Welcome Back, Kotter (TV Series 1975–1979)

Season 2

1Career DayCareer Day (23 Sep. 1976)
During the schools career day, Mr. Kotter and the Sweathogs meet a Mr. Takahashi, who offers Gabe a job with his company at three times his teacher's salary.
2Inherit the HalibutInherit the Halibut (30 Sep. 1976)
When the Sweathogs' treasury money is stolen, all fingers point to Washington who has just purchased a new bike.
3Sweatside StorySweatside Story (7 Oct. 1976)
The Sweathogs form a gang to the consternation of Mr. Kotter.
4The FightThe Fight (21 Oct. 1976)
The Sweathogs have a series of disagreements between each other and stop talking to each other.
5The MuseumThe Museum (28 Oct. 1976)
The Sweathogs go on a field trip to a museum and meet its mysterious curator.
6Gabe Under PressureGabe Under Pressure (4 Nov. 1976)
When the school arranges free medical checkups Gabe must confront his discomfort of going to the doctor.
7Sweathog, Nebraska StyleSweathog, Nebraska Style (11 Nov. 1976)
Julie's sister from Nebraska visits and enrolls at Buchanan. She wants to be in Gabe's class and develops a fondness for Epstein...much to Julie's dismay.
8Sadie Hawkins DaySadie Hawkins Day (18 Nov. 1976)
With the approach of Sadie Hawkins Day, where the girls ask the guys to the school dance, everybody, including Horshack, has a date - everyone but Barbarino.
9Hello Ms. ChipsHello Ms. Chips (2 Dec. 1976)
A student teacher joins Kotter's class only to find that normal teaching methods don't work with the Sweathogs. Then she adopts Kotter's style only to find out that it doesn't work for her.
10Horshack vs. CarvelliHorshack vs. Carvelli (9 Dec. 1976)
Horshack is out to prove his manhood by fighting Carvelli in the boxing ring.
11Sweathog Clinic for the Cure of SmokingSweathog Clinic for the Cure of Smoking (16 Dec. 1976)
The Sweathogs try to convince Epstein to give up his smoking habit.
12Hark, the SweatkingsHark, the Sweatkings (23 Dec. 1976)
To get into the Christmas spirit, the Sweathogs give a homeless man a shave and a new suit. But after he shows up at the Kotter's Christmas party wearing his old clothes, he tells them he's a bum, but he's a happy bum.
13A Love StoryA Love Story (30 Dec. 1976)
Juan's younger sister is enrolled in Kotter's class and Arnold is immediately attracted to her, but so is Vinnie, and this drives Juan crazy. Freddie is also in a romantic mood and Kotter sees it as an opportunity to teach the Sweathogs about love.
14Caruso's WayCaruso's Way (6 Jan. 1977)
Barbarino wants revenge after a gym teacher slaps him in the face.
15Sweatgate ScandalSweatgate Scandal (13 Jan. 1977)
The Sweathogs join the school newspaper and investigate the break-in at the principal's office. During their investigation, they discover some shady happenings at Buchanan High School.
16Kotter and SonKotter and Son (20 Jan. 1977)
Kotter's father travels 1,400 miles to see him and to see what he does at school. While the senior Kotter observes his son teaching about the Great Depression, he tries to take over the class and tell stories of living through that time.
17Chicken a la KotterChicken a la Kotter (27 Jan. 1977)
Kotter needs $1,400 to fix his teeth. He becomes so desperate he starts moonlighting at a second job only to be discovered by the Sweathogs.
18Has Anyone Seen Arnold?Has Anyone Seen Arnold? (3 Feb. 1977)
Horshack takes on the role of Cyrano de Bergerac for the school play. But when the other Sweathogs rank on him, he gets upset and runs away. Now, since nobody can find Horshack, Barbarino has to go on stage in his place as Cyrano.
19There Goes Number 5There Goes Number 5 (3 Feb. 1977)
After his fifth stepfather dies, Horshack decides it's time for him to grow up and become the head of the house.
20The Littlest SweathogThe Littlest Sweathog (10 Feb. 1977)
When Gabe learns that Julie is pregnant, he cannot understand why she is less than thrilled to be having a baby.
21Radio Free FreddieRadio Free Freddie (17 Feb. 1977)
The Sweathogs visit a radio station and get introduced on the air. When Freddie gets his turn to talk, he proves to be a big hit and develops a large fan following, but the other Sweathogs become jealous of his success.
22I'm Having Their BabyI'm Having Their Baby (24 Feb. 1977)
With Kotter away on a teacher's conference, the Sweathogs decide to spend quality time with a pregnant Julie. However, Julie is not so thrilled with all the attention from the Sweathogs.
23I Wonder Who's Kissing Gabe NowI Wonder Who's Kissing Gabe Now (3 Mar. 1977)
Epstein spies a sexy art teacher kiss Kotter and assumes that Kotter is cheating on Julie.