Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (TV Series 1981–1986)

Season 2

1The Origin of IcemanThe Origin of Iceman (18 Sep. 1982)
When Iceman seems to be losing his mutant powers, the gang recalls how Bobby Drake acquired them in the first place. They later determine that it may be connected to Videoman's latest plot to sap New York City of its electrical power.
2Along Came SpideyAlong Came Spidey (2 Oct. 1982)
Spider-Man battles the Shocker, who is attempting to escape after an armed robbery. In the aftermath, Aunt May is seriously injured. Peter becomes very depressed and considers giving up his powers.
3A Fire-Star Is BornA Fire-Star Is Born (25 Sep. 1982)
During an X-Men reunion, Angelica Jones recounts how she became Firestar and dealt with a childhood full of torment (thanks to her nemesis, Bonnie).