A Country Practice (TV Series 1981–1993)

Season 10

1Puppy Love: Part 1Puppy Love: Part 1 (Jan. 1990)
Dave Watson takes the law into his own hands when wild dogs kill his sheep. Cookie falls for his star border, Liz Scales. Bob is away with Fancy Nancy.
2Puppy Love: Part 2Puppy Love: Part 2 (Jan. 1990)
Matt and Lucy are in love and Cathy finds it amusing that they are trying to hide it from her.
3Anna and the King: Part 1Anna and the King: Part 1 (1990)
Former pop idol Martin Glass injures himself riding Cris' new motorcycle. Luke tries to help songwriter Anna Collins overcome her disability.
4Anna and the King: Part 2Anna and the King: Part 2 (1990)
Cookie is distraught when his young niece, Sam, goes missing. Anna Collins takes action when she discovers Martin Glass has been claiming her songs as his own and is about to ditch her for another keyboard player.
5Stepping Out: Part 1Stepping Out: Part 1 (1990)
Bob Hatfield says he is going to leave the Valley for good but Cookie is determined to change his mind about leaving.
6Stepping Out: Part 2Stepping Out: Part 2 (1990)
Luke helps Cathy retrieve a fruit bat from Esme's tree and the experience of learning how to care for the animal enthuses him about the possibility of further education.
7Never Too Late: Part 1Never Too Late: Part 1 (1990)
Luke's friendship with Kevin Walsh, an itinerant worker, soon turns sour when he discovers the man has abandoned his kids.
8Never Too Late: Part 2Never Too Late: Part 2 (1990)
After getting hold of Esme's dandelion wine and falling asleep while watching a movie, Bob wakes to the notion that the townsfolk are all aliens and are out to get him.
9Waltzing Matilda: Part 1Waltzing Matilda: Part 1 (1990)
A rivalry develops between Terence and Cris when they are quizzed by investigative journalist Ruth Furl.
10Waltzing Matilda: Part 2Waltzing Matilda: Part 2 (1990)
Chaos reigns when everyone tries to organise Jessie's seventh birthday party. Esme Watson and Cookie eventually save the day.
11Promises to Keep: Part 1Promises to Keep: Part 1 (1990)
The pain of a broken leg from last week's incident with a wanted murderer is all but forgotten when Luke falls in love with Miriam Briggs, daughter of local politician Douglas Briggs.
12Promises to Keep: Part 2Promises to Keep: Part 2 (1990)
Cathy reluctantly agrees to help the young couple but Douglas is determined to keep them apart.
13Still Waters: Part 1Still Waters: Part 1 (1990)
Rhonda Sainsbury threatens to have the hospital closed down when her daughter Jane is struck down by a mysterious infection.
14Still Waters: Part 2Still Waters: Part 2 (6 Mar. 1990)
Matt builds Lucy a new chook pen, but a vandal keeps knocking it down. Cathy receives another gift from her admirer, with a note saying he will be in the area soon and will visit her.
15Wild Horses: Part 1Wild Horses: Part 1 (12 Mar. 1990)
Lachlan Morrison, a patient in the hospital, worries about Maggie Sloan's workload.
16Wild Horses: Part 2Wild Horses: Part 2 (13 Mar. 1990)
With Shirley away, Frank is bored, so he seeks the company of Cris and Terence but too many cooks spoil the broth. Lucy's concerns for the environment and her pocket extend to a replacement for her dead car.
17Romancing the Sloan: Part 1Romancing the Sloan: Part 1 (19 Mar. 1990)
Matron Sloan faces the past when young Joshua Bates is brought to the hospital with serious burns after he and his mother are in an automobile accident.
18Romancing the Sloan: Part 2Romancing the Sloan: Part 2 (20 Mar. 1990)
Cathy and John have a huge row which culminates in Cathy preparing to leave for Kakadu. Lachlan persuades Maggie to leave the Valley and travel the world with him.
19Kiss Me Kate: Part 1Kiss Me Kate: Part 1 (26 Mar. 1990)
Lucy becomes acting Director of Nursing and provokes a staff strike when she dismisses Janet, the kitchen hand, for petty theft.
20Kiss Me Kate: Part 2Kiss Me Kate: Part 2 (27 Mar. 1990)
Matt and Lucy help Perce Hudson cope with the death of his wife. The town wave goodbye to Cathy and John as they head north to Kakadu.
21Change of Heart: Part 1Change of Heart: Part 1 (1990)
Stephanie "Steve", Brennan refuses to accept that her father Snow might die. Lucy is lobbying for Sue Daley to become Matron.
22Change of Heart: Part 2Change of Heart: Part 2 (1990)
Matt and Lucy cannot find any time to be alone now that Luke has moved in with them.
23Sisters I: Part 1Sisters I: Part 1 (1990)
Ann Brennan comes to Wandin valley after the death of her father Snow and meets her half sister, Steve, for the first time. Not that their meeting goes too well.
24Sisters I: Part 2Sisters I: Part 2 (1990)
Wandin Valley reveals its musical talents when musician Paul Kelly makes a guest appearance. Steve and Ann resolve their differences.
25Sisters II: Part 1Sisters II: Part 1 (1990)
Luke finds a letter that changes his views about Anzac Day. Surgery on Andrew McTavish, the hospitalized cook, leads to a professional rivalry between Terence and new D.O.N. Ann Brennan.
26Sisters II: Part 2Sisters II: Part 2 (1990)
Steve tries to beat a council order to spray a blackberry infestation. The following day Steve's newly inseminated cows begin to abort and a savage storm ruins the hay.
27Casualties: Part 1Casualties: Part 1 (1990)
Terence becomes irritated when Ann releases his patient Frad Watkins for the Anzac Day march.
28Casualties: Part 2Casualties: Part 2 (1990)
Cookie and Bob claim innocence when Tiget Kelly's scheme to train Panch, the greyhound, backfires.
29It's in the Blood: Part 1It's in the Blood: Part 1 (1990)
Luke's alcoholic mother, Therese, comes to the Valley.
30It's in the Blood: Part 2It's in the Blood: Part 2 (1990)
A violent confrontation changes the relationship between Luke and his mother. Cris uses hypnosis to help Russell Guest overcome learning difficulties.
31The Sting: Part 1The Sting: Part 1 (1990)
A wayward girl, "Becks," is injured in an explosion.
32The Sting: Part 2The Sting: Part 2 (1990)
Ann collapses in the hospital. Matt is concerned that Lucy's attitude toward him has changed.
33All or Nothing: Part 1All or Nothing: Part 1 (1990)
The annual fishing competition is due to get underway and Terence, Bob, and all the other keen competitors get angling fever.
34All or Nothing: Part 2All or Nothing: Part 2 (1990)
Ann is undecided about returning to Perth with Peter. The fishing competition inspires unbridled rivalry between Bob and Terence.
35Confinement: Part 1Confinement: Part 1 (1990)
Esme's use of steroids startles Wandin Valley residents. Steve's animals are being poisoned.
36Confinement: Part 2Confinement: Part 2 (1990)
Terence and Ann form a new bond and relationship as they help Linda McNeil give birth.
37Body and Soul: Part 1Body and Soul: Part 1 (1990)
Terence receives divorce papers from Alex and is far from happy. He clashes with Cassandra James, a psychic healer whose daughter Emma is a diabetic.
38Body and Soul: Part 2Body and Soul: Part 2 (1990)
An understanding develops between Cassandra and Terence when Emma rebels against her mother.
39Images: Part 1Images: Part 1 (1990)
Cookie collapses and is admitted to hospital.
40Images: Part 2Images: Part 2 (1990)
Matt tries to get Lucy to visit him more often at Bower Cottage but his plans go awry when he injures his back.
41Burn Off: Part 1Burn Off: Part 1 (11 Jun. 1990)
A deliberate act by Lenny Jackson turns the winter burn-off into a raging bushfire which threatens Wandin Valley.
42Burn Off: Part 2Burn Off: Part 2 (12 Jun. 1990)
Tragedy strikes when Lenny Jackson and Matt try to rescue Lucy and Cris from a burning Bower Cottage.
43Aftermath: Part 1Aftermath: Part 1 (1990)
In the aftermath of the bushfire, Matt collapses and two women, Barbara Morgan and Karen Stone, report their husbands missing.
44Aftermath: Part 2Aftermath: Part 2 (1990)
An autopsy by Terence provides some clues to a possible murder. Ann and a mob of unruly sheep force Cris off his motorbike.
45Running Wild: Part 1Running Wild: Part 1 (1990)
Terence becomes an impossible patient when he injures his foot. Matron Hilda Arrowsmith makes Ann a surprising offer.
46Running Wild: Part 2Running Wild: Part 2 (1990)
Matron Arrowsmith's devious plans are revealed in a bedside tryst with Terence. Kevin Walsh is devastated when he learns about his daughter's past life.
47Where There's Smoke: Part 1Where There's Smoke: Part 1 (1990)
Cris Kouros refuses to treat Gail Haines after her father-in-law Stan has a bad asthma attack due to her heavy smoking.
48Where There's Smoke: Part 2Where There's Smoke: Part 2 (1990)
Tom Haines blames his mother Gail's chronic smoking for the departure of his grandfather Stan. Doris, the beer-drinking pig, joins her new friend Barney for a drink.
49Runaways: Part 1Runaways: Part 1 (1990)
Matt kidnaps Lucy and takes her away for a romantic holiday, where she finally reveals her fears about the lump in her abdomen.
50Runaways: Part 2Runaways: Part 2 (1990)
Esme's behaviour shocks the doctors when she is admitted to hospital suffering from a Deep Vein Thrombosis.
51Childhood's End: Part 1Childhood's End: Part 1 (1990)
Matt deliberately avoids Lucy in the hospital when he discovers that Lucy's condition is due to a past affair and Terence reveals that Lucy is infertile.
52Childhood's End: Part 2Childhood's End: Part 2 (1990)
Young Hedley Johnson reacts badly to the news that his mother Meredith had diabetes. Bank manager Cec Kennedy shows the humorous side of his nature as a stand-up comic. Matt and Lucy announce that their wedding is back on.
53A Private Concern: Part 1A Private Concern: Part 1 (1990)
Lucy and Matt are dismayed to learn that Lucy's mother Lois has turned over all the wedding arrangements to Esme.
54A Private Concern: Part 2A Private Concern: Part 2 (1990)
Luke's plans to impress Steve go awry when his car breaks down. Cris treats Max Grogan, a panel beater, who is suffering from dizzy spells brought on by continually seeing gruesome wrecks of smashed vehicles from road accidents.
55The Golden Fleece: Part 1The Golden Fleece: Part 1 (1990)
The arrival of shearer's cook Gladys Carter sends Cookie running. Her son Cholmondely, meanwhile, is smitten by Ann.
56The Golden Fleece: Part 2The Golden Fleece: Part 2 (1990)
Luke enters Steve in the Wool Queen contest. Cookie believes he has found a long lost son in Cholmondely after he recalls a brief affair with Gladys many years ago.
57Old Wounds: Part 1Old Wounds: Part 1 (1990)
Old Eddie Marshall hides a secret in his artificial leg. Luke goes water-skiing with Miriam, but the day ends in a horrifying accident as Miriam is impaled on a branch in the river.
58Old Wounds: Part 2Old Wounds: Part 2 (1990)
Cris seems preoccupied and Ann reprimands him for not concentrating. Lucy then informs Ann that Cris' wife was killed in a water-skiing accident.
59Sacred Cows: Part 1Sacred Cows: Part 1 (1990)
Bankrupt Glen Morgan injures himself as he is about to leave his farm with his wife Barbara.
60Sacred Cows: Part 2Sacred Cows: Part 2 (1990)
Ann is horrified when she learns that the Brennan farm is on Rex's list of potential sites to be bought.
61Little Big Man: Part 1Little Big Man: Part 1 (1990)
Red Chisholm causes problems or the staff at the hospital when he ignores Terence's treatment.
62Little Big Man: Part 2Little Big Man: Part 2 (1990)
Luke uncover's Vera's secret and Cookie returns to his rightful place-the club. Terence and Ann have an argument after a game of Scruples the Brennan house.
63A Secret Place: Part 1A Secret Place: Part 1 (1990)
Ann becomes involved with Gemma Gordon, a young cystic fibrosis patient whose lifestyle with her single mother, Lynette, mirrors Ann's own upbringing.
64A Secret Place: Part 2A Secret Place: Part 2 (1990)
Luke has second thoughts about Steve when she says she wants to get married. Cris confronts Ann over her involvement with Gemma Gordon.
65Only the Good: Part 1Only the Good: Part 1 (1990)
Luke is diagnosed as having a brain tumour. Old Skeeter Martin returns to the Valley and helps Luke prepare for his operation.
66Only the Good: Part 2Only the Good: Part 2 (1990)
Steve and Matt fight for the life of a foal. Lucy hears noises in the new house and is convinced she is about to meet Erin, the ghost who lives there.
67When a Girl Marries: Part 1When a Girl Marries: Part 1 (10 Sep. 1990)
Matt and Lucy's wedding day draws closer and there is trouble from all quarters. Matt argues with his father Gil and Lucy's mother Lois tells Lucy she is divorcing her father Patrick, who is refusing to attend the wedding.
68When a Girl Marries: Part 2When a Girl Marries: Part 2 (11 Sep. 1990)
Cookie is injured and is unable to cook the food for the wedding breakfast. Religious differences are settled with the help of Reverend Michaels and Father Lawrence.
69The Quality of Mercy: Part 1The Quality of Mercy: Part 1 (1990)
Romance blossoms for Cris when the beautiful Elizabeth Brown arrives in the Valley. Sue Daley has a row with Ann and the almost kills one of her patients.
70The Quality of Mercy: Part 2The Quality of Mercy: Part 2 (1990)
With Council elections drawing near, both Shirley and Cris decide to run in hopes finally removing Muldoon from office.
71Glittering Prizes: Part 1Glittering Prizes: Part 1 (1990)
Red Chisholm brings the Muldoon Wing out on strike when Ann refuses to co-operate with his demands.
72Glittering Prizes: Part 2Glittering Prizes: Part 2 (1990)
Frank is suffering from writer's block while trying to write his musical "Cops", Ann and Red compromise and the hospital gets back to normality once again.
73No Case to Answer: Part 1No Case to Answer: Part 1 (1990)
Frank and Sgt. Bruce Sharp pursue young car thieves Danny Lalor and Richie Holland in a high-speed car chase.
74No Case to Answer: Part 2No Case to Answer: Part 2 (1990)
Frank is cleared of any blame by the authorities but has trouble forgiving himself for his part in Danny's death. Matt and Lucy return from their honeymoon in the Blue Mountains.
75Dreamkeeper: Part 1Dreamkeeper: Part 1 (1990)
New ranger Trevor Jackson confronts lawyer Andy Upton about the theft of an aborigine carving.
76Dreamkeeper: Part 2Dreamkeeper: Part 2 (1990)
Steve is forced to eat humble pie when she realises that Like was just helping the girl. Before his death, Trevor's great-uncle re-introduces him to his family's sacred caves.
77Eye of the Beholder: Part 1Eye of the Beholder: Part 1 (1990)
Steve falls for farmer Michael Herbert. Terence begins the restoration work on his new boat but burns his hand while welding.
78Eye of the Beholder: Part 2Eye of the Beholder: Part 2 (1990)
Shirley suspects that Frank has fallen for Audrey Fullerton-the woman helping him with his writing of his musical.
79The Trouble with Theo: Part 1The Trouble with Theo: Part 1 (1990)
Cris Kouros' parents, Theo and Claire, arrive in Wandin Valley to see their son and granddaughter Jessie.
80The Trouble with Theo: Part 2The Trouble with Theo: Part 2 (1990)
Esme is in despair over Theo, who is grieving over his dead wife, but is giving everyone at Camelot a hard time. Matt uncovers a lost cabinet containing some of Erin's belongings.
81Ain't Misbehaving: Part 1Ain't Misbehaving: Part 1 (1990)
Bob and Cookie believe that Esme may be a medium for dead spirits when she tunes in a radio station on her new dentures.
82Ain't Misbehaving: Part 2Ain't Misbehaving: Part 2 (1990)
Daniel Bailey's father must decide if he can raise an autistic child on his own after his wife is killed in an automobile accident.
83My Sisters's Keeper: Part 1My Sisters's Keeper: Part 1 (1990)
Terence's life is threatened by the Rose sisters, Jennifer and Marnie, who have revenge on their minds after returning to town fifteen years after an automobile accident claimed the lives of their parents and left Marnie a paraplegic.
84My Sisters's Keeper: Part 2My Sisters's Keeper: Part 2 (1990)
Terence is held hostage and Frank is called to the siege to help Terence escape from the clutches of Jennifer and Marnie Rose.
85Second Chance: Part 1Second Chance: Part 1 (1990)
Ann Brennan seems to be the only one unaware of a Wandin Valley's betting ring that has developed as a result of Cookie taking over the business for a hospitalized Shorty Price.
86Second Chance: Part 2Second Chance: Part 2 (1990)
Luke receives conformation of his acceptance into an aircraft maintenance programme in Sydney. Does he intend to leave the Valley for good?