Spider-Man (TV Series 1967–1970)

Season 3

1The Winged Thing/Conner's ReptilesThe Winged Thing/Conner's Reptiles (22 Mar. 1970)
The Vulture warns people to stay off the streets, then escapes from Spider-Man on a building site.
2Trouble with Snow/Spiderman vs. DesparadoTrouble with Snow/Spiderman vs. Desparado (29 Mar. 1970)
Electricity, when used responsibly, it is man's best friend, when not kept under control it gives life to evil city destroying snowmen! Desperado, a lasso wielding cowboy, uses his electronic horse to go on a one man crime-wave.
3Sky Harbor/The Big BrainwasherSky Harbor/The Big Brainwasher (5 Apr. 1970)
Peter hears that his friend Mary Jane Watson has a new job as a dancer in a hip night club in Greenwich Village. However, he discovers that this is a front for the criminal activities of the Kingpin, a notorious gangster. It's up to Spider-Man to foil this plot, in the risk of being drowned in some water tank which the Kingpin installed in the backstage of the club to get rid of his enemies...
4The Vanishing Dr. Vespasian/Scourge of the ScarfThe Vanishing Dr. Vespasian/Scourge of the Scarf (12 Apr. 1970)
A series of bank robberies are taking place, with no evidence left behind. The robberies are the work of a group of thieves led by a chemist named Dr. Vespasian, who has created an invisibility formula called 'Invisoscine'. When Spidey investigates the robberies, Vespasian's dog, Brutus - who is also invisible - attacks Spidey. Brutus is thrown against a container of flour, which coats him & reveals him to Spidey. Spidey throws Brutus into a garbage can & traps him, but when police find signs of a struggle & pieces of Spidey's uniform, it is suspected that Spidey is ...
5Super Swami/The Birth of Micro ManSuper Swami/The Birth of Micro Man (19 Apr. 1970)
Koga, a Chinese magician, wreaks havoc on the city. Peter Parker picks up Professor Pretoris who is precariously persuade at pace by a party of pouncing police.
6Knight Must Fall/The Devious Dr. DumptyKnight Must Fall/The Devious Dr. Dumpty (26 Apr. 1970)
Peter is assigned to cover a parade for the Daily Bugle, and disguised as Spidey, he sits atop a building taking pictures. Among the floats is a movie star with a fortune in jewels on her - and in the crowd is a group of thieves. When a gas-filled balloon released by the thieves explodes, it knocks everyone out, except Spidey, who goes into action. The thieves escape in a hot-air balloon, but Spidey discovers their identities. They are led by a huge man named Dr. Humperdinck Dumpty, who has his thugs rain sandbags on Spidey, knocking him off the balloon. Spidey lands ...
7Up from NowhereUp from Nowhere (3 May 1970)
In New York harbor, a mysterious machine pops up out of the depths. This is the lab of Dr. Atlantian, a demented scientist from the lost continent of Atlantis. At the same time as Atlantian is planning to subjugate the world, Peter is learning about Atlantis - and its apparently highly advanced technology, some of which draws its power from the moon. Unknown to anyone, Atlantian deploys the moonbeam to create an earthquake, which draws attention from the armed forces. The army turns its tanks on Atlantian's reactor, now at the surface of the water. Atlantian deploys a...
8RollaramaRollarama (10 May 1970)
Peter & his girlfriend Sue are at an old house going through its attic, when one of them discovers a large seed that responds quickly to sunlight. Putting it aside when Sue discovers a large machine - the Glutz Machine - in the attic, Peter turns his attention to the story of the professor who has gone back to 3 million B.C. While he & Sue are investigating, the seed suddenly grows hundredfold in size & rolls through the side of the house and into the street, smashing everything in its way. Sue goes to notify the police, while Spidey heads into the Glutz machine to go...
9Rhino/The Madness of MysterioRhino/The Madness of Mysterio (17 May 1970)
The Rhino, loving repeat performances, once again steals gold shipments with which to build a 14 karat statue of himself. Hopefully the city learn their lesson this time and beefs up security. Mysterio traps Spider-man in a deadly amusement park.
10Revolt in the Fifth DimensionRevolt in the Fifth Dimension (24 May 1970)
Luck, Suggestion and Determination must guide Spider-man through this trip into the 5th dimension. Spider-man finds himself face to face with The Skeletal Infinata, how can he defeat something that is completely of the mind?
11Specialists and SlavesSpecialists and Slaves (31 May 1970)
Spidey's old enemy from 'Swing City' - the Radiation Specialist - is back! This time, he is much darker - even psychopathic. Following his release from jail, the specialist promptly revisits Manhattan's nuclear reactor, stuns the outdoor soldiers guarding it, and again commandeers the reactor. Realizing Spidey still poses a threat to him, the specialist contrives a scheme using a remote-controlled car to get Spidey off the island. Spidey soon finds out about the specialist's plans and gets back into Manhattan, even as the specialist lifts Manhattan into the sky once ...
12Down to EarthDown to Earth (7 Jun. 1970)
Basically, this is Neptune's Nose Cone with the action taking place in the North Pole this time.
13Trip to TomorrowTrip to Tomorrow (14 Jun. 1970)
Spider-man recounts an anthology of tales to Tom, a young wannabe hero running away from home.