Schoolhouse Rock! (1973–2009)

Season 4

1No More KingsNo More Kings (20 Sep. 1975)
The story of the American Independence movement.
2FireworksFireworks (3 Jul. 1976)
A musical celebration of the Fourth of July.
3The Shot Heard 'Round the WorldThe Shot Heard 'Round the World (18 Oct. 1975)
Paul Revere's ride signals the start of the American Revolution, whose non-stop action is well known.
4The PreambleThe Preamble (1 Nov. 1975)
A song about the Constitution of the United States of America with a focus on its opening statement of principles.
5Elbow RoomElbow Room (22 May 1976)
The Schoolhouse Rock view of America's westward expansion.
6The Great American Melting PotThe Great American Melting Pot (1 May 1976)
A look at the Democratic recipe that built America.
7Mother NecessityMother Necessity (10 Jul. 1976)
A run-through of the needs that inspired some of America's most influential inventions.
8Sufferin' Till SuffrageSufferin' Till Suffrage (21 Feb. 1976)
Here's how Mott and Howe and Anthony finally won the right to vote.
9I'm Just a BillI'm Just a Bill (27 Mar. 1976)
A bill explains how, if it actually happens, he would get through Congress to become a law.
10Three-Ring GovernmentThree-Ring Government (13 Mar. 1979)
A kid who's into circuses finds it easy to remember how the branches of the United States government perform.
11I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to CollegeI'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College (1 Jan. 2002)
No one gets to be President without graduating from the Electoral College!
12Presidential MinutePresidential Minute (19 Jun. 2002)
Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.