The Secret Squirrel Show (1965–2003)

Season 2

1Robot Rout/One Black Knight/PotluckRobot Rout/One Black Knight/Potluck (10 Sep. 1966)
The citizens, robotized by Yellow Pinkie into his slaves, cheer him on for president.
2The Pink Sky Mobile/Phoney Fish/Pussycat ManThe Pink Sky Mobile/Phoney Fish/Pussycat Man (17 Sep. 1966)
Secret Squirrel, who must stop Yellow Pinkie's highly sophisticated multipurpose spy-mobile, is forced to use his ultimate weapon, the awful spy-mobile mangler.
3Scuba-Duba Duba/Gnatman/Sheriff WinnieScuba-Duba Duba/Gnatman/Sheriff Winnie (24 Sep. 1966)
The international underwater spy, Scuba Duba, has stolen a missile and plans to blow up the city in ten minutes. Radar finds the missile right away, but Secret Squirrel and Morocco
4Hi-Spy/Wee Winnie Witch/Robot SquidHi-Spy/Wee Winnie Witch/Robot Squid (29 Oct. 1966)
Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole are called out of their orbit patrol to Paris where Secret Squirrel must meet face to face with Hi Spy, the ranking master of scientific criminology.
5Spy in the Sky/Sea Dogged/Yo Ho HoSpy in the Sky/Sea Dogged/Yo Ho Ho (12 Nov. 1966)
From his armed satellite, Hi Spy plans to wreak havoc on earth until he's declared king of the world.
6Ship of Spies/Wild Wild Witch/Jewel FingerShip of Spies/Wild Wild Witch/Jewel Finger (28 Nov. 1966)
Secret and Morocco are assigned to locate Hy Spy's invisible ship and put his plan out of action.