A Country Practice (TV Series 1981–1993)

Season 12

1Heartbreaker: Part 1Heartbreaker: Part 1 (19 Jan. 1992)
Kylie Tomms, a little girl enamored with Harry is trampled by cattle after falling into the coral on her family's farm.
2Heartbreaker: Part 2Heartbreaker: Part 2 (20 Jan. 1992)
An elderly woman leaves Lucy $50,000 in her will but when the woman's estranged daughter arrives, she accuses Lucy of conning the money out of her mother.
3Feet of Clay: Part 1Feet of Clay: Part 1 (26 Jan. 1992)
While learning to drive, Darcy runs cyclist Hugo Strzelecki off the road. He is operated on by a famous surgeon visiting the area.
4Feet of Clay: Part 2Feet of Clay: Part 2 (27 Jan. 1992)
Matt discovers Fergus's involvement in a bird smuggling operation. Fergus asks Matt to keep quiet but when his partners show up, the seriousness of their situation escalates.
5Alfred the Great: Part 1Alfred the Great: Part 1 (2 Feb. 1992)
Alf Muldoon becomes the new owner of the club and quickly closes it for renovations putting Cookie out of work.
6Alfred the Great: Part 2Alfred the Great: Part 2 (3 Feb. 1992)
Frank finds evidence of arson and suspects Muldoon's nephew of starting the fire, but based on Alf's reaction to the news, Frank turns his investigation towards Muldoon himself.
7Alfred the Great II: Part 1Alfred the Great II: Part 1 (9 Feb. 1992)
A man found lying in a ditch is brought to hospital-he turns out to be a doctor, Stewart Robinson, but he has no memory of how he ended up in ditch.
8Alfred the Great II: Part 2Alfred the Great II: Part 2 (10 Feb. 1992)
Rosemary prepares for a speech she is to give to a group of students on the subject of career choices. Lucy discovers a boy's dyslexia.
9Riding for a Fall: Part 1Riding for a Fall: Part 1 (16 Feb. 1992)
Harry is looking for a horse to buy and finds one that is owned by Spence Anderson and Meredith Hendrix, a farm couple with a troubled marriage who are looking to sell their farm as well.
10Riding for a Fall: Part 2Riding for a Fall: Part 2 (17 Feb. 1992)
Shirley tries to encourage Terence and Rosemary's relationship, a plan which they happily go along with.
11Armed and Dangerous: Part 1Armed and Dangerous: Part 1 (23 Feb. 1992)
Wayne, Lizzy's ex, has escaped from custody, killing a police officer in the process, and is back in the district looking for her.
12Armed and Dangerous: Part 2Armed and Dangerous: Part 2 (24 Feb. 1992)
A siege evolves at the Hudson farm when Wayne holes up there with Darcy as his hostage.
13Reach for the Sky: Part 1Reach for the Sky: Part 1 (2 Mar. 1992)
Luke and Darcy meet Doug Simons, a wheelchair-bound Vietnam veteran. Harry tries to get Hugo take a more tactful approach in his attempt at getting a boy suffering from low self esteem back into shape.
14Reach for the Sky: Part 2Reach for the Sky: Part 2 (3 Mar. 1992)
Luke gets an interview with the Australian Air Force. When Luke finds Doug with Harry's stolen prescription pad, Doug admits that he never fought in the war but rolled his car the night before he was to ship out.
15Wings: Part 1Wings: Part 1 (9 Mar. 1992)
Harry takes up the case of a young retarded girl whose mother and doctor both see psychosurgery as the best and only treatment for the girl.
16Wings: Part 2Wings: Part 2 (10 Mar. 1992)
Darcy informs Luke he can still enter the air force and transfer to pilot training later on. Bob and Cookie decide to do some travelling and pack their things before hitting the road.
17A Different Drum: Part 1A Different Drum: Part 1 (16 Mar. 1992)
Constable Tom Newman and his pregnant wife Allison arrive in the valley. Two cattlemen stop off at the Hudson farm to rest their animals.
18A Different Drum: Part 2A Different Drum: Part 2 (17 Mar. 1992)
Lucy takes a fall in the hospital and goes into premature labour. Allison Newman looses her baby and tells her husband she doesn't want children but would like to return to the city to concentrate on her career instead.
19High Hopes: Part 1High Hopes: Part 1 (23 Mar. 1992)
The father of a girl with Down's Syndrome is concerned about the nature of Hugo's relationship with her.
20High Hopes: Part 2High Hopes: Part 2 (24 Mar. 1992)
Darcy tries to get Simone to metamorphose into a salamander. Esme informs Rosemary of the risks associated with such an endeavour and she puts a halt to Darcy's experiment.
21Turning Point: Part 1Turning Point: Part 1 (30 Mar. 1992)
Frank decides it may be time to retire but later changes his mind. Tom attempts to reconcile with his estranged wife but soon learns that she has already moved on.
22Turning Point: Part 2Turning Point: Part 2 (31 Mar. 1992)
Darcy is bitten by a stone fish while swimming and ends up in hospital where she receives a letter from Luke that says he wants to break up with her.
23Blood on the Vine: Part 1Blood on the Vine: Part 1 (6 Apr. 1992)
Terence and Rosemary's plan to get away for a quiet weekend at the Wandin Valley Estates vineyard is disrupted.
24Blood on the Vine: Part 2Blood on the Vine: Part 2 (7 Apr. 1992)
Frank becomes the new manager of the club and despite Hugo's concerns, Frank assures him that his job is not in jeopardy.
25Father to Son: Part 1Father to Son: Part 1 (13 Apr. 1992)
Gil Tyler arrives in the valley and offers his son a job in Vietnam. David Kelly and his rabbits are at the centre of a feud between the boy's father, Bruce Kelly, and their neighbour Ray Hall.
26Father to Son: Part 2Father to Son: Part 2 (14 Apr. 1992)
When three more of David's rabbits are killed, David takes matters into his own hands and shoots Ray's dog.
27Little Boy Blue: Part 1Little Boy Blue: Part 1 (20 Apr. 1992)
One week overdue, Lucy is getting anxious to give birth. Matt is called away to attend to Bruce and Karen Dyson's birthing cows.
28Little Boy Blue: Part 2Little Boy Blue: Part 2 (21 Apr. 1992)
With palm trees in tow, Darcy's globe-trotting mother returns to the valley after a prolonged absence.
29Travelling South: Part 1Travelling South: Part 1 (27 Apr. 1992)
Bob and Cookie return to the valley for a visit. Bob has started a great new life for himself in Darwin but Cookie, who has come down with pneumonia, has not been having a good time and has been missing home.
30Travelling South: Part 2Travelling South: Part 2 (28 Apr. 1992)
Cookie is slowly recovering in hospital but a conflict between him and Bob is making things difficult. Bernice considers leaving again but ultimately decides to stay in the valley.
31Phoenix: Part 1Phoenix: Part 1 (4 May 1992)
Wandin Valley's new veterinarian arrives in town with her young nephew and takes up residence in Matt and Lucy's old home.
32Phoenix: Part 2Phoenix: Part 2 (5 May 1992)
Billy runs away from home, he plans on going back to Phoenix where he still thinks his parents are still living. Hugo develops a crush on Bernice but she lets him down easy.
33Survivors: Part 1Survivors: Part 1 (11 May 1992)
While filling in for Darcy at the clinic, Bernice becomes an impromptu interpreter for a sick Japanese patient who then proposes to her.
34Survivors: Part 2Survivors: Part 2 (12 May 1992)
Wandin Valley's senior population takes over the disco Hugo has organised at the lodge.
35Where the Wild Things Are: Part 1Where the Wild Things Are: Part 1 (18 May 1992)
Tom Newman and Trevor Jackson lead a group of kids on a camping trip into the national park. Billy isn't happy about the trip and makes an effort to ensure his dissatisfaction is known.
36Where the Wild Things Are: Part 2Where the Wild Things Are: Part 2 (19 May 1992)
Trevor finds the lost kids but breaks his leg after falling off a cliff requiring Billy to go for help on his own.
37Sleeping Beauty: Part 1Sleeping Beauty: Part 1 (25 May 1992)
Amber Thomas, Darcy's sister, stops in Wandin Valley with her boyfriend Howie on their way to Sydney. Leaving town, they are involved in a car accident that kills Howie and leaves Amber brain dead.
38Sleeping Beauty: Part 2Sleeping Beauty: Part 2 (26 May 1992)
Darcy comes to terms with her sister's death and agrees to the donation of Amber's organs.
39Secrets: Part 1Secrets: Part 1 (1 Jun. 1992)
Leanne Hewson, a new nurse at the hospital who is also a recovering drug addict, has a difficult time dealing with the reactions of her coworkers and patients, one of whom tries to use her to feed her own addiction.
40Secrets: Part 2Secrets: Part 2 (2 Jun. 1992)
. Anna has Tom secretly get a replacement bird when James' pet budgie dies while in Anna's care. Tom arrests James' father when James identifies him as his abuser.
41A Kiss Before Dying: Part 1A Kiss Before Dying: Part 1 (8 Jun. 1992)
Max Blair, a journalist from Sydney who has AIDS, has come home to Wandin Valley to die.
42A Kiss Before Dying: Part 2A Kiss Before Dying: Part 2 (9 Jun. 1992)
Max plans to kill himself but is unable to go through with it. Ray eventually agrees to let Max stay at his and Trish's home.
43Family: Part 1Family: Part 1 (15 Jun. 1992)
Two weeks after Shirley's death. A ceremony in held to officially rename the hospital's Muldoon Wing the Shirley Gilroy Wing in her honour.
44Family: Part 2Family: Part 2 (16 Jun. 1992)
Hugo's father is hospitalised with a heart condition after a night of heavy boozing. After Bernice accidentally shoots Dog, plans are made for her (Dog) to become a hospital pet.
45A Little Knowledge: Part 1A Little Knowledge: Part 1 (22 Jun. 1992)
After hurting his back in a fall, Terence makes the decision to retire. While he's making hasty decisions, Terence ends his relationship with Rosemary as well.
46A Little Knowledge: Part 2A Little Knowledge: Part 2 (23 Jun. 1992)
Perce asks Esme to dinner after some encouragement from Darcy. Terence helps a young bed ridden patient deal with the frustration of his condition.
47The Contender: Part 1The Contender: Part 1 (29 Jun. 1992)
Glenn Garrison, a young boxer in town for an exhibition fight at the lodge, is nearly run down by Darcy while on Hugo's bicycle. When Glenn's opponent pulls out of their bout, Hugo steps up to replace him.
48The Contender: Part 2The Contender: Part 2 (30 Jun. 1992)
Anna lectures Billy about how to handle bullies at school but is surprised to learn that Billy has been the aggressor. Dog befriends an elderly patient at the hospital who later dies.
49The Odds Against: Part 1The Odds Against: Part 1 (6 Jul. 1992)
Tom, Kate, and Anna track a "ghost horse" through Hanging Tree Hollow. Kate falls down a gully and is struck on the head by a rock.
50The Odds Against: Part 2The Odds Against: Part 2 (7 Jul. 1992)
Kate is brought back to hospital and Terence is called upon to operate in an attempt to save her leg.
51Old Flames: Part 1Old Flames: Part 1 (13 Jul. 1992)
Terence and Harry are away for a medical conference but their sunny resort is inundated by the full effects of Cyclone Wally.
52Old Flames: Part 2Old Flames: Part 2 (14 Jul. 1992)
Darcy learns about her mother's previous relationship with Paul. Terence returns from the conference and must operate on Esme after Dr. Beardsley's first operation on her was botched.
53Me and My Girl: Part 1Me and My Girl: Part 1 (20 Jul. 1992)
Dee Dee Mann, the young daughter of the club's new cook, has an accident while she's swimming with Hugo and Darcy and nearly drowns.
54Me and My Girl: Part 2Me and My Girl: Part 2 (21 Jul. 1992)
Harry and Kate decide to go camping but get stuck in the mud while taking a "short cut" and must pay a farmer's exorbitantly high, and escalating, price to get their vehicle pulled out.
55A Virtuous Woman: Part 1A Virtuous Woman: Part 1 (27 Jul. 1992)
Hugo has returned from his trip to Barcelona but Rosemary is nowhere to be found, she has apparently decided to stay another week.
56A Virtuous Woman: Part 2A Virtuous Woman: Part 2 (28 Jul. 1992)
Cheri reveals to Bernice her motivations. Anna catches the man believed to be her stalker but he claims to have been just looking for help after having car troubles.
57Heaven's Gate: Part 1Heaven's Gate: Part 1 (3 Aug. 1992)
Rosemary has finally returned from her vacation in Barcelona. She has come home with her brother Michael Perry, a priest, who is waiting to appear in court on an assault charge.
58Heaven's Gate: Part 2Heaven's Gate: Part 2 (4 Aug. 1992)
With the apparent aid of her new magnetic-handled shopping bag, Esme cleans up at the club's slot machines. But when the machines are proven to be faulty, Frank must apologise to Esme for suggesting she cheated.
59It's My Party: Part 1It's My Party: Part 1 (24 Aug. 1992)
Hugo befriends auto mechanic David Cornish, who he discovers requires regular dialysis, but David's continued disregard for his treatments lands him in hospital.
60It's My Party: Part 2It's My Party: Part 2 (25 Aug. 1992)
When a drinking binge with her new friend turns violent, Darcy seeks help for her addiction.
61Every Move You Make: Part 1Every Move You Make: Part 1 (31 Aug. 1992)
Gareth Spencer, Anna's stalker, has returned and is taunting her and Tom who are unable to do anything to stop him since he is acting as a real estate agent for Anna's neighbour.
62Every Move You Make: Part 2Every Move You Make: Part 2 (1 Sep. 1992)
Bernice, Esme and Rosemary compete for the right to throw Terence's birthday party, but Frank gets the honour and holds it at the club.
63Out of Wedlock: Part 1Out of Wedlock: Part 1 (7 Sep. 1992)
Anna meets Brett and Niki Hill while doing some work on their farm. Brett's physical abuse of his wife grows more and more obvious as Anna spends more time at the couple's farm.
64Out of Wedlock: Part 2Out of Wedlock: Part 2 (8 Sep. 1992)
Faith Finlay arrives at the clinic overjoyed at the prospect of giving birth to her first child but complications arise requiring an emergency cesarean delivery to be performed.
65Trouble in Eden: Part 1Trouble in Eden: Part 1 (14 Sep. 1992)
Harry and Kate are in the midst of moving into their new home when Harry's old college girlfriend arrives unexpectedly on their doorstep.
66Trouble in Eden: Part 2Trouble in Eden: Part 2 (15 Sep. 1992)
After she wanders off into the national park, Christine is diagnosed as a manic depressive.
67Drawing the Line: Part 1Drawing the Line: Part 1 (21 Sep. 1992)
After Anna diagnoses a farmer's cattle as being infertile, Darcy informs Bernice to stop her from buying them.
68Drawing the Line: Part 2Drawing the Line: Part 2 (22 Sep. 1992)
Tom's conflict with the truckers comes to a head with a face-to-face confrontation at the club. Darcy and Bernice convince a waitress a the club to seek medical advice about her incontinence. Billy has the mumps.
69The Fundamental Things: Part 1The Fundamental Things: Part 1 (28 Sep. 1992)
Harry's parents make a surprise visit and while they are in the valley, his mother is diagnosed with Alzheimers disease.
70The Fundamental Things: Part 2The Fundamental Things: Part 2 (29 Sep. 1992)
Feeling bad about not being unable to drive Hugo to the hospital, Darcy sets out to get her drivers license.
71Nothing But the Truth: Part 1Nothing But the Truth: Part 1 (5 Oct. 1992)
Power is cut off to Rainbow Farm when Bernice fails to pay the electricity bill. Perce has a heart attack.
72Nothing But the Truth: Part 2Nothing But the Truth: Part 2 (6 Oct. 1992)
The animosity between Tom and Anna's ex comes to a head when Grant tells Tom that he and Anna are getting married.
73Falling Free: Part 1Falling Free: Part 1 (12 Oct. 1992)
Kate takes her acupuncture exam. Harry approaches Terence about becoming a full partner at the clinic.
74Falling Free: Part 2Falling Free: Part 2 (13 Oct. 1992)
Terence does some checking and is able to tell Darcy that the skydiver was not the recipient of Amber's heart. To combat the perception that he is boring, Tom decides to try skydiving himself.
75Like a Lamb: Part 1Like a Lamb: Part 1 (19 Oct. 1992)
Julia Lamb, Tom's mother, makes a surprise visit to Wandin Valley but as he soon discovers, her only reason for coming is to try to keep her relationship with Tom out of the press.
76Like a Lamb: Part 2Like a Lamb: Part 2 (20 Oct. 1992)
Julia Lamb is hospitalised suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Julia tells a reporter all the details of her and Tom's past.
77The Things We Do for Love: Part 1The Things We Do for Love: Part 1 (26 Oct. 1992)
After Kate treats Hugo for what he believes to be the flu, his condition rapidly worsens until Darcy finds him collapsed at the Hudson farm.
78The Things We Do for Love: Part 2The Things We Do for Love: Part 2 (27 Oct. 1992)
Bernice's attempts to get involved with a wealthy estate owner go awry when she arrives at his home for a party only to discover she's there as hired help.
79A Matter of Time: Part 1A Matter of Time: Part 1 (2 Nov. 1992)
Anna and Rosemary go for a joy ride in Terence's new $70,000 sports car but soon find themselves locked out and stranded in the middle of nowhere.
80A Matter of Time: Part 2A Matter of Time: Part 2 (3 Nov. 1992)
Bernice and Terence get Hugo out of the hospital for a dip in the hot tub that Bernice has installed at Rainbow Farm.
81A Fair Cop: Part 1A Fair Cop: Part 1 (9 Nov. 1992)
Kate's accident prone young cousin Claire is getting work experience at the hospital. She becomes friends with Hugo who decides to tell Harry about a suspicious mole that Claire is having trouble with.
82A Fair Cop: Part 2A Fair Cop: Part 2 (10 Nov. 1992)
Hugo is out of hospital and rehabing at Rainbow Farm where he quickly comes up with an idea to sell fertiliser but his ambitious plans are side tracked by the inability of the chickens to keep up with demand.
83Face the Past: Part 1Face the Past: Part 1 (16 Nov. 1992)
News of an archaeological dig in the national park soon has Bernice and Hugo assembling would-be specimens of their own from various old bones found around the farm.
84Face the Past: Part 2Face the Past: Part 2 (17 Nov. 1992)
Harry is able to flee the farmhouse only to be chased down and run off the road.
85Double Happiness: Part 1Double Happiness: Part 1 (23 Nov. 1992)
Anna's mother arrives in town for her daughter's wedding and is promptly pulled over for a random breath test by Tom who has yet to be introduced to her.
86Double Happiness: Part 2Double Happiness: Part 2 (24 Nov. 1992)
While Billy remains in hospital, Anna and Tom are married - on a rather unstable barge in the middle of a dam.