You Bet Your Life (TV Series 1950–1961)

Season 8

1Episode #8.1Episode #8.1 (26 Sep. 1957)
A singing vacuum cleaner salesman and two very confusing Portuguese sisters are among the guests.
2Episode #8.2Episode #8.2 (3 Oct. 1957)
The confusing Portuguese sisters return from last week, with their husbands. Also, a yoga enthusiast and Warner Bros. executive Jack Warner Jr. are among the guests.
3Episode #8.3Episode #8.3 (10 Oct. 1957)
Chief Nino Cochise, the grandson of legendary Chiricahua Apache chief Cochise, and singer Jen Jackson, who belts out Shake, Rattle & Roll, are among the guests.
4Episode #8.4Episode #8.4 (17 Oct. 1957)
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5Episode #8.5Episode #8.5 (24 Oct. 1957)
A Los Angeles policewoman and identical twins Phil and Frank Interlandi, both popular cartoonists, are among the guests.
6Episode #8.8Episode #8.8 (28 Nov. 1957)
Renowned world traveler Mrs. Carveth (Zetta) Wells and her myna bird, Raffles, are among the guests.
7Episode #8.9Episode #8.9 (5 Dec. 1957)
Operatic baritone, John Charles Thomas; Beverly Aadland, while she was still in high school; and Roberta Rene, president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club, are among the guests.
8Episode #8.10Episode #8.10 (12 Dec. 1957)
John Charles Thomas and Roberta Rene return from last week to continue their debate on classical music versus rock and roll. Also, Miss Ohio 1957 is among the guests.
9Episode #8.11Episode #8.11 (19 Dec. 1957)
Professional wrestler Ralph 'Wild Red' Berry and a man who chops wood with his teeth are among the guests.
10Episode #8.14Episode #8.14 (26 Dec. 1957)
An accident-prone woman, nightclub singer Ketty Lester, and a science demonstrator are among the guests.
11Episode #8.18Episode #8.18 (23 Jan. 1958)
Writer/actor Alan Caillou and Nancy Sheppard, a rodeo trick rider, are among the guests.
12Episode #8.19Episode #8.19 (30 Jan. 1958)
Comic book storyline writer and future cartoon voice actor Jim MacGeorge, and nightclub performer Phyllis Diller, in her first-ever TV appearance, are among the guests.
13Episode #8.20Episode #8.20 (6 Feb. 1958)
Silent film star Francis X. Bushman and future actor/singer Aki Aleong are among the guests.
14Episode #8.22Episode #8.22 (20 Feb. 1958)
A pair of Italian sisters, one of whom does not speak English, are among the guests.
15Episode #8.23Episode #8.23 (27 Feb. 1958)
Songwriter Pinky Tomlin is among the guests.
16Episode #8.24Episode #8.24 (6 Mar. 1958)
A 6-month pregnant woman and a telephone survey expert are among the guests.
17Episode #8.25Episode #8.25 (13 Mar. 1958)
Columnist Louise Randall Pierson and songwriter Sammy Cahn are among the guests.
18Episode #8.26Episode #8.26 (20 Mar. 1958)
Arthur Godfrey's mother and Olympic gold medalist swimmer Murray Rose are among the guests.
19Episode #8.27Episode #8.27 (27 Mar. 1958)
Hollywood stuntwoman Patty Desautels and a Kansas cattleman are among the guests.
20Episode #8.28Episode #8.28 (3 Apr. 1958)
Contract bridge expert Charles Goren and Ernie Kovacs are among the guests.
21Episode #8.30Episode #8.30 (17 Apr. 1958)
A Marineland employee and a 70-year-old tap dancer are among the guests.
22Episode #8.34Episode #8.34 (15 May 1958)
Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his daughter, Candice Bergen; nightclub singer, Gladys Bentley; and world champion hitchhiker, DeVon Smith, are among the guests.
23Episode #8.37Episode #8.37 (5 Jun. 1958)
Two Swiss misses, both named Heidi, are among the guests.
24Episode #8.38Episode #8.38 (12 Jun. 1958)
Model Marianne Gaba, L.A. Mirror News crime reporter Roger Beck, and vegetarian Charlie Fox, are among the guests.
25Episode #8.39Episode #8.39 (19 Jun. 1958)
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