Come Back Mrs. Noah (TV Series 1977–1978)

Season 1

1PilotPilot (13 Dec. 1977)
In 2050, Mrs. Noah is taking a tour of Britain's latest space station, the Britannia Seven, when she and several of her companions are accidentally launched into space.
2In OrbitIn Orbit (17 Jul. 1978)
Mrs Noah and her friends try to get used to life in space as ground control tries to bring them back home.
3To the RescueTo the Rescue (24 Jul. 1978)
Britain's space shuttle is launched to rescue Mrs Noah and her companions from the Britanna Seven, however, before the shuttle can dock a means must be devised to seal the airlock.
4Who Goes Home?Who Goes Home? (31 Jul. 1978)
The space shuttle's ballast tank gets damaged making it impossible for the shuttle to return everyone to the Earth.
5The Housing ProblemThe Housing Problem (7 Aug. 1978)
Mrs Noah decides that they should all settle down in the crew quarters since it looks like they won't be rescued for some time.
6The Last ChanceThe Last Chance (14 Aug. 1978)
Ground control comes up with a plan to bring the Britannia Seven closer to the Earth, slow the space station down and individually eject its passengers.