You Bet Your Life (1950–1961)

Season 10

1Episode #10.1Episode #10.1 (24 Sep. 1959)
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2Episode #10.2Episode #10.2 (1 Oct. 1959)
Budding actress Jackie Joseph and an elderly long-distance walker, Patrick Thines, are among the guests.
3Episode #10.3Episode #10.3 (8 Oct. 1959)
Professional golfer Chuck Lewis and his 8-year-old daughter Linda, of the Chuck and Linda Lewis Golf Show, are among the guests.
4Episode #10.4Episode #10.4 (15 Oct. 1959)
A Connecticut tobacco farmer's wife and a man who can't hold down a job are among the guests.
5Episode #10.5Episode #10.5 (22 Oct. 1959)
Kay Cantonwine, daughter of wrestler Howard Cantonwine, and Dr. Paul Saltman, an associate professor of biochemistry at the University of Southern California, are among the guests.
6Episode #10.6Episode #10.6 (29 Oct. 1959)
9-year-old child actress Evelyn Rudie is among the guests.
7Episode #10.8Episode #10.8 (12 Nov. 1959)
Mr. Universe 1957, Reg Lewis, and The Great Impostor, Fred Demara, are among the guests.
8Episode #10.9Episode #10.9 (19 Nov. 1959)
Two female European boy scouts and Joe Gold, Most Perfect Body 1956, are among the guests.
9Episode #10.10Episode #10.10 (26 Nov. 1959)
Joe Gold returns for another "perfect body" showdown, this time with the runner up to Mr. America four years running, Irvin 'Zabo' Koszewski. Russian ballet dancer, Valentin Fromann, is also among the guests.
10Episode #10.11Episode #10.11 (3 Dec. 1959)
Swedish wrestler/actor Tor Johnson and aspiring Greek actress Stasa Damascus are among the guests.
11Episode #10.13Episode #10.13 (17 Dec. 1959)
A young married couple expecting their seventh child and Art Linkletter are among the guests.
12Episode #10.16Episode #10.16 (7 Jan. 1960)
Famed author Max Shulman and Miss USA 1959 are among the guests.
13Episode #10.20Episode #10.20 (4 Feb. 1960)
Nightclub comedian Doodles Weaver and a beautiful calendar model are among the guests.
14Episode #10.21Episode #10.21 (11 Feb. 1960)
A 90-year-old woman and an oceanic rafter are among the guests.
15Episode #10.22Episode #10.22 (18 Feb. 1960)
British actress Pamela Mason (I)', wife of actor James Mason, is among the guests.
16Episode #10.23Episode #10.23 (25 Feb. 1960)
Character actor Joe McTurk is among the guests.
17Episode #10.24Episode #10.24 (3 Mar. 1960)
Ellis Arnall, a former governor of the state of Georgia, is among the guests.
18Episode #10.26Episode #10.26 (17 Mar. 1960)
Actor/dancer/future director Gene Nelson is among the guests.
19Episode #10.27Episode #10.27 (24 Mar. 1960)
Dress designer Bill Travilla and his wife, actress Dona Drake, are among the guests.
20Episode #10.28Episode #10.28 (31 Mar. 1960)
Returning contestant Sarita Heredia performs a Flamenco song and dance, and kiddie show host 'Choo-Choo Charlie' Callaci is also among the guests.
21Episode #10.29Episode #10.29 (7 Apr. 1960)
Dr. Proctor Thomson (PhD), an economist who believes the wife should control household finances, is among the guests.
22Episode #10.30Episode #10.30 (14 Apr. 1960)
Janet Willets, a veterinarian, and Henry Kalfain, valet at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco for 45 years, are among the guests.
23Episode #10.31Episode #10.31 (21 Apr. 1960)
Actor/dancer and tailor shop proprietor Glen Turnbull is among the guests.
24Episode #10.32Episode #10.32 (28 Apr. 1960)
Pasqualina Marchegiano and her son, heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano, plus 90-year-old humorous Baptist minister Dr. James Whitcomb Brougher, Sr., are among the guests.
25Episode #10.33Episode #10.33 (5 May 1960)
Heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano returns from his surprise visit last week, this time to play the game. Swedish beauty Karen von Unge is also among the guests.
26Episode #10.34Episode #10.34 (12 May 1960)
Character actress Louise Beavers and an over-educated plumber are among the guests.
27Episode #10.36Episode #10.36 (26 May 1960)
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28Episode #10.37Episode #10.37 (9 Jun. 1960)
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