Reading Rainbow (TV Series 1983– )

Season 1984

1Hot-Air HenryHot-Air Henry (3 Sep. 1984)
LeVar goes to South Carolina to ride a hot-air balloon. In another study of how air travel has advanced, schoolchildren visit the Space Camp for Aspiring Young Astronauts. William Windom reads the story of Hot-Air Henry, the misadventures of a cat who sneaks on board his family's hot air balloon and how he gets back down again.
2Simon's BookSimon's Book (4 Sep. 1984)
There's nothing more LeVar enjoys than doodling. In the featured book, a doodle goes on the loose and it's up to Simon to tame it. The reality is, books take many people and special machinery to make. Such is explained in the song "In the Bindary." Ruby Dee reads the book LeVar is studying, Simon's Book, about how the characters in an unfinished child's drawing come to life and finish the details the artist left out before going to bed.
3Ox-Cart ManOx-Cart Man (5 Sep. 1984)
LeVar visits Old Sturbridge Village in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to experience reenactments of life in Colonial America. Lorne Greene reads the story of Ox-Cart Man, all about a man who goes to town to sell all the hand-made items he and his family made throughout the year to earn a living.
4Mystery on the DocksMystery on the Docks (6 Sep. 1984)
As LeVar explores the docks, Raul Julia narrates the story of Ralph, a short order cook who foils a kidnapping plot to hold Eduardo, a famous opera singer, hostage.
5A Chair for My MotherA Chair for My Mother (7 Sep. 1984)
LeVar and eight other actors are rehearsing for a musical number called "Teamwork." Amy Linker("Square Pegs")reads A Chair for My Mother, about a family that has to save up money to replace furniture lost when their apartment burns down in a fire. It also tells about how the rest of the neighborhood pulled together to help them during their loss.