Terrahawks (TV Series 1983–1986)

Season 3

1Two for the Price of OneTwo for the Price of One (20 Nov. 1985)
When they plan an attack on Zelda's Martian base, the Terrahawks are in for a big surprise. They discover that Cy Star is about to produce a baby. Tiger decides the time is ripe to change the situation.
2Child's PlayChild's Play (27 Nov. 1985)
It's attack time. Zelda plants a giant bomb under the Trans-American pipeline, while her friend Birlgoy produces a super-explosive guaranteed to take care of the Terrahawks.
3Jolly Roger OneJolly Roger One (4 Dec. 1985)
When a space pirate joins forces with Zelda to attack the Terrahawks, and his pirate spaceship fights a winning battle with Spacehawk, it appears that Zelda has finally defeated her enemy. But has she?
4RunawayRunaway (11 Dec. 1985)
Has Zelda finally discovered the location of Hawkness? When the station comes under attack it seems as though she has. Is this the end of the Terrahawks? Can Tiger and his crew survive?
5First StrikeFirst Strike (8 Jan. 1986)
Against Tiger's better judgement, the military send a giant space carrier on a first-strike mission against Zelda's base on Mars. It isn't long before the Terrahawks are needed to straighten out the mess.
6TerratombTerratomb (22 Jan. 1986)
When a Zeaf crash-lands on Earth, Battletank is sent out to destroy it. But then Zelda announces that she has planted a bomb at Hawknest and the Terrahawks face a race against time to find and defuse it.
7DoppelgangerDoppelganger (29 Jan. 1986)
When two statues - one of Yung Star and the other of Cy Star - appear in a museum, the Terrahawks investigate. But the statues suddenly begin to move - and Mary Falconer finds her life in danger.
8Cry UFOCry UFO (16 Dec. 1984)
Stewed Apple is disturbed when he sees a close-encounter-type spaceship. But Tiger and the Terrahawks discover that it belongs to Zelda and blow it up - ending yet another attempt to defeat them.
9Space CyclopsSpace Cyclops (12 Feb. 1985)
An alien meteorite lands on the moon and a giant Cyclops begins to form from the wreckage - yet another of Zelda's monsters. The Zeroids attack, but the Cyclops appears unbeatable - until SM Zero has an idea.
10TimewarpTimewarp (19 Feb. 1986)
Using Lord Tempo's powers. Zelda tries to introduce a time warp into Hawknest. But Mary's mind proves too strong and rejects the attempt - so Zelda decides to try the same ruse on SM Zero - with hilarious results.
11Space GiantSpace Giant (9 Dec. 1984)
When two space miners capture a baby Sporilla and decide to smuggle it back to Earth, the Terrahawks will soon have their work cut out defending their base against Zelda's latest plot to destroy them.
12Cold FingerCold Finger (18 Nov. 1984)
Zelda has a new ally, Cold Finger Finger. Together they plot to destroy Earth by bombing it with millions of tons of ice. Will her plan succeed? Or can the Terrahawks pump holes in Zelda's murderous scheme?
13Operation ZeroOperation Zero (12 Mar. 1986)
When SM Zero is admitted to hospital for an operation and comes round to find that Zelda has been infiltrated Hawknest and Ninestein now speaks with Yung Star's voice, the Zeroid believes he's losing his mind.