The Real McCoys (1957–1963)

Season 3

1The Farmer Took a WifeThe Farmer Took a Wife (16 Jul. 1959)
The McCoys expect company: Kate's pickle-brained ex-beau and his wife.
2The Game WardenThe Game Warden (23 Jul. 1959)
There's a new game warden in town, and his name is George MacMichael.
3Screen TestScreen Test (30 Jul. 1959)
Grampa resists tapping the cookie jar of the $25 needed to pay for Hassie's screen test.
4Work No More, My LadyWork No More, My Lady (6 Aug. 1959)
Grampa and Luke give Kate a break from her family chores, including the cooking.
5The Garden ClubThe Garden Club (13 Aug. 1959)
Kate is expecting some women from the Garden Club to visit, and is nervous about them asking her to join. Of course, Grampa makes the wrong impression and Kate is sure that she will not get the invite.
6The Weaker SexThe Weaker Sex (27 Aug. 1959)
A new female neighbor makes a bad impression on Grampa by being better than him at almost everything.
7The Fighter and the LadyThe Fighter and the Lady (3 Sep. 1959)
Luke is set up by a traveling show to take part in a boxing match. Kate objects which leaves Grandpa to defend the McCoy family honor.
8Gas StationGas Station (10 Sep. 1959)
George opens a gas station, and he makes the mistake of hiring Amos.
9Grandpa Fights the Air ForceGrandpa Fights the Air Force (17 Sep. 1959)
Amos sneaks into an air base to complain about jet noise over the farm and accidentally touches classified material so when Luke and Kate come looking for Grandpa, they are all suspected of espionage.
10The Girls at Mom's PlaceThe Girls at Mom's Place (24 Sep. 1959)
Grandpa and Kate are upset when Luke sells food on credit to a failing restaurant run by a widow and her daughter, but the McCoy patriarch softens his "no credit" stance considerably when he learns that the proprietress is attractive and spunky.
11The PoliticianThe Politician (8 Oct. 1959)
The McCoys are initially honored by a visit from supposedly "pro-farmer" Congressional candidate Jim Slade, but they decide to turn the tables when they learn that he has never been a farmer and is interested mainly in self-aggrandizement.
12Pepino Takes a BridePepino Takes a Bride (14 Oct. 1959)
Granpda urges Pepino to marry his new girlfriend Rosita when he notices improvements in his work ethic, but the McCoys must first help him obtain a dowry by making a favorable impression on the girl's demanding Uncle Lopez.
13The Hot-roddersThe Hot-rodders (22 Oct. 1959)
Grandpa is stubbornly opposed to Hassie's friendship with hot rod enthusiast Eddie Collins and must be convinced that the young man is a serious engineering student and mechanic rather than a "hooligan".
14The GhostbreakersThe Ghostbreakers (5 Nov. 1959)
To join a secret club known as the "Imperial Demons", Little Luke must go into an abandoned "haunted" house at night and succeed in taking a light all the way to the top floor.
15The Marriage BrokerThe Marriage Broker (12 Nov. 1959)
Grampa tries to marry off a friend in danger of being deported.
16How to Build a BoatHow to Build a Boat (19 Nov. 1959)
Grampa and Luke attempt to build a rowboat.
17The ArtistThe Artist (26 Nov. 1959)
After Amos mocks George's painting, cheap junk dealer Daggett pays twenty dollars for a painting by George at the McCoy farm so Amos encourages George's painting to be his manager unaware that Daggett has actually paid for the frame.
18The Perfume SalesmanThe Perfume Salesman (3 Dec. 1959)
Luke tries to sweeten the McCoy bankroll - by selling barn perfume.
19The Television SetThe Television Set (10 Dec. 1959)
Everyone in the family wants to buy a TV with the $15 in the cookie jar. Well, almost everyone - Grampa wants a power saw, instead.
20The LawsuitThe Lawsuit (17 Dec. 1959)
George drives into a ditch on the McCoys' property, breaking their water pipe in the process. Grampa claims he posted a warning sign, but George claims there was no sign. A lawsuit ensues.
21The Town CouncilmanThe Town Councilman (24 Dec. 1959)
Grampa manages George's campaign for town councilman.
22Cousin NaomiCousin Naomi (7 Jan. 1960)
George's conniving cousin Naomi is nothing but trouble for the McCoys.
23The Bowling ChampThe Bowling Champ (28 Jan. 1960)
Kate becomes upset when she learns that Luke is teaching an attractive (and unattached) young woman how to bowl, but at Grandpa's urging she turns the tables by convincing a handsome younger man to provide her with bowling lessons of her own.
24The Talk of the TownThe Talk of the Town (4 Feb. 1960)
Little Luke writes an essay revealing a secret about Grampa.
25Once There Was a ManOnce There Was a Man (11 Feb. 1960)
Luke's recently married henpecked cousin Charlie and his wife come to visit.
26Weekend in Los AngelesWeekend in Los Angeles (18 Feb. 1960)
Grampa, Luke, and Kate spend the weekend at a posh hotel in Los Angeles, while there to attend the Sons of the Mystic Nile convention.
27First DateFirst Date (3 Mar. 1960)
Little Luke is highly resistant to the idea of taking tall and awkward Agnes Maypole to a school party, but when Grandpa finds the girl to be kind and considerate he becomes equally determined to compel the boy to honor his commitment to go ahead with the date.
28How to Discover OilHow to Discover Oil (10 Mar. 1960)
Troubles flow when Grampa and George think they've struck oil on plots of land they've recently agreed to trade to each other.
29A House DividedA House Divided (17 Mar. 1960)
Granpa causes problems when he questions the way Kate disciplines the younger McCoys.
30Foreman of the JuryForeman of the Jury (3 Aug. 1960)
Grampa sues the electric company for leaving a gate open on the property, causing the death of his bull. The company wants to settle, but of course Grampa is sure he will win once he discovers that George is on the jury.
31One for the MoneyOne for the Money (10 Aug. 1960)
12-year-old Little Luke gets his first job as a paperboy, but when it comes time to deposit his earnings in the family cookie jar general fund, he chooses to spend the money on himself, instead.
32That Was No LadyThat Was No Lady (17 Aug. 1960)
Kate's newfound determination to wear a strapless dress to a church dance causes a rift in the McCoy family.
33The TycoonThe Tycoon (23 Aug. 1960)
Grampa refuses to join the Grange co-op, so he strikes out on his own to make his fortune in the egg business.
34Where There's a WillWhere There's a Will (30 Aug. 1960)
Grampa inherits some antique furniture from his recently deceased 94-year-old Uncle Willie.
35The JinxThe Jinx (6 Sep. 1960)
Harm befalls members of the McCoy clan when sharing a task with Cousin Orval so, when Orval visits the McCoy farm, Grandpa and Luke hastily develop excuses to avoid chores involving Orval despite Kate's fragile skepticism.
36The DelegatesThe Delegates (13 Sep. 1960)
Both Amos and George stoop to dirty politics, while campaigning for a trip to San Francisco as a delegate representing the Ancient and Loyal Order of the Sons of the Mystic Nile.
37The GigoloThe Gigolo (27 Sep. 1960)
In hopes of staving off foreclosure, Amos courts the elderly spinster holding the mortgage on the McCoy farm.
38Teenage WeddingTeenage Wedding (3 Oct. 1960)
When 16-year-old Hassie and her boyfriend Jerry impetuously announce their engagement, Grandpa's apparent approval causes considerable consternation among Luke, Kate, and Jerry's fastidious grandfather, J. Luther Medwick.
39McCoys, AhoyMcCoys, Ahoy (7 Oct. 1960)
Amos struggles against conflicting state government and military timetables to save a destroyer named after a West Virginian patriot when the ship is docked in Long Beach where it is to be scrapped.