Bless Me Father (TV Series 1978–1981)

Season 2

1Blessings from HeavenBlessings from Heaven (11 Nov. 1979)
Father D is not pleased to announce that lately there've been less births among the parishioners than he'd like. However, there IS a singular miracle - one woman in the blessed way - which soon has Father D butting heads with Mother Stephen in claiming divine credit for it.
2Father Neil's First MiracleFather Neil's First Miracle (18 Nov. 1979)
Father D appoints Father Neil the official Catholic chaplain to the hospital to keep him active. Father Neil soon finds himself drawn into case where an elderly African man believes himself cursed and needs "the white witch doctor" to cure him.
3Fatal LadyFatal Lady (25 Nov. 1979)
Special attentions from a rich middle-aged female parishioner is getting young Father Neil a little hot under his collar.
4The Heart of a CurateThe Heart of a Curate (9 Dec. 1979)
Father Neil has appendicitis. While recovering in hospital, Father Duddleswell fears his head may be turned from the priesthood by the administrations of a pretty nurse.
5All at SeaAll at Sea (16 Dec. 1979)
A seaman lies dead and Father Duddleswell vies with the Anglicans for his body and soul. Unforeseen is that the man's will stipulates a burial at sea.
6The Season of GoodwillThe Season of Goodwill (23 Dec. 1979)
As Christmas nears, Father Duddleswell enters into his annual period of being on his best and most charitable behavior. It's a grand opportunity for others like Father Neil and Mrs. Pring to test the limits of his temporarily sweet disposition.
7A Back to Front WeddingA Back to Front Wedding (6 Jan. 1980)
Lately inundated in weddings, Father Duddleswell loses track of one. It necessitates a reception that comes before the nuptials while the embarrassed Fathers - both away at the movies - race to make it back to the church on time. Though cleaver Father D adopts a white lie to make the event a happy one for all, a further oversight creates a greater problem a lie can't cover.