Schoolhouse Rock! (TV Series 1973–2009)

Season 1

1My Hero, ZeroMy Hero, Zero (20 Jan. 1973)
When it comes to multiplications, zero is a real hero. It will always be an important number to the world.
2Elementary, My DearElementary, My Dear (27 Jan. 1973)
Noah helps his son learn to multiply by "twos".
3Three Is a Magic NumberThree Is a Magic Number (6 Jan. 1973)
A Magician digs deep into his top hat that proves there's a magic number.
4The Four-Legged ZooThe Four-Legged Zoo (10 Feb. 1973)
A field trip to a zoo full of quadrupeds lets a group of students practice the 4 times table.
5Ready or Not, Here I ComeReady or Not, Here I Come (17 Feb. 1973)
A game of hide-and-seek shows how easy it is to multiply by fives.
6I Got SixI Got Six (24 Feb. 1973)
A boy's day in the city and out, overlapping with others' exploits, run through the 6 times table.
7Lucky Seven SampsonLucky Seven Sampson (3 Mar. 1973)
A carefree rabbit is good luck for students when his romp through a store shows them how to multiply by seven.
8Figure EightFigure Eight (10 Mar. 1973)
At school, a girl daydreams the 8 times multiplication table in the context of a skating pond.
9Naughty Number NineNaughty Number Nine (17 Mar. 1973)
An educational cat and mouse game that unfolds on AQ slapstick pool table.
10The Good ElevenThe Good Eleven (24 Mar. 1973)
A look at one of the easiest numbers to multiply with.
11Little TwelvetoesLittle Twelvetoes (31 Mar. 1973)
A six-fingered and -toed alien opens the question for a farm boy whether their condition would make multiplying by twelve as natural as by ten.