George of the Jungle (1967–1970)

Season 1

1PilotPilot (1967)
George must rescue Shep from Charlie Fowler and African Rose. Super Chicken fights ex-chicken rancher, Eggs Benedict. Tom Slick enters the Bigg Race so Gertie can pay the mortgage on her garage.
2The Sultan's PearlThe Sultan's Pearl (9 Sep. 1967)
The Sultan's most priceless treasure has been stolen by "Tiger" Titherage and "Weevil" Plumtree, and George tries to get it back.
3The Malady Lingers OnThe Malady Lingers On (16 Sep. 1967)
Shep is sick and the doctor called by George required items that are hard to obtain.
4Oo-Oo Birds of a FeatherOo-Oo Birds of a Feather (23 Sep. 1967)
A trend involving the tail feathers of the Oo-oo Birds has poachers flocking to harvest them including "Tiger" Titherage and "Weevil" Plumtree.
5Ungawa the Gorilla GodUngawa the Gorilla God (30 Sep. 1967)
George is forced to fight Ungawa, the Gorilla God, with both hands tied behind his back.
6Little ScissorLittle Scissor (7 Oct. 1967)
Tiny Tony Tailor (AKA Little Scissors) and his pygmies are committing crimes in the jungle and the city.
7Monkey BusinessMonkey Business (14 Oct. 1967)
Ape is ape-napped.
8Next Time, Take the TrainNext Time, Take the Train (21 Oct. 1967)
Dr. Chicago has developed a formula that causes all insects to become strong and aggressive.
9The Desperate ShowersThe Desperate Showers (28 Oct. 1967)
Can George save Ursula from being sacrificed to the Big Joo Joo by a rain-crazy witch doctor?
10The Treasure of Sarah MadreThe Treasure of Sarah Madre (4 Nov. 1967)
George and the District Commissioner follow a map to the treasure of Sarah Madre while evading "Tiger" Titherage and "Weevil" Plumtree.
11The Trouble I've SeedThe Trouble I've Seed (10 Nov. 1967)
Dr. Chicago has developed a formula that causes all plants to become sentient.
12Dr. Schpritzer, I Presume?Dr. Schpritzer, I Presume? (18 Nov. 1967)
Famous gall bladder surgeon, Dr. Schpritzer, goes missing and it's up to George and Ape to find him, but someone doesn't want him found.
13Rescue is My BusinessRescue is My Business (25 Nov. 1967)
A greedy man becomes George's 'manager' and is encouraging him to make people pay for being rescued. Ape doesn't mind George collecting pay but thinks the manager is exploiting him.
14Big Flop at the Big TopBig Flop at the Big Top (2 Dec. 1967)
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15The Chi Chi DogThe Chi Chi Dog (9 Dec. 1967)
George is sent on a mission to bring back the rare and precious Chi Chi Dog and finds out just how rare they really are.
16A Man for All Hunting SeasonsA Man for All Hunting Seasons (16 Dec. 1967)
Having hunted all possible kinds of animals, a hunter decides to hunt George.
17The Forest's Prime EvilThe Forest's Prime Evil (23 Dec. 1967)
George, Ursula and Ape are evicted to make room for a housing development. Hopefully, the powerful spirit Tee Nee Tee will come to their rescue.
18Kings Back to BackKings Back to Back (30 Dec. 1967)
George must win re-election for King of the Jungle.