Gilligan's Planet (TV Series 1982–1983)

Season 1

1I Dream of GenieI Dream of Genie (18 Sep. 1982)
Gilligan discovers a robot who is programmed to fulfill his master's wishes. Soon the castaways are planning ways to take over the robot to serve each of them.
2Turnabout Is Fair PlayTurnabout Is Fair Play (25 Sep. 1982)
Skipper refuses to do "women's work," preferring instead to do the "man's job" of defending the camp from aliens. But when aliens capture the Skipper, it's the women who rescue him.
3Let Sleeping Minnows LieLet Sleeping Minnows Lie (2 Oct. 1982)
The castaways build a boat for the Skipper. On their maiden voyage they are pursued by a sea serpent and shipwrecked on an island.
4Journey to the Center of Gilligan's PlanetJourney to the Center of Gilligan's Planet (9 Oct. 1982)
Gilligan is bonked on the head by a moon melon, and has a nightmare about a world beneath the planet which is populated by aliens.
5Amazing Colossal GilliganAmazing Colossal Gilligan (16 Oct. 1982)
Gilligan falls into a strange lake which causes him to grow 50 feet tall. He is kidnapped by P.C. Barnaby, who wants Gilligan to be the main attraction in his circus.
6Bumper to BumperBumper to Bumper (23 Oct. 1982)
Bumper is kidnapped by aliens who worship his species. It is up to castaways to find and rescue him.
7Road to BoomRoad to Boom (30 Oct. 1982)
Bumper hides a quartz rock in the Professor's radar device. The quartz throws off the device, and the castaways think the planet is headed for a space hole.
8Too Many GilliagnsToo Many Gilliagns (6 Nov. 1982)
Gilligan discovers a cloning device and the planet is soon overpopulated.
9Space PiratesSpace Pirates (13 Nov. 1982)
Gilligan discovers a "size transformer" which was left on the planet by pirates. In a struggle for control of the cube, the castaways are accidentally miniaturized. The pirates return for their loot, and the tiny castaways must outwit them.
10Invaders of the Lost BarqueInvaders of the Lost Barque (20 Nov. 1982)
The castaways have found a map leading to the lost Barque, a spaceship that could take them back to Earth. But the tiny Quarks, the owners of the Barque, are also looking for it so they can return to their own planet.
11WingsWings (27 Nov. 1982)
An unmanned space probe lands on the planet, and the castaways think they can use it to send one of them back to Earth. But which one? The Professor devises a testing and training session to determine the pilot of the ship.
12Super GilliganSuper Gilligan (4 Dec. 1982)
Gilligan stumbles into a cave and meets the Mystic Sage who gives Gilligan a Cosmic Cape which has super powers for the owner. But Gooniac has been searching the universe for the Cosmic Cape, and he's not about to let Gilligan fly away with it.
13Gilligan's ArmyGilligan's Army (11 Dec. 1982)
Captain Quantum and Sgt. Tyrano land on the planet expecting to find army volunteers from Aridia, whom they are to train. Instead, they find the castaways and put them through basic training.