The Real McCoys (1957–1963)

Season 5

1Excess BaggageExcess Baggage (5 Oct. 1961)
Everyone in the McCoy family, including Grampa, gets a job in order to make ends meet.
2The Trailer CampThe Trailer Camp (12 Oct. 1961)
To demonstrate his capability in Grandpa's absence, Luke rents trailer space on the farm to a family that proves to be intractable and obtrusive.
3Luke Leaves HomeLuke Leaves Home (19 Oct. 1961)
Luke moves in with George after a squabble with Grampa over whether soybeans will grow on their land.
4The New PianoThe New Piano (26 Oct. 1961)
Grampa is dead set against spending the money it takes to buy a used piano, so Hassie can take lessons.
5The Handsome SalesmanThe Handsome Salesman (2 Nov. 1961)
Kate falls for a charismatic door-to-door cosmetics salesman's pitch, and she blows the cookie jar money on makeup. Her efforts are lost on Luke, and it doesn't take long for Grampa to notice the money is missing from the jar.
6Honesty Is the Best PolicyHonesty Is the Best Policy (9 Nov. 1961)
Kate sticks her nose into Grampa's business.
7Cyrano McCoyCyrano McCoy (16 Nov. 1961)
Grampa gives George lessons in the McCoy technique of courtship.
8The Diamond RingThe Diamond Ring (23 Nov. 1961)
Luke gets caught up in the Christmas spirit and wants to buy Kate a diamond ring that he can't afford. After he buys it, he tries to sell it to pay for Kate's hospital bill. Luke and Grandpa find out what Kate has for them on layaway.
9The Berry CrisisThe Berry Crisis (30 Nov. 1961)
Grampa takes a trip and leaves Luke in charge of the farm.
10The Rich BoyThe Rich Boy (7 Dec. 1961)
Grampa banks on trouble when he meets Hassie's wealthy boyfriend.
11The GamblersThe Gamblers (14 Dec. 1961)
Luke, Kate, and neighbor George plunge into the stock market. Grampa has other ideas.
12The Marriage CounselorThe Marriage Counselor (21 Dec. 1961)
Luke is upset after Pepino reports to Grampa that he saw Kate enter a marriage counselor's office.
13The Washing MachineThe Washing Machine (11 Jan. 1962)
Kate's new used washing machine turns out to be more trouble than it's worth.
14Pepino McCoy, CitizenPepino McCoy, Citizen (18 Jan. 1962)
Pepino is studying to pass the test for U.S. citizenship, so Grampa decides to school him.
15Meeting Hassie's FriendsMeeting Hassie's Friends (25 Jan. 1962)
The McCoys get more than they bargained for when they try to better acquaint themselves with Hassie's friends.
16The Law and Mr. McCoyThe Law and Mr. McCoy (1 Feb. 1962)
Amos is arrested and jailed for burning trash. He decides to fight City Hall.
17George's NephewGeorge's Nephew (8 Feb. 1962)
George's nephew comes to visit before joining the Navy. It's not long before he's trapped in a web of lies.
18Double DateDouble Date (15 Feb. 1962)
Flora becomes fed up with Amos when he cancels their date in favor of going out with a more attractive woman.
19Made in ItalyMade in Italy (22 Feb. 1962)
Pepino falls in love with a beautiful Italian girl named Carla.
20Who's Margie?Who's Margie? (1 Mar. 1962)
Kate becomes suspicious of Luke after she hears him muttering about his love for an unknown Margie in his sleep.
21You're as Young as You FeelYou're as Young as You Feel (8 Mar. 1962)
Grampa believes he's 7 years younger when he gets a letter from the government mistakenly stating his age as 61.
22In Grampa We TrustIn Grampa We Trust (22 Mar. 1962)
Trouble crops up when Luke takes charge of George's fruit stand.
23Never a Lender BeNever a Lender Be (29 Mar. 1962)
Amos and George have a falling out over the true ownership of a plant sprayer they've been lending back and forth to each other for years.
24Allergies AnonymousAllergies Anonymous (5 Apr. 1962)
George reacts wildly to Grampa's checkerboard: he's allergic to it.
25Pepino's FortunePepino's Fortune (12 Apr. 1962)
When Grandpa is entrusted with $200 belonging to Pepino, he can't resist the temptation to settle a few of the McCoy's past due bills.
26Pepino's VacationPepino's Vacation (19 Apr. 1962)
Pepino becomes suspicious when Grampa offers him a two-week paid vacation.
27Bubble, Bubble, Toil and TroubleBubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble (26 Apr. 1962)
Pepino hires the Owl Woman to make a love potion; Grampa thinks he's being hoodwinked and interferes, prompting the woman to put a curse on the farm.
28Don't Judge a BookDon't Judge a Book (3 May 1962)
Grampa believes Cousin Sarah needs help with her marriage.
29The Raffle TicketThe Raffle Ticket (10 May 1962)
When Grampa and George win a baby pig in a raffle, Kate, Luke and Pepino want to keep it as a pet, but Grampa and George are thinking more along the lines of lunch.