Terrahawks (TV Series 1983–1986)

Season 2

1Mind MonsterMind Monster (17 Dec. 1983)
When Lt Hiro and Kate pick up a glass cabinet of mist and take it back to Hawknest. Mary finds herself confronting Sra. Hawkeye meets Moid, and Tiger finds himself menaced by the Sportilla.
2To Catch a TigerTo Catch a Tiger (31 Dec. 1983)
While they are searching for gold on Mars, two crewman from space transporter find themselves Zelda's prisoners. She holds them hostage until Ninestein agrees to come to her headquarters - to be executed by Moid.
3The Midas TouchThe Midas Touch (23 Dec. 1984)
The world's gold reserves, stored at Fort Knox, attract the attention of Zelda and her friends. Realising that it would cause economic disaster if she could destroy it, she sends the monstrous Knell to Earth.
4Operation S.A.S.Operation S.A.S. (23 Sep. 1984)
When Yung Star seizes his chance to fly to Earth, Zelda makes him take Yuri the Space Bear along with him. Later, Kate is captured and Ninestein decides that it will take an SAS-type operation to rescue her.
5Ten Top PopTen Top Pop (30 Sep. 1984)
Zelda is up to her tricks again. This time she plans to gain control of her destiny by launching another assault against her enemies. But as usual, the Terrahawks exit from the adventure victorious.
6Unseen MenaceUnseen Menace (25 Nov. 1984)
Moid (the Master of Infinite Disguise) has perfected an impersonation that is guaranteed to destroy Ninestein and his friends. He travels to Earth as an invisible man to wreak havoc with the Terrahawks.
7A Christmas MiracleA Christmas Miracle (24 Dec. 1984)
It's Christmas Eve, but neither Ninestein or Zelda have time for festivities. Both are busy planning their strategies for their battle on the moon. On Christmas Day, their battle begins in earnest.
8Midnight BlueMidnight Blue (28 Oct. 1984)
When Spacehawks fires at a Zeaf but it escapes, Hawkwings is assigned to pursue the alien. Suddenly the Zeaf becomes miniaturised. Has Hawkwing chased her too far and become trapped in orbit?
9Play It Again, SramPlay It Again, Sram (14 Oct. 1984)
After Kate Kestrel wins the World Song Contest. Ninestein receives an unexpected challenge from Zelda - who sends the mighty Seam to destroy the Terrahawks and their entire operation.
10My Kingdom for a ZEAFMy Kingdom for a ZEAF (4 Nov. 1984)
Richard III and Yung Star in the 21st century? What is going on? Ninestein and his team must find out soon. The scenario spells death for one of the Terrahawks team.
11Zero' Finest HourZero' Finest Hour (11 Nov. 1984)
By using the Overlander, the supply line to Hawknest, Zelda hopes to gain a victory over her enemies. But why has she delivered a pretty bunch of flowers to the Terrahawks team? Is she seeking a truce?
12The Ultimate MenaceThe Ultimate Menace (21 Oct. 1984)
Why should the Terrahawks team be sent to Mars - the base for Zelda's operations? Tiger is baffled by his assignment. Until Zelda plays her trump card - and the Terrahawks are once again pitted in battle against her cube robots.
13Ma's MonstersMa's Monsters (30 Dec. 1984)
Aware of the fact that the Terrahawks have overcome everything she has thrown at them, Zelda decides to mount another attempt to defeat her enemies - but this time she has a powerful surprise in store.