Terrahawks (1983–1986)

Season 1

1Expect the UnexpectedExpect the Unexpected (3 Oct. 1983)
The year: 2020. The Terrahawks Organisation is mounted and they are ready to defend Earth against hostilities. When an energy source is picked up heading for Earth. Lt Hiro and his robot Zeroids blast off - but fail to destroy it.
2Expect the Unexpected: Part 2Expect the Unexpected: Part 2 (10 Oct. 1983)
The Hawkwing and Battlehawk are launched to investigate, but Ninestein is captured by Zelda, who uses him as a hostage in a bid to escape - but Hiro frees Tiger.
3GoldGold (30 Apr. 1985)
While the Zeroids are exploring a crater on a meteorite they believe may contain gold, Zelda sits back and smiles. The 'golden nugget' they find is secretly a bomb - planted there for just such an occasion.
4Thunder-RoarThunder-Roar (22 Oct. 1983)
When Zelda releases one of her allies, Lord Sram, from suspended animation and sends him to Earth. Sram is shot down by Kate Kestrel. But the alien survives the crash - and makes life very uncomfortable for Tiger Ninestein.
5Close CallClose Call (12 Nov. 1983)
Journalists Mark Darrol threatened to expose the Terrahawks. Zelda contacts him and puts him aboard a ship taking food to the Terrahawks' base. But Tiger Ninestein has his own methods of writing off this latest threat.
6From Here to InfinityFrom Here to Infinity (10 Dec. 1983)
Alpha Probe, first launched in 1999, returns to Earth and the Terrahawks are assigned to bring it to base, where the Zeroids begin to work on it, unaware that Zelda has secreted one of her cube robots on board - with a gravity bomb.
7Space SamuraiSpace Samurai (16 Jul. 1985)
Tamara, a space samurai and commander of a powerful battle cruiser, insists that Zelda and Ninestein patch up their vendetta. prepared for the worst. Tiger agree - knowing that Zelda cannot be trusted.
8The SporillaThe Sporilla (21 May 1985)
A visit to the district moon Callisto is an unpleasant experience for Tiger and his crew. They find themselves faced by a fearsome Sporilla - one of Zelda's most terrifying monsters.
9Happy MadedayHappy Madeday (29 Oct. 1983)
Master of disguise, Mold, a faceless alien, is sent to Earth by Zelda. He crash-lands in the Arctic and the form of Lt Hiro, to sabotage Earth's defences and allows Zelda to invade the planet.
10Gunfight at Oaky's CorralGunfight at Oaky's Corral (26 Nov. 1983)
Sergeant Major Zero and the Battlehawk destroy five of Zelda's cube robots in the Wild West county of Bad Water. But one cube survives and Zelda uses it to take over hill-billy Sam Oaky - and plan a shoot-out with Tiger at high noon.
11The Ugliest Monster of AllThe Ugliest Monster of All (5 Nov. 1983)
When Spacehawk picks up an unmanned and unharmed space capsule, then finds it contains Yuri, a cuddly space bear, Mary Falconer and Kate Kestrel adopt Yuri as their pet - but the bear is really Zelda's agent.
12The GunThe Gun (19 Nov. 1983)
When an AS4 titanium ore carrier is drawn off course and Zelda places her cube robots on board, the Terrahawks find themselves up to their necks in trouble when the robots transform into a huge space gun and threaten a new dam.
13Thunder PathThunder Path (3 Dec. 1983)
Zelda tries again. This time she spends a second Lord Sram to Earth and the alien manages to sabotage the Overlander in a valley. He boards it and sets out on a collision course with a refinery.