Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981–1986)

Season 3

1Spider-Man: Unmasked!Spider-Man: Unmasked! (17 Sep. 1983)
While The Spider-Friends are vacationing, The Sandman shows up and discovers Spider-Man's true identity, but the Spider-Friends try to convince him that he's wrong.
2The Bride of Dracula!The Bride of Dracula! (24 Sep. 1983)
While at a dance, Angelica is lured outside by a stranger and hypnotized. The stranger takes her aboard his plane and they go to Transylvania, but not without Iceman and Spider-Man right behind them. The stranger is revealed to be Dracula. They get Angelica free, but still have to fight against Frankenstein and a werewolf.
3The Education of a SuperheroThe Education of a Superhero (1 Oct. 1983)
The Gamesman has developed a machine that will hypnotize young people through video arcade machines. Through a glitch, caused by Gamesman's machine, in the arcade machine a young, nerdy teenager named Francis Byte was playing, Franis developed the ability to turn himself into a self proclaimed hero called Video Man. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to be a superhero. While battling Thee Gamesman, the Spider-Friends help Video Man out. But in the end, the best help is found at the mansion of Professor Charles Xavier.
4Attack of the ArachnoidAttack of the Arachnoid (8 Oct. 1983)
A woman named Monica videotaped a successful fight between the Spider-Friends and The Scorpion, and a chemical scientist named Zoltan Amadeus is collecting data on Spider-Man and plans to retain the powers of Spider-Man and use them for his own financial gain and framing the real Spider-Man, but problems arise when Zoltan's powers change him into a half man/half spider creature called The Arachnoid.
5The Origin of the Spider-FriendsThe Origin of the Spider-Friends (15 Oct. 1983)
Stan Lee narrates how Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar first joined forces to battle the Beetle, and become known as the Spider-Friends.
6Spidey Meets the Girl from TomorrowSpidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow (22 Oct. 1983)
Spider-Man meets whom he believes is the love of his life - an alien from the future named Ariel, whose spaceship crash-lands on earth. As Spidey tries to nurture his relationship with Ariel, Doctor Octopus steals the spaceship to carry out a plan to kidnap well-armed criminals from the future.
7The X-Men AdventureThe X-Men Adventure (29 Oct. 1983)
The Spider-Friends meet the X-Men and battle a cyborg.
8Mission: Save the GuardstarMission: Save the Guardstar (5 Nov. 1983)
The Spider-Friends are hired by the counter-terrorism agency S.H.I.E.L.D. to capture a mutant named Lightwave, who is said to be after the Guarstar satellite. Lightwave who turns out to be Aurora Dante, a half-sister of Iceman/Bobby Drake. The Spider-Friends and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents learn that Lightwave (whose mutant power is to control and manipulate light energy) is being controlled by someone else who is after the Guardstar.