Joe 90 (TV Series 1968–1969)

Season 1

1The Most Special AgentThe Most Special Agent (29 Sep. 1968)
World Intelligence Network (W.I.N.) director Shane Weston explains to Professor Ian McClaine how nine year-old son Joe can utilize the brain patterns of professional experts to become W.I.N.'s most special agent.
2Most Special AstronautMost Special Astronaut (6 Oct. 1968)
Two men become trapped aboard a space station that is to form the hub of W.I.N.'s new orbital radar system.
3Project 90Project 90 (13 Oct. 1968)
Dr. Conrad Darota intends to discover the secret of W.I.N.'s File 90 which details the BIGRAT project and Joe's involvement as W.I.N.'s most special agent.
4Hi-JackedHi-Jacked (20 Oct. 1968)
Following the shooting of W.I.N. agent Ed Johnson while investigating the activities of ruthless gun-runner Mario Coletti, Joe infiltrates Coletti's hide-out using Johnson's brain patterns.
5Colonel McClaineColonel McClaine (27 Oct. 1968)
Army supply runs ferrying U114 liquid explosive to the Kuchanga Tunnel have been plagued by sabotage.
6The FortressThe Fortress (3 Nov. 1968)
W.I.N. agent Roger Fleming is captured in Santa Marina after hiding a top secret microfilm.
7King for a DayKing for a Day (10 Nov. 1968)
The Sultan of Ardaji dies in mysterious circumstances and his heir, Prince Kahib, is kidnapped by the Regent, Ben Shazar.
8International ConcertoInternational Concerto (17 Nov. 1968)
Concert pianist Igor Sladek is secretly one of W.I.N.'s top agents, but during a private recital at the Dolski Palace, his final engagement of a world tour, his cover is blown and he is arrested.
9SplashdownSplashdown (24 Nov. 1968)
Two leading electronics experts who have been secretly recruited for a top security government project in Istanbul, go missing after being involved in air crashes, Joe takes on the brain patterns of a US Air Force test pilot to prevent Mac from becoming the next victim of a ruthless extortionist.
10Big FishBig Fish (1 Dec. 1968)
A U85 two-man atomic submarine is grounded inside Porto Guavan territorial waters and its discovery by Juan Chaves' military dictatorship could jeopardise free elections in the police state.
11Relative DangerRelative Danger (8 Dec. 1968)
While searching for Uranium 534, Dr. Willie Loover is trapped with two colleagues in a mine tunnel in the Pueblo Mountains.
12Operation McClaineOperation McClaine (15 Dec. 1968)
Writer Maurice Estoral urgently requires a brain operation, but the only neurosurgeon who can perform the procedure is badly injured in a plane crash.
13The Unorthodox ShepherdThe Unorthodox Shepherd (22 Dec. 1968)
The Rev Shepherd has been passing forged bank notes but when he is confronted by Mac and Sam, he reveals that his verger is being held hostage by the counterfeiters in the church crypt.
14Business HolidayBusiness Holiday (29 Dec. 1968)
Joe is sent in to destroy an Army base that has been taken over by enemy forces.
15Arctic AdventureArctic Adventure (5 Jan. 1969)
An air force B107 bomber is forced down inside the Arctic Circle by a freak storm, but only three of the four nuclear devices on board are recovered.
16Double AgentDouble Agent (12 Jan. 1969)
Three of W.I.N.'s top couriers have been killed and Shane Weston suspects an inside job.
17Three's a CrowdThree's a Crowd (19 Jan. 1969)
Mac falls in love with a beautiful American reporter, Angela Davies, but Sam is concerned about their liaison and finds a willing ally in Joe.
18The ProfessionalThe Professional (26 Jan. 1969)
Kramer Foundation funds are being misappropriated and W.I.N. must recover the remaining money which amounts to eight million dollars in gold bullion.
19The RaceThe Race (2 Feb. 1969)
An experimental brain transfer allows Mac and Joe to dream the same dream. In it, they are involved in a race from London to Monte Carlo against an Army team led by General Tempest, who will stop at nothing to win.
20TalkdownTalkdown (9 Feb. 1969)
After the crash of an F116 prototype aircraft, Joe flies a second prototype to determine the cause of the crash, using the brain patterns of top test pilot Jim Grant.
21BreakoutBreakout (16 Feb. 1969)
A couple of escaped convicts threaten the life of Canadian Prime Minister MacCormack, shelling a rail bridge as the Minister's train is crossing.
22Child of the Sun GodChild of the Sun God (23 Feb. 1969)
Four of the world's leading statesmen have been paralysed by a poison developed by the Amaztecs, a tribe of South American Indians that was wiped out three hundred years ago.
23See You Down ThereSee You Down There (2 Mar. 1969)
Financial shark Ralph Clayton is using dubious methods to take control of rival companies.
24Lone-Handed 90Lone-Handed 90 (9 Mar. 1969)
While Mac, Sam and Shane argue, Joe falls asleep in front of the television. In his dreams, he becomes the Sheriff of Joesville, single-handedly taking on the infamous W.I.N. Gang as they plot the robbery of a consignment of gold from the mail train at Altuna.
25Attack of the TigerAttack of the Tiger (16 Mar. 1969)
W.I.N. discovers that the Eastern Alliance have built a secret rocket installation which will launch a nuclear device into orbit and hold the world to ransom.
26Viva CordovaViva Cordova (23 Mar. 1969)
W.I.N. is assigned to ensure the safety of President Juan Cordova who plans to expose the corruption of General Valdes.
27Mission X-41Mission X-41 (30 Mar. 1969)
The Eastern Alliance have isolated the X-41 virus, capable of breaking down the molecular structure of matter and destroying everything in its path.
28Test FlightTest Flight (6 Apr. 1969)
A new Orbital Glide Transport craft is sabotaged and crashes on the launch control building, trapping the flight controller inside with vital monitoring equipment - both will be wiped out if the OGT's rocket fuel ignites.
29Trial at SeaTrial at Sea (13 Apr. 1969)
The maiden voyage of the S.S. Friendship hoverliner is at risk when Sir George Harris receives a bomb threat.
30The BirthdayThe Birthday (20 Apr. 1969)
It is Joe's 10th birthday, but Mac has already gone to town before Joe wakes up and won't be back until late.