
Two young medical students arrive in the valley for work experience and quickly take to Darcy and her friend Lee.
24Guilty Party: Part 2Guilty Party: Part 2 (7 Apr. 1993)
Bernice schemes to get her hands on government grant money but must first get Esme's "Progress Association" onside.
25Trivial Pursuits: Part 1Trivial Pursuits: Part 1 (13 Apr. 1993)
Billy is taken to hospital with ammonia burns after cleaning his cricket bat. Anna buys him a chemistry set to teach him respect for chemicals but under Tom's "guidance" a more radical method of study is undertaken.
26Trivial Pursuits: Part 2Trivial Pursuits: Part 2 (14 Apr. 1993)
Tony asks Darcy to come to London with him. Tony's father asks Terence to talk some sense into him, but Terence, recognising the opportunity Tony has been given, can't talk him out of his dream.
27Wildcard: Part 1Wildcard: Part 1 (20 Apr. 1993)
Dave Carmody, an old friend of Tom's, arrives in the valley. Dave is a retired police officer who now finds himself under investigation by Internal Affairs and needs Tom to verify his alibi.
28Wildcard: Part 2Wildcard: Part 2 (21 Apr. 1993)
A glimpse into Tom's previous life has Anna wondering if she really knows him at all.
29True Confessions: Part 1True Confessions: Part 1 (27 Apr. 1993)
Bernice puts off an appearance on Barry Baxter's radio show to spend more time with a young man with a passion for old tractors.
30True Confessions: Part 2True Confessions: Part 2 (28 Apr. 1993)
Toby is in an MVA forcing him to tell his wife about his condition-and how he became infected.
31Floating on Air: Part 1Floating on Air: Part 1 (4 May 1993)
With the wedding two days away, Harry falls out of a tree trying to catch a snake in Eden's garden.
32Floating on Air: Part 2Floating on Air: Part 2 (5 May 1993)
Stranded up in a balloon with no way down, Harry and Bernice ask Billy to get help but neither Tom or Anna believe his story due to his recent fibbing.
33Big Yellow Taxi: Part 1Big Yellow Taxi: Part 1 (11 May 1993)
Politician Jonathan Fletcher arrives in town to promote his campaign to tear down the historic miner's cottages to make way for a new car park.
34Big Yellow Taxi: Part 2Big Yellow Taxi: Part 2 (1993)
Tom instigates a search for Killer Burke's turtle when he buries it after thinking it had died.
35Can't See Around Corners: Part 1Can't See Around Corners: Part 1 (18 May 1993)
Andrew Rendell, Frank's nephew, makes a surprise visit with his young daughter. Anna and Darcy deal with a woman who has been feeding her geese pastries.
36Can't See Around Corners: Part 2Can't See Around Corners: Part 2 (19 May 1993)
Frank confronts his nephew about the damage to his car and learns that Andrew was the driver of the car that ran Harry off the road.
37Tears for Fears: Part 1Tears for Fears: Part 1 (1993)
Four weeks have passed since the accident. Harry and Kate travel to Sydney to visit Jules in hospital.
38Tears for Fears: Part 2Tears for Fears: Part 2 (1993)
Jules is awaiting her wheelchair and the repeated delays in its arrival keeps Harry in Sydney.
39Mixed Doubles: Part 1Mixed Doubles: Part 1 (1 Jun. 1993)
A letter from Jules prompts Harry to return to Sydney once again just as Kate is going into hospital for another operation.
40Mixed Doubles: Part 2Mixed Doubles: Part 2 (8 Jun. 1993)
Billy falls off Anatomic after being told he couldn't ride her, and after they attend to his injuries, Anna and Tom put him right back on the horse.
41Certain Women: Part 1Certain Women: Part 1 (8 Jun. 1993)
Harry and Kate have finally gone on their honeymoon and Dr. Alex Fraser makes a surprise return to the valley.
42Certain Women: Part 2Certain Women: Part 2 (9 Jun. 1993)
Tom takes Anatomic to the track for the first time but only Anna's influence can get the horse into the starting gate.
43Double Indemnity: Part 1Double Indemnity: Part 1 (15 Jun. 1993)
Tom takes out an Aprehended Violence Order against Rod Campion after he assaults his wife in front of Anna. Jean-Jacques, a Frenchman from Bernice's past, arrives in town.
44Double Indemnity: Part 2Double Indemnity: Part 2 (16 Jun. 1993)
Bernice is taken to hospital after a wild night in Burrigan. An investigation into the goats' deaths is underway when Rod discovers that his wife is responsible for their deaths.
45Another Country: Part 1Another Country: Part 1 (22 Jun. 1993)
A farmer leaves his barking dog with Anna when his neighbours start complaining but it doesn't take long for the incessant noise to get to Harry either.
46Another Country: Part 2Another Country: Part 2 (23 Jun. 1993)
Hugo finds Zozan hiding out at at the lodge and takes her back to her mother. Bernice consults Harry, the resident golf expert, about putting in a golf course in at Rainbow Farm.
47Local Hero: Part 1Local Hero: Part 1 (29 Jun. 1993)
Jack Waterman, a friend of Bernice's, is in town for the rodeo when he is diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disorder (motor neuron disease).
48Local Hero: Part 2Local Hero: Part 2 (30 Jun. 1993)
George is out with kennel cough so Frank lets Billy borrow Fatso for the rodeo's pet contest.
49No Man's Land: Part 1No Man's Land: Part 1 (6 Jul. 1993)
Rosemary is offered the Director of Nursing job in Burrigan and Terence accuses her of stagnating by not accepting it.
50No Man's Land: Part 2No Man's Land: Part 2 (7 Jul. 1993)
Malcolm is electrocuted when he intercedes to stop James from hitting an overhead power line with a length of pipe.
51The Player: Part 1The Player: Part 1 (13 Jul. 1993)
A production of MacBeth is put on at the lodge with famous Shakespearean actress Bronwyn Gibson brought in for the role of Lady MacBeth.
52The Player: Part 2The Player: Part 2 (14 Jul. 1993)
The cast and crew of MacBeth revolt in the face of Bronwyn's dictatorial control. Rosemary tries to help Bronwyn when she discovers her heroin addiction. A letter from Jules delivered to Harry at the clinic brings out Kate's jealousy.
53Body of Evidence: Part 1Body of Evidence: Part 1 (20 Jul. 1993)
A mystery surrounds an unidentified body found in the remains of a burned out farmhouse.
54Body of Evidence: Part 2Body of Evidence: Part 2 (21 Jul. 1993)
Frank is hurt by his friends' lack of enthusiasm for his holiday photos from India.
55Crimes and Misdemeanours: Part 1Crimes and Misdemeanours: Part 1 (27 Jul. 1993)
Harry and Kate's marriage reaches breaking point when Jules Goodfellow returns to Wandin Valley for the trial of the man who caused the accident that left her a paraplegic.
56Crimes and Misdemeanours: Part 2Crimes and Misdemeanours: Part 2 (28 Jul. 1993)
Rosemary is bequeathed a young kangaroo. Tom surprises Anna on the first anniversary of his proposal. Darcy must treat a dog for a suspected snake bite when Anna is away.
57Welcome Stranger: Part 1Welcome Stranger: Part 1 (3 Aug. 1993)
Harry and Kate host a dinner party, and after a few drinks, Tom makes some inappropriate comments about the fragile state of Harry and Kate's relationship.
58Welcome Stranger: Part 2Welcome Stranger: Part 2 (4 Aug. 1993)
A kitten found on the doorstep of the hospital captures Rosemary's heart. While fixing a hole in a wall at the hospital, Perce accidentally seals Rosemary's kitten inside the wall.
59Outside Chance: Part 1Outside Chance: Part 1 (10 Aug. 1993)
Rosemary is away visiting her son, and Kate, as acting Director of Nursing, begins to exercise her newly acquired authoritative powers.
60Outside Chance: Part 2Outside Chance: Part 2 (11 Aug. 1993)
Billy questions Perce about the Eureka Stockade for a school report, and the pair wind up erecting their own blockade when a bill collector comes to Rainbow Farm.
61Troubled Waters: Part 1Troubled Waters: Part 1 (17 Aug. 1993)
Terence is camping and Darcy is doing a kangaroo count in the national park for Anna. Darcy is spooked near a creepy billabong and runs out of the park. The next day she and Anna return to find dead kangaroos everywhere.
62Troubled Waters: Part 2Troubled Waters: Part 2 (18 Aug. 1993)
Mrs. Boardman tells Kate of her near death experience and is upset at Kate for saving her.
63Thursday's Child: Part 1Thursday's Child: Part 1 (24 Aug. 1993)
Hugo gets his hangglider pilot's license and promptly crashes while flying over the National Park.
64Thursday's Child: Part 2Thursday's Child: Part 2 (25 Aug. 1993)
Tom talks Hugo into having a bus load of kids come out to his property for the day. Billy is "deeply disillusioned" after entering endless contests and only winning baby care products-until he wins the big one.
65Thursday's Child (II): Part 1Thursday's Child (II): Part 1 (31 Aug. 1993)
Terence talks Ruth into staying on when she drops Chris' case upon learning that he abducted his son.
66Thursday's Child (II): Part 2Thursday's Child (II): Part 2 (1 Sep. 1993)
Having been blackmailed into dropping out of the mayoral race by Hugo, Bernice offers her services to Frank and Rosemary's campaign. Facing the power of western "societal forces," Mai withdraws her claim for custody of her son.
67Carpe Diem: Part 1Carpe Diem: Part 1 (7 Sep. 1993)
Chris goes for help when Ruth suffers a fall in the national park after he proposes to her. Esme is feeling unneeded, and after being hospitalised following a fall, considers selling her house and moving into a nursing home.
68Carpe Diem: Part 2Carpe Diem: Part 2 (8 Sep. 1993)
Perce asks Esme to move in at Rainbow Farm. Bernice gets Esme out of her depressed state as only Bernice can.
69Now or Never: Part 1Now or Never: Part 1 (14 Sep. 1993)
After Bernice is diagnosed with cervical cancer, Darcy calls on her father and grandfather to talk Bernice out of her decision to shun medical treatment and run away to India.
70Now or Never: Part 2Now or Never: Part 2 (15 Sep. 1993)
While questioning a young man about a jewel theft in Burrigan, Tom takes a personal interest in the boy when he learns they were both fostered by the same family. Billy comes home from school with a black eye.
71Heroes and Villains: Part 1Heroes and Villains: Part 1 (21 Sep. 1993)
Tom is shot when he is involved in a high speed car chase which leaves the perpetrator, a fifteen-year-old boy, badly injured.
72Heroes and Villains: Part 2Heroes and Villains: Part 2 (22 Sep. 1993)
Terence and Rosemary's hopes for a quiet vacation in Sydney are dashed after becoming their hotel's millionth customers and getting stuck in an elevator, both being events that made the evening news back home.
73A Fine Romance: Part 1A Fine Romance: Part 1 (28 Sep. 1993)
. Tom intercedes between two neighbours who are feuding over their pets. Billy's preoccupation with guns and violence ever since Tom's shooting prompts Tom to give Billy a lecture on violence.
74A Fine Romance: Part 2A Fine Romance: Part 2 (29 Sep. 1993)
After trying to drive off Christina, Hugo chases down her bus on a "borrowed" bicycle to ask her to stay. Perce's prostate troubles have Esme concerned about his sudden antisocial behaviour.
75Lover Come Back: Part 1Lover Come Back: Part 1 (6 Oct. 1993)
Hugo struggles to come to terms with Christina's reluctance to fight her cancer and her father's belief that his daughter will die.
76Lover Come Back: Part 2Lover Come Back: Part 2 (7 Oct. 1993)
Tom leads an expedition consisting of Esme, Perce, and Lennie Sawyer into the national park in search of a lost camel
77Inner Circle: Part 1Inner Circle: Part 1 (13 Oct. 1993)
Kate must deal with her emotions as her work at the camp brings back painful memories of her own fight with leukemia.
78Inner Circle: Part 2Inner Circle: Part 2 (14 Oct. 1993)
Billy forges Tom's signature to buy a used stereo from a classmate. Tom is knocked down while training Anatomic.
79Duet: Part 1Duet: Part 1 (20 Oct. 1993)
Rosemary's son makes a surprise return visit to the valley-with his new wife, who as Rosemary soon learns, is unaware that he suffers from schizophrenia.
80Duet: Part 2Duet: Part 2 (21 Oct. 1993)
When Tom, Anna, Kate, and Harry go camping, Harry accuses Tom of stealing his knife and Tom must somehow find a plausible way to explain to Harry how a bird came swooping down out of the sky and stole it.
81Snakes and Ladders: Part 1Snakes and Ladders: Part 1 (27 Oct. 1993)
Billy and Trevor Jackson's eleven-year-old Auntie find a weird old hermit living in the National Park. Tom fines Esme but manages to get Harry to pay half. Darcy faints when she tries to watch an operation on her injured knee.
82Snakes and Ladders: Part 2Snakes and Ladders: Part 2 (28 Oct. 1993)
Billy and Rebecca Jackson get help for the hermit when he is bitten by a snake.
83New Kid in Town: Part 1New Kid in Town: Part 1 (4 Nov. 1993)
Ian Mcintyre, the new park ranger, arrives in the valley to discover that his farm is still inhabited by it's previous tenants.
84New Kid in Town: Part 2New Kid in Town: Part 2 (5 Nov. 1993)
Ian identifies a sick possum as one belonging to an endangered species and tries to get Ted Campbell to cooperate in order to save the endangered animals found on his land.
85Powerplay: Part 1Powerplay: Part 1 (1993)
Mike Sterling opens the new Valley Health Clinic and offers Kate a job there as an acupuncturist with the promise of the opportunity to go to China to study as well.
86Powerplay: Part 2Powerplay: Part 2 (1993)
After Tom charges Kate for her assault on Mike Sterling, his secretary comes forward with her own claims of harassment which back up Kate and allow her to file a complaint of her own against Mike.
87Cyclone Claire: Part 1Cyclone Claire: Part 1 (16 Nov. 1993)
Ian McIntyre first encounters Claire Bonnacci when he comes across her making a pit stop at the side of the road. Claire is driving up from Perth and is two days late for her job as the hospital's new nurse.
88Cyclone Claire: Part 2Cyclone Claire: Part 2 (17 Nov. 1993)
An emergency C-section is performed on Lois West but unfortunately Lois wants nothing to do with her newborn son now that her husband is dead, despite Claire's attempts to the contrary.
89Burning Bright: Part 1Burning Bright: Part 1 (21 Nov. 1993)
Tom takes out an Apprehended Violence Order against Peter Courtland, but when he goes out to Peter's farm to collect his firearms, Peter takes him hostage.
90Burning Bright: Part 2Burning Bright: Part 2 (22 Nov. 1993)
With the fire raging around them, Terence and Rosemary struggle to get back to the hospital which is being evacuated as the fire closes in.