Adam Adamant Lives! (TV Series 1966–1967)

Season 2

1A Slight Case of ReincarnationA Slight Case of Reincarnation (31 Dec. 1966)
Adam is determined to free an African leader from the spell of the Face.
2Black EchoBlack Echo (7 Jan. 1967)
The Bank of England wants Adamant to dispute the identity of Grand Duchess Vorokhov (so they don't have to pay her) but Adam is more interested in a brooch the elderly woman wears. As he visits Mede Hall House, he is unaware an old enemy is lying there, waiting....
3Conspiracy of DeathConspiracy of Death (14 Jan. 1967)
Adam investigates the murder of an old wartime friend.
4The Basardi AffairThe Basardi Affair (21 Jan. 1967)
Adam gets on the wrong side of the ruler of an oil-rich country.
5The SurvivorsThe Survivors (28 Jan. 1967)
When a number of inventions are brought on to the market after the death of their inventors, Adam Adamant is involved in a sinister plot.
6Face in a MirrorFace in a Mirror (4 Feb. 1967)
The Face returns, determined to rid the world of Adam Adamant once and for all.
7Another Little DrinkAnother Little Drink (11 Feb. 1967)
Adam has to work fast to stop the spreading of a deadly poison.
8Death Begins at SeventyDeath Begins at Seventy (18 Feb. 1967)
Adam investigates strange happenings at an old people's home.
9The Tunnel of DeathThe Tunnel of Death (25 Feb. 1967)
The Face's new plans threaten to tear the world to pieces.
10The Deadly BulletThe Deadly Bullet (4 Mar. 1967)
Adam investigates when a magician is murdered.
11The ResurrectionistsThe Resurrectionists (11 Mar. 1967)
Adam is left powerless when the Face's agents start their invasion.
12Wish You Were HereWish You Were Here (18 Mar. 1967)
Simms's mother is charged with disturbing the peace, and when Simms goes to her aid he stumbles on a sordid plot.
13A Sinister Sort of ServiceA Sinister Sort of Service (25 Mar. 1967)
Adam's 100th birthday celebration is cut short by a London crime wave: six simultaneous robberies that very night. Adam investigations start at Surveillance Services, where he takes an immediate distrust to the crime analyzing computer.