A Country Practice (1981–1993)

Season 1

1In General Practice: Part 1In General Practice: Part 1 (18 Nov. 1981)
A pregnant woman from out of town admits herself to Wandin Valley Hospital with signs of foetal distress. Despite his reluctance, Terence is forced to operate when another doctor is unable to reach the town in time.
2In General Practice: Part 2In General Practice: Part 2 (19 Nov. 1981)
Simon has to refuse local girl Jenny Secombe's request for the birth control pill. At fifteen, Jenny needs parental consent to obtain the pill, but is afraid to ask her father.
3Town Tragedy: Part 1Town Tragedy: Part 1 (25 Nov. 1981)
Ladies' Auxiliary President and part-time hospital administrator Elaine MacKay is killed in a car accident at the Five Mile Bridge.
4Town Tragedy: Part 2Town Tragedy: Part 2 (26 Nov. 1981)
Gossip begins to circulate in town that Ian and Eliane were having an affair. Andy, increasingly speculative as to why Elaine was traveling in Ian's car (which was heading to Sydney), goes to see Ian in the hospital.
5The Itinerants: Part 1The Itinerants: Part 1 (2 Dec. 1981)
A very serious car accident upsets the townsfolk leaving questions unanswered. Dr. Elliott battles to save the life of a woman injured in the accident. Brendan and Molly Jones arrive in Wandin Valley.
6The Itinerants: Part 2The Itinerants: Part 2 (3 Dec. 1981)
Questions arise about the exact nature of the relationship of the two people involved in the tragic accident. Bob Hatfield shows Molly Jones how a "swift kick in the guts", will fix her troublesome generator.
7They Shoot Cows Don't They: Part 1They Shoot Cows Don't They: Part 1 (9 Dec. 1981)
A woman who has remained tied to her home in order to look after her curmudgeon of a father seeks Terence's help to allow her to get away for a few days.
8They Shoot Cows Don't They: Part 2They Shoot Cows Don't They: Part 2 (10 Dec. 1981)
Arty causes a fire at the hospital with a carelessly disposed cigarette. Bill Ferguson proposes to Sandra Popovich. Vicky recommends that Molly's "no name" cow be put down.
9Coming Home: Part 1Coming Home: Part 1 (16 Dec. 1981)
On her rounds as district nurse, Matron Kertesz meets Lachie Hughes, a young man paralysed from the waist down as the result of a recent accident.
10Coming Home: Part 2Coming Home: Part 2 (17 Dec. 1981)
Lachie rushes his mother to the hospital when she suffers a spontaneous pneumothorax. Sgt. Gilroy gives Simon a rough time over his keeping the wombat (given the name Fatso by Simon).
11Secrets: Part 1Secrets: Part 1 (23 Dec. 1981)
When Shirley is involved in a minor car accident, Frank hounds her for a breath test but she resists on principle, insisting an erratically driven bus forced her to swerve into the other lane.
12Secrets: Part 2Secrets: Part 2 (24 Dec. 1981)
Dr. Bowen tries to get Maurie Wilson to stop driving his bus and seek medical attention for his seizures.
13Alternatives: Part 1Alternatives: Part 1 (30 Dec. 1981)
Bianca Forbes-Hamilton, Molly's glamorous model friend, comes to visit her at the farm, driving Brendan crazy and causing Vicky some moments of jealousy after Simon is introduced to her.
14Alternatives: Part 2Alternatives: Part 2 (31 Dec. 1981)
John Carmody arrives in town, and after learning that Terence plans to testify on behalf of Alan and Willow, confronts Terence and threatens to discredit him by dredging up his past.