The Real McCoys (1957–1963)

Season 6

1Grandpa PygmalionGrandpa Pygmalion (30 Sep. 1962)
Tilda Hicks moves to 'Californy' - setting her sights on widower Luke.
2Three Strikes and OutThree Strikes and Out (7 Oct. 1962)
Amos takes advantage of three lonely widows: one for cleaning, one for cooking, and one for washing.
3Army ReunionArmy Reunion (14 Oct. 1962)
Grampa digs up some skeletons that return to haunt an old Army pal.
4The Roofing SalesmanThe Roofing Salesman (21 Oct. 1962)
Luke is conned into "rainproofing" his roof by a beautiful blonde and her crooked boss.
5The Good Will TourThe Good Will Tour (28 Oct. 1962)
Grampa commits a colossal faux pas when foreign dignitaries visit neighbor George's farm.
6Money from HeavenMoney from Heaven (5 Nov. 1962)
Grampa sees an opportunity for financial gain after a paratrooper lands on an old chicken coop, but Luke doesn't like the idea.
7Actress in the HouseActress in the House (12 Nov. 1962)
A runaway starlet is playing a new role - the McCoy's housekeeper.
8The New HousekeeperThe New Housekeeper (18 Nov. 1962)
The new housekeeper tries to trick Luke into marrying her daughter.
9Pepino's InheritancePepino's Inheritance (26 Nov. 1962)
Trouble is on Grampa's doorstep when Pepino inherits some land in Arizona.
10The Girl VeterinarianThe Girl Veterinarian (3 Dec. 1962)
A female veterinarian tends to Agnes, the cow, behind Grampa's back.
11The Health AddictThe Health Addict (9 Dec. 1962)
Grampa tempts the members of Luke's health club with 'forbidden' fruit.
12The Love Bug Bites PepinoThe Love Bug Bites Pepino (16 Dec. 1962)
Grampa and George take turns playing Cupid when their respective farmhands, Pepino and Pedro, find themselves competing for the same girl.
13Luke the ReporterLuke the Reporter (24 Dec. 1962)
Luke starts earning extra money by hanging out at the laundry and gathering dirt for the local gossip column.
14The Farmer and AdeleThe Farmer and Adele (30 Dec. 1962)
Luke gets taken in by a conniving dance instructor.
15The Crop DusterThe Crop Duster (6 Jan. 1963)
Luke is fuming when a crop duster maneuvers to steal his girlfriend.
16Cupid Wore a TailCupid Wore a Tail (13 Jan. 1963)
Grampa's devilish plot sparks a romance between Luke and Louise, their good-cooking new neighbor.
17The Other Side of the FenceThe Other Side of the Fence (20 Jan. 1963)
Grampa picks a peck of trouble when he helps Louise harvest her tomato crop.
18Sir Fergus McCoySir Fergus McCoy (27 Jan. 1963)
The head of the McCoys in Scotland clashes with Grampa over who runs the family.
19Little Boy BlewLittle Boy Blew (3 Feb. 1963)
Greg runs away from home when his widowed mom, Louise, decides to move to Cleveland and remarry.
20Luke in the Ivy LeagueLuke in the Ivy League (10 Feb. 1963)
Luke joins the city slickers in his new job as a slogan writer for an advertising agency.
21Aunt Win ArrivesAunt Win Arrives (17 Feb. 1963)
Aunt Win uses feminine trickery during Grampa's campaign to be elected grange president.
22Aunt Win's ConquestAunt Win's Conquest (24 Feb. 1963)
George loans Luke some money - thanks to the charms of Aunt Win.
23Grampa's Apron StringsGrampa's Apron Strings (3 Mar. 1963)
Grampa's afraid of Luke getting married, and thus, leaving the farm.
24Aunt Win Steps InAunt Win Steps In (10 Mar. 1963)
Aunt Win sorts through a variety of single townsfolk, in order to find a suitable husband for Louise.
25How're You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?How're You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm? (17 Mar. 1963)
While Grampa's out-of-town visiting kinfolk, Luke takes in a couple of hired hands. Unbeknownst to him - they're escaped convicts.
26Luke the Dog CatcherLuke the Dog Catcher (24 Mar. 1963)
Luke takes a temporary job as Dogcatcher and winds up with a houseful of homeless pups.
27The IncorruptiblesThe Incorruptibles (31 Mar. 1963)
George, Grampa, and Luke judge a homemaking contest, but the fix might be in.
28The McCoy HexThe McCoy Hex (7 Apr. 1963)
George is doomed after Grampa curses him with the McCoy Hex.
29Skeleton in the ClosetSkeleton in the Closet (14 Apr. 1963)
Luke's boorish Uncle Rightly drops in for a surprise visit, while Grampa is out-of-town.
30Uncle Rightly and the Musical MilkerUncle Rightly and the Musical Milker (21 Apr. 1963)
Uncle Rightly woos George's sister Flora in hopes of getting her to invest in his latest invention - a musical milker.
31Up to Their Ears in CornUp to Their Ears in Corn (28 Apr. 1963)
Uncle Rightly volunteers Luke's sponsorship in the amount of $500 for a farmer's "best ear of corn" contest.
32The McCoy SoundThe McCoy Sound (5 May 1963)
While Grampa's out-of-town, Luke takes in a few jazz musicians as boarders, which results in much loss of sleep for Luke and Pepino.
33Luke Grows a BeardLuke Grows a Beard (12 May 1963)
Luke grows a full beard and a new rotten personality to go with it.
34The AuctionThe Auction (19 May 1963)
Luke blows Grampa's tractor payment on some worthless art at an auction.
35The PartnersThe Partners (26 May 1963)
Luke and Pat buy a boat. Sharing isn't easy.
36The PeacemakersThe Peacemakers (2 Jun. 1963)
Luke and Louise soon regret meddling in the Porters' squabble. Now they're at each other's throat.
37Don't Be NoseyDon't Be Nosey (9 Jun. 1963)
Luke and Pepino regret trying to patch things up between George and his sister, Flora.
38PalsPals (16 Jun. 1963)
Luke runs smack into trouble when Greg spots him kissing his mother, Louise.
39Pepino's MamaPepino's Mama (23 Jun. 1963)
Luke schemes to get rich by selling Mama Garcia's bean sauce.