Cain's Hundred (TV Series 1961–1962)

Season 1

1Crime and Commitment: Part 1Crime and Commitment: Part 1 (19 Sep. 1961)
Nick Cain has been a lawyer for the mob, but now he wants to get out. Mob boss George Vincent, realizing how much Cain knows about the inner workings of the mob, puts out a contract on Cain's life. Cain survives the attempt, but his fiancée doesn't.
2Crime and Commitment: Part 2Crime and Commitment: Part 2 (26 Sep. 1961)
Gang boss George Vincent has put out a contract on the life of former mob attorney Nick Cain. When Cain's fiancée is killed in the attempted hit, Cain sets out to prove that Vincent was responsible for the murder and bring him to justice.
3Blue Water, White BeachBlue Water, White Beach (3 Oct. 1961)
When an employee is killed in an accident at the distillery of Ed Hoagley, a notorious bootlegger, he tries to make it look like a hit-and-run to divert attention away from his business. However, Cain finds out that the victim worked for Hoagley, and his suspicions cause him to check further into the "accident".
4Markdown on a Man: Lenny BircherMarkdown on a Man: Lenny Bircher (10 Oct. 1961)
Cain hopes to break mobster Lenny Bircher's stranglehold on a town's wholesale food marketers and looks for a witness who will testify against him, but everyone is too afraid. His best hope is with the daughter of a wholesaler who has fallen for the supervisor who is under Bircher's control.
5Degrees of GuiltDegrees of Guilt (17 Oct. 1961)
Cain's target is mobster Frank Andreotis, a man he was once close to. To bring him down, he hopes to convince a girl whom Andreotis forced into drugs and prostitution to testify against him.
6King of the MountainKing of the Mountain (24 Oct. 1961)
Cain's target is Herman Combes, the ruthless boss of a mountain county who has hand-picked the entire police force. He has Cain arrested for a traffic offense to prevent him from getting to the hospital to talk to a witness before he dies. But Cain plans to find another way to bring Combes down.
7The Penitent: Louis StrodeThe Penitent: Louis Strode (31 Oct. 1961)
Mobster Louis Strode is said to be having a change of heart regarding his activities due to the death of his son from a drug-related accident, and his wife's resulting mental collapse. But Cain is not so sure he's really changed.
8ComebackComeback (7 Nov. 1961)
Cain hopes to find a witness who is willing to testify and put crooked boxing promoter Tom Larch out of business.
9Dead Load: Dave BraddockDead Load: Dave Braddock (21 Nov. 1961)
After a dock worker who tried to get others to stand up to crooked boss Dave Braddock and his puppet union is killed in an "accident", Cain looks for someone else to take Braddock on.
10In the BalanceIn the Balance (28 Nov. 1961)
Cain learns that the respected judge who will be hearing the case against mobster Frank Meehan just may be under the control of the mob himself.
11Five for OneFive for One (5 Dec. 1961)
Karl Bigger, the head of a costume jewelry company, decides to join with mob hoodlums in a scheme to smuggle gold into Mexico. Cain knows this but decides to go after bigger fish than Bigger.
12The FixerThe Fixer (12 Dec. 1961)
After his deputies arrest a man who was planning to set up shop for the mob in his town, a small-town sheriff decides to make a deal with the mob's higher-ups to make more money for himself.
13Final Judgment: Alexander MarishFinal Judgment: Alexander Marish (19 Dec. 1961)
Dress manufacturer Louis Speckter believes gangster Alexander Marish has let him use his own trucks for years out of friendship. But now, the pressure is on Marish to get everyone in line, and Speckter and his son are the last holdouts. When the son is killed for resisting Marish, the elder Speckter still can't believe Marish had anything to do with it.
14The Plush Jungle: Benjamin RikerThe Plush Jungle: Benjamin Riker (2 Jan. 1962)
Zales Yoder and his son Kurt disagree over the extent to which they should allow Benjamin Riker to further control their business so that he can use it for smuggling purposes, even after Riker resorts to threats to get Yoder's customers to take their business elsewhere.
15Take a Number: Jack GarsellTake a Number: Jack Garsell (9 Jan. 1962)
Cain tries to persuade gentle-natured Wilbur Morton that numbers racket boss Jack Garsell is not the "nice man" Morton believes him to be, and that he should testify against him.
16The Debasers: Milton Bonner and Phillip ColeraneThe Debasers: Milton Bonner and Phillip Colerane (16 Jan. 1962)
Cain is targeting pornography peddler Milton Bonner, but he finds he must also fight Bonner's public relations man Philip Colerane, who orders his staff to create as negative an image of Cain as possible.
17The Schemer: William NormanThe Schemer: William Norman (23 Jan. 1962)
While on vacation in a small town, Cain is surprised to learn that William Norman, a mobster he has been trying to nail, has been arrested for beating up the father of his girlfriend. So it surprises the local district attorney when Cain, an old friend, decides to defend Norman against this charge.
18The Manipulator: Raymond CruzThe Manipulator: Raymond Cruz (30 Jan. 1962)
A neo-Nazi group is stirring up fear and hatred in a small town. But Cain believes the leader of the group is actually being controlled by someone higher up for self-serving reasons.
19Murder by Proxy: Earl KleggMurder by Proxy: Earl Klegg (6 Feb. 1962)
Cain decides to go ahead with prosecuting mobster Earl Klegg for conspiracy in the murder of a witness against him, even though Klegg was in prison at the time and the case is regarded by other attorneys as not being strong enough.
20Blood MoneyBlood Money (13 Feb. 1962)
Jay Adams has been recruited by reformer Sam Palmer to run against Tully Johnson, the powerful and crooked district attorney of a small town. But Palmer is unaware that Adams is actually meeting with Johnson himself.
21Blues for a Junkman: Arthur TroyBlues for a Junkman: Arthur Troy (20 Feb. 1962)
Nick tries to help a singer kick her drug addiction.
22The New Order: Peter LongThe New Order: Peter Long (6 Mar. 1962)
Cain and a federal agent try to get evidence on a loan shark.
23Cost of Living: Howard JudlowCost of Living: Howard Judlow (20 Mar. 1962)
Howard Judlow tries to break with the syndicate when he becomes involved with a murder.
24Savage in DarknessSavage in Darkness (27 Mar. 1962)
A produce distributor is pressured to distribute drugs for the mob.
25The SwingerThe Swinger (3 Apr. 1962)
Cain tries to locate a meeting of some of the syndicate's top members.
26Inside TrackInside Track (10 Apr. 1962)
Coercion and bribery are used on state legislature members to block a new race track outside of the syndicate's control.
27A Creature Lurks in AmbushA Creature Lurks in Ambush (17 Apr. 1962)
Gangster Vincent Pavanne's nephew Rick refuses to follow in his footsteps or come to see his dying father. In the hope of changing his mind, Vincent decides to prove to his nephew that anyone can be bought, and thus decides to bribe Rick's best friend, a college basketball star, into throwing a game.
28Women of SilureWomen of Silure (24 Apr. 1962)
Cain is in Corsica to make a recommendation as to whether he thinks exiled gangster Mike Colonni has forsaken his old ways and should be permitted to come to America again. The recent "accidental" death of a young man working for him makes him skeptical.
29The Left Side of CanadaThe Left Side of Canada (1 May 1962)
Cain sets his sights on the accountant for a mob boss, a seemingly laid-back but vicious thug who "exiled" a singer to Alaska after his nephew fell in love with her.
30Quick Brown FoxQuick Brown Fox (15 May 1962)
Cain is bothered by the fact that a reporter friend of his can't find the courage to break with the mobster who runs his town and even has moles in the police department.